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Why Vegeta Couldn’t Achieve Ultra Instinct

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. very good talk about everything that happened as you were talking about giant ribrianne I don't know if you noticed but when I was watching episode when they first showed 18 punching through her from the back side the holes through the back of her chest area and then they flipped around and she was being punched in the face I think they did really good with that pisode but they failed and that one spot the holes were not lined up in the proper areas

  2. I think that vegeta will get the attacking half.reason be is that in the opening he had that ssj hair so that could be vegito

  3. This catopesla or what ever that police guy he should be disqualified long ago for using a suit that enhances his ability, that suit should be considered as a weapon

  4. Both universe and 6 and 2 are gonna be out coz the preview said universes at despair/stake or whatever

  5. Wasn't goku desperate against Zamasu doh

  6. I hate 10 min videos, makes me feel like it would be filled with redundant information just to cross the ten minute mark




  10. i want see dbs only in vegeta cearctear
    I'll wait in vegeta UI in coming episodes and awesome battle for jiran&toppo

  11. I wish vegeta would get his own form that he discovered first because goku has pretty much found every form besides ss2

  12. Bro i don't care that kind of ppl who troll to other for me all are equal me
    But give ultra instinct to vegeta😁 also i am wating for that
    And nice couple 😊


  14. Honestly, I believe there are two different things going on here. Just like false super saiyan, I believe goku is experiencing a false ultra instinct. I believe vegeta will master the offensive side of ultra instinct and goku is in the process of mastering the defensive side of ultra instinct. both sides being offensive/defensive, without the other i'd compare to false saiyan. In general terms.

    I think in order to truely have ultra instinct, it may have a form of its own, maybe even offensive having a form of its own. Goku's may be exclusive for mastery of the defensive side to it.

  15. if vegeta can get the red ki flowing and goku has the blue already if they fuse into gogeta they would have attack and defence

  16. Vegeta will not get ultra instinct in tournament of power he is a sidemen

  17. Akira Toriyama ,,,do it..fucking do it…vegera ui….

  18. Come on where my boi gohan they only show little bits of clips of him mystic gohan should bc able to just deal with the namekians by himself

  19. MaSTAR I like your content and all, BUT why do you look like Lex Luthor from Smallville lmao

  20. Vegeta is on crack he need to smoke weed

  21. master media DBS SOOO STUPID DBZ ROCKS

  22. Ribriane got an extra hole 😂😂😂

  23. If they are hiding something ,it has to reveal on the episode of 118 , uni 6 may not get erased bcz hit is hiding in his time skip and the clown is sitting beside Champa .

  24. I think the reason Ribrianne's lost in that form was due to her energy being way to spread and not concentrated(hard to control in that way i guess), at least from the stand point of physics.

  25. Waiting for Vegeta to claim ultra instinct before he actually does like when he thought he was a super Saiyan on namek lmao 😂😂

  26. I think piccolo gets himself killed so that U6 gets disqualified. P.S.- just a thought

  27. i hope they erase universe 2.because i just don't give a crap about ribrianne at all.

  28. It was emotional energy…similar to green lanterns

  29. I had a gut feeling this episode was going to be amazing and it was

  30. "pushed him through his 'shell' " key point guys Vegeta didn't go that far, mentally and UI is all about that.

  31. 17 always come thrust with the suaveness. 18 did her thang

  32. Vegeta gets UI offensive, Goku has the defensive, they fuse via potara or the dance, ultimate UI Boom!!!

  33. How yall know that theres an attacking half of ultra instincts

  34. That part where 18 got caught and Krillen calls her name over and over was super annoying.

  35. Ohh god
    Community is getting dumber day by day.
    Ui has defensive state by default.
    That's what instincts is.
    Besides when u say vegeta will master offensive UI then what u r implying is that he will master COMPLETE UI.
    Btw I still don't get it that what makes people think that if goku is unable to completely separate his mind from body, then how on holy multiverse can vegeta do this before goku!!!!

  36. I think Vegeta will get the attacking half of UI and Goku will have the Defense half of UI, then they'll do a fusion and attain both.

  37. Vegeta is still beast mode for letting someone tee off on him and not care. Just saying 🙂

  38. Ribrianne had shadow possession jutsu, expansion jutsu AND absorbed spirit bomb Esq energy and STILL lost…biggest L of 2017

  39. Because Vegeta's real name is Like-Goku-6-Months-Ago. He just needs Trunks' time machine if he wants to be the strongest Saiyan of the moment.

  40. Did y'all see the part when she got mad and steam came out of her boobs

  41. When I saw you smiling with your wife I remembered a clip from one of your videos from awhile ago of you dancing ool

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