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Who hired HIT to kill Goku – Dragon Ball Super Theory

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  1. It would be cool if it was that kid we heard of (in the no. 17 episode) who was the evil kid buu reborn and wanting revenge on goku?!

  2. What's the name of the end song?

  3. it's funny that it's goku himself

  4. All your theories has been debunked. It was goku himself. I thought that was obvious.

  5. aaaaaaaaaaand….. it was goku

  6. It's Dr. Gero from Universe 6.

  7. Plot Twist : Goku himself hired Hit.

  8. It was Goku that hired him technically whis but goku ask him to hire hit so they can fight

  9. Goku hired Hit lmao this was revealed in the episode you are speculating about.

  10. I think Goku did because he might want to fight hit in his strongest form

  11. this is a random theory but vegeta and goku went back in time and saved planet Vegeta. what would happen? please tell me if its possible.

  12. goku hired hit to kill himself.. because goku wants to fight hit on full power

  13. New episode is out goku hired himself

  14. Turns out Goku hired Hit to kill Goku… lol

  15. ma-star media you just on that imaginary shit you were no where near right talking bout gods from another universe more powerful then hit. its just simply goku hire hit his self so they could fight again you go way too far stay in side the box

  16. it's goku himself bitches. he wants to test himself

  17. and know we know that Goku hire hit hahaha. Damn

  18. goku hired hit to kill himself to practice

  19. Lol it was goku himself, goku ask whi's to tell his sister to get hit to assassinate goku. But actually instead of being assassinated, goku sort of train with hit. And in the end, goku sort of beat hit. BTW episode 72 is on so you all better watch it, oh wait, that was a spoilers alert.

  20. i think whis hired hit to kill goku, because when vegeta ask whis and whis just laugh with a suspicious face but whis real intention is not to kill goku but to train him, just like vegeta said goku is on an undergoing special training

  21. Luffy ordered the kill, i fucking called it! you heard it from me first..

  22. Honestly I think that Whis hired goku, Goku is training under Whis, but, Goku is a saiyan, When he dies he becomes even stronger than he was before, My theory is that Whis hired hit to kill goku so, Goku could become even stronger and be able to defeat hit. Also in epsidoe 71, Whis was acting really strange when training Vegeta. Beerus had asked Whis where Goku was and he was acting really suspicious about it, and Vegeta knew something was up. That is my theory comment if you think that this is what happened and comment if you think that I am wrong, I really wanna hear other peoples opinions about this.

  23. i can almost guarantee goku sent whis to get hit to do the assasination on himself.

    think about it, goku wanted champa and beerus to take out all the rules in the universal tournament so hit can go all out. goku knew hit was coming to earth before he was even there and whis knew something when training vegeta. goku sent hit to kill him to test and train himself and to see what hit's capable of

  24. plot twist: zamasu is still alive. who knows how much you can do with a time ring 😛 lol jk 😛

  25. ah mabye whis ordered hit to kill goku cause whis has been smiling the whole time i saw him in this 71 episode

  26. I reackon its whis like you said you need gods vehicle to travel through universe, therefore whis hires hit to kill goku to force goku to understand his weaknesses and focus on improving from it.

  27. I think Whis asked Vados to put out the hit so Goku can get stronger.

  28. Cabba what about it he took the path of vegeta and for some reason hates goku or a thing simila to what sasuke did in Naruto kill someone for a powerful form

  29. Possibly because champa want berrus to lose an trump card to his deck

  30. Anyone considered that Goku convinced Whis hire Hit to "kill" him as a new training exercise?

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