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Why Animation is so Expensive and Difficult (Toei Animation)

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  1. yea, people who do not know how to draw, just sfu and be grateful!

  2. Most of the people complaining, are people who still live in their mom's house and play a Xbox every 30 minutes. I drew comic books coming up and that damn near killed me, so I can only imagine the tedious work of drawing a single episode of anime…


  4. I'm sorry but I don't think you made a strong case here. Everyone knows how tough and expensive Animation is. But it doesn't change the fact that one of the most popular anime in the world right now looks much worse than less popular anime and looks way worse than its predecessor more than 20 years ago. We know animation is tough work, but it still sucks.

    It seems to me that Toei is probably just making really bad business decisions.

  5. 10:34 He's not just talking about ANY raisin…

  6. I understand but you should not talk like that to us because some people are not thinking it ok if do it again l will kill you

  7. i wanted to make my own anime but now fuck it unless a easier way comes out my dream is crushed

  8. Oh the irony😂😂😂 this guy literally steals all his animations from toei and retraces them

  9. There's no financial or time schedule reason that could possibly defend the shitfest Super is. It sucks only because Toei are a bunch of greedy fucks who want to squeeze money as soon as possible regardless of quality. And for no fucking reason at all considering DB has been literally printing money no stop for decades, they could take it slower and with a bit more funding and still make a huge profit.
    Oh, and stop spamming your video on /a/.

  10. Maybe the life like animation was too expensive for Cory in the house which is the only logical reason why it's cancelled.

  11. Wait, with long animes like Dragon Ball Z, the animation is basically made in previous episode. The poses are reused and new faces are just put on them. So would anime be cheaper to make continuously?

  12. Japanese animators get paid next to nothing though

  13. They really should take two weeks per episode, give the artists more time so they aren't rushing

  14. Yep anime is hard to make. The reason why some episodes look bad is they're on a schedule and they have to cut corners to make the episodes air on time. And being most animes they make at Toei Animation will have a home media release once the episodes air on TV they will go back to Toei Animation so they can rework the episodes so they will look the way they want to look like before they release it on home media release aka DVD or Blu Ray. They'll even make a master of the show so they can sell the show to licensors who would dub the show into English or any other languages. We basically get those masters when companies like Funimation release the show in English and our DVD or Blu Ray. But now that we live in the digital age the first airing of the episodes and if they have bad animation people will notice it. I can guarantee that the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z most likely had bad animation when they were first airing on TV. What we got is the reworked animation after the episodes aired on TV in Japan and returned to Toei Animation so they can rework it.

  15. You make fair points regarding the DBS animation quality, and I can agree with you on some things. I often wonder how much better the series would be if they just released an episode every other week so as not to stress out the animators and allow for more quality instead of sheer quantity. I'm one of those people that often criticizes the animation quality, but my biggest gripe with DBS is the direction, the choreography, etc…. DBS lacks so much of what DBZ did right, the emotion, the weight of a conflict, and epic power up scenes, and so on. That being said, I do however still believe that Toei needs to level up on their animation and/or quality control on DBS, and get better direction. I understand that people work hard to make this content, and it costs money, but the Dragon Ball franchise also makes a lot of money worldwide. A franchise such as this that has a well established presence on a global scale should be given the respect of "consistent" great quality animation and direction, which it still has yet to receive.

  16. does anybody knows when the next episodes of Dragonball Super comes out? episode 107 i think

  17. i think the problem is that people dont really think of anime as a future so they dont know even my picture took like 2 hours with a mouse but still anime as a profesion isnt really wanted in the community just what they produce 😔

  18. If animation is so hard, then you would expect them to do their best, and why are other studios putting out better work with lesser known series?
    How does BNHA have such good animation when Dragon Ball, a more widely known series and probably has a bigger budget, look like utter shit?
    Why do they force the artists to use one single line size which makes it harder to draw well?
    Why are all the compositions fucking terrible, and the choreography in the fights garbage and poorly thought out?
    Super apoligists need to get over themselves. It DOES matter if you like this garbage because it effects the market. When other stuidios realize you can just shit over the screen and weebs will buy it as long as it has recognizability, they'll start to do it too.
    Fucking ridiculous.

  19. So much bitching in this video. It is repulsive. We get it! Stop repeating your point.

  20. Animating is definitely difficult. It is a time-consuming process. As a fellow animator, I understand this struggle of reusing animation from time to time. I use a mouse when drawing and it takes me 3x times (or maybe more) longer than a person with a tablet. So I appreciate Toei for every episode they make, even if they do repeat animation every episode XD

  21. 40 hours for 20 frames? Dont think so

  22. But you and makavelli don't have studio and still you make that good graphics
    And in z the animation was so cool and have more texture than super still now even with the same studio

  23. Animation is not just about getting it down for the money. Passion also has to be part of it. This is why the old stuff from many Japanese studios is so great. They created animations with love and passion. Now it's more like rush rush, it looks good enough, who cares. This is the result.

  24. I'm a Licensed home improvement contractor, dude its the same deal here. People just want a quality rushed job. they don't understand in general the man hours and the unforeseen problems that pros have to deal with.  well said.

  25. I always wondered about this….well, you have my subscription now

  26. Okay you talk about how they work so hard but what about before with dragonball z? The reason why i dont like watching super is not because of reused animations its because of bad drawings… With dragonball z the art was so much better? are you saying they had to work even harder before? and if they are under such bad time constraints why dont they just space out their episodes more?

  27. 20-40 hours is almost two days…

  28. I guess I'll stop complaining about kingdom hearts 3 taking over 10 years.

  29. So maybe drop traditional animation and go the Pixar route?

  30. yeah shut up critics.u try do dis shit

  31. How About Hentai Pls Explain Thanks!

  32. maybe they should just stop with producing shitty fillers instead of actually interesting episodes

  33. When you "kill yourself" that's when u work the best , lol

  34. I could draw a whole manga with 15,000 images.

    But a single episode that's just part of the story?

    I now have a newfound respect for animators.

  35. I'm not going To that convention. Just get on with the video. I'm not even a dragon ball fan.

  36. so why does DBZ look soo much better even if its 20 years older

  37. Animation was great and expensive. But I love it.

  38. Thank you i really hate people that are so ungrateful

  39. Guess it just goes to show that we were truly spoiled during DBZ but I'm fairly positive DBZ did this in say the Goku vs Freiza fight, but tbh reused animations is nothing new in animation.

    If Dragon Ball ever sees a Sonic X level of animation – then they can complain.

  40. How much "hard work" does it take to animate a show like *Teen Titans GO*?

  41. Like an artist, who spends hours on a portrait only for someone to look at it for half a second and tell me "wow you should be famous" (or some shit) and change the topic to conversation😡i like ppl who take a little time to analyze the details i put in

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