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Yamcha, The Real MVP

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Watch Yamcha, The Real MVP Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. How old is Yamaha? He's been around since Dragon Ball and he was older than Goku.

  2. Yamcha is the hero this world deserves 😉👉

  3. at 0:46 any true fan of DBZ will see the comic gold in this shot. remember the saibaman that killed him, well the was the pose of Yahmcha's corpse.

  4. in 2:32 yamcha is alive he didn't die when the god of detection were fighting he want home and i think he wont hang out with the gods again bc they all most kill him

  5. A pissed off Vegeta in other words!

  6. i loved this filler episode. laughed so hard. loved it 😅😆😂

  7. Watching this with captions might be the best thing I have seen today.

  8. sucks that super reduced Yamcha to just a joke l, he isn't even gonna be in the upcoming tournament yet Roshi is

  9. MaSTAR is lowkey an emotional intelligence GENIUS.

  10. Well, he has his own manga now, so i am pretty happy for him, he deserves it after all he went through, especially this episode XD

  11. Yamcha was pretty badass in that episode.
    Tanking a hit from Vegeta is one thing, surviving Goku causing a collateral damage from throwing a baseball is another, tanking a baseball thrown by Champa a God of Destruction and while he's fighting his brother which nearly destroyed EVERYTHING still made it to homeplate and LIVED, that's a higher level of badassery.

  12. Already the first day of april?

  13. Can you stop putting spoilers in your video titles and thumbnails you fucking cunt

  14. You did it Yamcha.. you did it..😢

  15. Haha, this made me laugh. Keep up the good work MaSTAR Media!

  16. he might be weak asf in comparison to everyone else yea but that nibba could blow up that planet if he wanted to I bet

  17. Rip in spaghetti never forgetti lol.

  18. upload the dragonball super new arc video, why did you delete it?

  19. Am i the only one who noticed (i know he is fat and all), but how in the actual fuck Yamcha ran faster than Chmapa, HE IS STILL A GOD OF FUCKING DESTUCTION!

  20. Hey master keepp up the amazing work i just wanna ask a simple question
    How in the hell did piccolo and luffy tranformation get move views than goku vs super man. I don't get it
    So piccolo god form 2M
    Luffy g5 1M and both of those were added in couple of days and got that much view
    So how in the worlddd didn't goku vs super man get that much veiws like them I don't get it..

  21. a new Db manga for yamacha only has been announced

  22. have you heard of robotunderdog2 cool DBZ flick

  23. If the god of destruction fights another god of destruction it destroys the universe if God of destruction teacher fight each other what happends?

  24. awesome… very nicely done..

  25. Vegeta is just mad cause yamcha hit it first.

  26. omg that going to end the world lol good job

  27. can someone tell me the names of the soundtracks that used In this video? 🙂

  28. "Fook" haters , you will always be a champion Jake.

  29. I don't get it is he making fun of Yamcha if so that's fucked up but still funny

  30. I was laughing so hard when it showed Yamaha on the floor laying down!!!

  31. hey jake what about yamcha new manga

  32. That pose yamcha did at the end XD

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