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What is happening to Goku in Dragon Ball Super?

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  1. Everyone has to remember that there are 2 ppl in universe 4 that no one has seen

  2. Has he taken any damage tho? He has a limit breaker, he said so against Toppo if you payed attention. He is just giving 0 fucks about the situation, because it's not that exciting if you just go all in from the begining. He even tanked Caulifla with almost no damage. His only problem is that is not paying attention, Whis' words, not mine

  3. Goku knows not to kill his friends so um supressing his power yo

  4. I think he is hiding his full for

  5. Mastar, I am happy that you spoke up DBS has been driving me insane. Your Anime War episodes are what I expected for DBS but it's Dissapointing.

  6. Goku could not break out of the haki he was in his base form

  7. Goku is being VERY cautious because of Jiren. He's also leaning more on his teammates to contribute. It also seems as if hes testing his limits in his base form. It's frustrating to see him sandbag against these fighters, but we have seen some interesting developments of other characters as a result. I'm just waiting on Gohan to get his ass in gear and vegeta to stop trying to measure up to goku and BE the prince off all Sayains. If TOEI is gonna have goku in chill mode right now, then vegeta, Gohan, AND piccolo need some development. It would only make goku transformation more relevant and shed light to how much strength is needed for these universes to succeed in this tournament. I'm a goku fan, but damn I wanna see Gohan scare the shit out of everybody with some raw, real unrefined power, vegeta straight punking a really strong fighter (Toppo maybe) and being cocky about it (maybe he rages and goku has to save a fighter from death at his hands) and Picollo surprising everyone with a surprising new power that is unique to Namekians and all this happening "before" goku transforms. It would add so much insight into the amount of power that is gathered at this tournament.

  8. Toei likes to shit on people's hopes and dreams

  9. its because if goku and vegeta use power not even full just beraly we would of runned out of opponets and every universe 7 member would have to fight strong people and loose so with making goku not beating many opponents they can show the power of the other z fighters but i also hate that goku and vegeta need to show theyre power

  10. even Frieza is not even trying in his lower form….and not even breaking a sweat. Goku is shit….i hate the fact that they make the show just on him….Vageta is way better, more emotion, more character……Goku is a dick. Universes got erased because of him

  11. Its obvious… Kaio-ken has given him severe brain damage

  12. goku has been nerfed…..this is sad cause he is way stronger than db super shows.

  13. Totally agree, yet i believe he is going to do some shit…Love Anime WAR, much support

  14. In my opinion, Goku's just not taking it seriously. No matter what the situation, he will always see it as some kind of game.

  15. Maybe Goku is getting his self beat to get to the new transformation

  16. Freiza was golden, his oat powerful form. Goku was base his weakest form

  17. Goku is much more stronger than all the other opponents, he is basically playing and having fun, he is saving his energy and stamina for Jiren as he already know that there is only one worthy opponent to fight with and to show his real powers (by breaking his limits),
    As we already knoww that Goku has casual nature he dont take things seriously unless something terrible happens, so just chill and relax , after all Goku is the real hero of DB series

  18. i think they're trying to wreck the SSB form

  19. the only explanation of this is goku is saving energy coz s3enzu beans is not allowed

  20. Goku is the shit hes conserving his energy because he knows more stronger fighters there then waisting it on these chumps

  21. Maybe he is intentionally losing because he wants to learn all about fighting in order to make himself stronger. By intentionally letting his guard down, the opponent will be able to have a chance to show their techniques and abilities. Like with the hakai energy attack, he likely wanted to feel the pressure and strength of the attack.

    Girl Broly is just hacks and I mean it. I believe that Kale's (or what ever she is called) transformation gives her an almost unlimited energy and power at the cost of weakening her body when she goes back to her original form. Almost like the kaioken but much more efficient and less risky to die. That's my theory anyways.

  22. u have to downplay him right now to hype up his new transformation cuz once he does transform I bet nobody will touch him

  23. yes.. it really a big concern goku ssb kamehameha put no damage on kale … thats not supposed to happen although vgeta warns goku about kale that " it might be a saiyans true form" but whis once said that " ssb goku drains so much energy…." .. so from that we can probably say that ssb is really the most powerful mode goku had… it cant be so weak … i mean his base form should kick ass of that cute love warrior… dbs should do better !!!

  24. yea im getting pretty annoyed of super right now. Its not creative at all. DBZ was truly ahead of its time. Right now their just doing powerlevels without saying power levels. and whenever they do something creative, its cheesy or dumb. They need to take a note from a show like hunter x hunter where its actually creative and not about how much powerful someone is. It like every fight in super is like barrages of punches and then a energy blast and fast movement. Thats so boring at this point. Like how bad ass was cell back in DBZ when we were introduced with androids and then a plant based android that could absorb energy, matter and lifeforms.

  25. I think we gotta keep in mind. According to the timeline they're not even halfway through the tournament of power at this time.

  26. I wonder what will happen if Goku had seen that Gohan has been eliminated…Food for thought hey…

  27. Gokus not going all out on his team mates and making them fell like they are useless pieces of shit. Plus goku is having fun in this tournament and not wanting to use all his power so he can fight weaker fighters in his lower forums

  28. goku can only get stronger if he loses…………………….he learns from al loses.
    Remeber when hit kills goku? goku must los before he get stronger.

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