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Why aren’t Trunks and Goten in the Multiverse Tournament? Dragon Ball Super

Why aren’t Trunks and Goten in the Multiverse Tournament? Dragon Ball Super Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Because if I was Tien I'd learn kaio ken, Instant transmission, spirit bomb, Roshis power up, and scour the universe for other non saiyan specific moves to keep srong and able to protect earth/ my universe… But the dark god Toriyama would never allow a non saiyan to be strong again.

  2. because they didn't have enough fighting experience is my thought

  3. This is why I can never enjoy super

  4. Rhey are not smart enough to beat the shit of the opponents

  5. Too many fucking saiyans already?

  6. 3:01 why is goten so short lmao

  7. How about Monaka? He beat Hit, just one Hit.

  8. What about Uub? He's another one they can use as one of the fighters

  9. They can't kill so I don't think there is an age limit

  10. The real question is why havent goten and trunks get any action

  11. Goten and Trunks are 13 and 14. They were made the last stand against Majin Buu at 7 & 8 and trained properly to fight him. I know the movies aren't canon, but from what we've seen in Broly Returns & Bio-Broly they can fight to their fullest with utmost seriousness and maturity and work great together as a team. Plus Fusion wasn't against the rules in the Tournament. SSJ3 Gotenks would've done some serious damage in this.

    Gohan was allowed to fight at 5 years old, go to namek, and fight cell at 9……SAYING THEY ARE TOO YOUNG IS BULLSHIT

    This is all bullshit to make moves in bringing fucking tien, master roshi and krillen in this….and frieza (worst thing to happen ever.) In order to make the human characters more relevant (which they could've done a long time ago by having them train get power-ups on their own, Kaioken maybe, but no Toriyama just loved to suck Saiyan dick.)

  12. i liked everything in dragon ball super except the fact that they didn't give a fuck about goten and trunks

  13. I think they haven't aged because their Saiyan genes… so they aren't aging like Gohan is!

  14. Goku and Vegeta can train the boys to achieve God form because of the God ritual in Battle of gods. If Goku catched on the form so can they


  16. Dragon ball has completely fucked up goten and trunks. Those two have the most potential of all the saiyans, but even so dragon ball doesn't give a shit

  17. also they weren't worried about death since your not allowed to kill in the tournament anyways

  18. Because they almost let earth be destoried by messing with Buu

  19. They should’ve put that little robot girl that kicked holy and vegetas ass

  20. It's only a 4 year time lapse they aren't gonna age too much

  21. When goten and trunks turn ssgss then I'll believe they should be there

  22. In dragon ball super goten is 11 but he's so small

  23. If master roshi and the three eyed man was replaced by kid goten and trunks in the tournament of power it would be better for them right?
    Like if u agree

  24. it is probaly coz they are way too cockey

  25. I think I know why… Cause ChiChi said "hahahaha, fuck no"

  26. Trunks and gohan should achieve ssj4 and more if their not gonna be God level. Just a fan feeling

  27. Forget about these kids !! We need almighty Hercule !!

  28. it is easy they were funny kid so they are young

  29. i think they wanted to use roshi and tien

  30. THEY ARE INEXPERIENCED I love gotten and truns but they r inexperience and young

  31. Trunks and Goten, doesn't have enough experience, according to Goku and Vegeta. Bullshit,but Tien and Roshi is there?


  33. I don't understand why so many videos trying to understand things occidental style. Guys.. this is anime, this is japanese world, and they don't need to explain everything.. for them is more important the main plot than explaining every single aspect. This is something that personally bothers me.. because we, as occidentals.. we need everything justified… we can't leave with holes in the story.
    Learn from the masters, from oriental people… and stop trying to find an explanation to everything.
    Just my thought

  34. Not once was there anything about an age limit so not true goku even said they were to in experienced

  35. goten and trunks by their parents age in the start of dbz could be ssb4 like let's be real here.

  36. Kale and her friends are not kids? If they are it mean That there is no age limit

  37. They said that they don't have enough experience.

  38. they're not in it because Toriyama has LITERALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT THESE CHARACTERS!! And idk why!! They're fan favorites and definitely fun to watch. it's kind of annoying becuase they're my favorite characters.

  39. ummm mighty mask vs android 18 happened not exactly a full fight but it was even when they went super sayian

  40. they should make a time skip maybe a few years or maybe just a year and give flashes of their training, then make them look older

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