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WATAGASH! – Dragon Ball Super Episode 74

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Watch WATAGASH! – Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Hey MaSTAR, not trying to be rude but Watagash doesn't give anyone a major power boost. Watagash powers the person up by the amount of hatred and evil in the person's heart/soul.

  2. please give 9999,999976543490785k likes and agreeable votes.

  3. vote for watagash to fully control beerus, and go after gohan once again while beating him up .

  4. You're way too nitpicky. This was a just to show off Gohan and his family's relationship. It's not meant to be taken seriously.

  5. Hopefully they bring something like this back, like if they use this in another filler episode (tried avoiding spoilers)

  6. Fuck you guys gohan is literally the best character in life in the dragon ball world think about that for a sec he is a teacher! Is intelligent,has a beautiful wife and is a good guy all around.

  7. gohan daughter pan Is annoying af In GT I always wanted her to get killed 😛

  8. teen gohan made me fall in love with the character but ever since he grew up I lost all respect

  9. Gohan didn't "cheat on Videl". Cocoa stole a kiss from him, and he immediately left in an awkward panic. That's not marital infidelity; he was just really naive and I hope in the future he doesn't agree to meet with girls alone in their apartments.

    Watagash is adorable. He's like a Flood Infection Form, only cuter and Toriyama-styled. First he made Barry a Wolfman, then King Kong, then finally Godzilla (all forms had a cute cotton-ball antenna, of course). Not to mention, since he doesn't have any lines Toei can't screw up his characterization. My theory is that he has no malevolent intentions, just the instinct to infect an evil being.

  10. mastar gohan is weaker now because he gived up on his training and all stuff.its like u sit on pc all day for 3 months u will have small stamina it will be hard to run and everthing even a sayan can become weaker without any fight or training

  11. I'm guessing you didn't like this episode? ? ?😅

  12. Sounds like another rant video.

  13. are we getting human god krillin in anime war

  14. This chanal seems like to be a pitch one…f….

  15. Hey Mastar Media answer me can you Create a Video The continuation of Anime War There's a Cartoon Characters Like Sonic the hedgehog, Super Mario, Dc Superheroes, Powerpuff Girls, Transformers, Street Fighter that's very good video

  16. Jake, it would be awesome if you use that epic music when Gohan was fighting watagash. and use it in Anime War 😌👍

  17. Mastar, you should be extremely proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Your creativity, comedic ability, your musical sense and your appreciation and humbleness in what you have created make you not only one of the greatest youtubers, but also one of the greatest entertainers, if not by anyone else's standards, then by my own personal

  18. Mastar for anime war try to make a frieza race with a second transformation

  19. If Saitama was there he would have one punch that monster. Right guys??

  20. Gohan, go over to Princes Trunks and go on a date and let real man handle the business… especially food!

  21. you don't sound disappointed at all….don't worry, neither am I….😐

  22. But question, how Babidi's Majin Magic went to the Watagash, when he's already dead?

  23. I would do anything to see gohan train with trunks timeline gohan

  24. this is exacrly why i stopped watching this bs smh.its like they're pulling content out of their asses smh

  25. At 0:10 doesnt the watagash look like ss4 abit

  26. In universal survival arc there isnt gohan man in picture is yamcha i think because he is stronger then gohan in dbs

  27. It's a shame cos gohan was my favourite character. Now he is tied level.. Dammit

  28. Videl wife of the year 👌🏾 she knows gohan so well 😂💪🏽. Everything about this episode was good tbh

  29. I think Mystic isnt a form i think it his strenght in power in base

  30. Gohan forgot how to use his mystic/super form from the kai's after paying attention to only studies he must've forgotten it it says here

    While Gohan's potential was unlocked by the Old Kai, a lack of training will affect the effects of the ritual, as seen in the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ movie and the anime arc of Dragon Ball Super adapted from the movie. While Gohan kept a large amount of the extra power, he required his Super Saiyan state to tap into his true potential and even he could only keep it up for a short while.
    Ssj is probably his only form he knows also probably why he couldn't defeat the monster so quickly and strongly as he used to be in the previous sagas

  31. gohan was holding back because he didn't want to kill him.

  32. Lmao you're so mad it was a good filler episode i'm tired of all the fans that just want fights and testosterone gohan DOESN'T LIKE to fight how many times do they have to tell you… He fought for his family, once he turned ssj it was over, plus he didn't want to hurt barry too much so stop acting like a kid.

  33. how are you able to watch dbz super.

  34. Where to watch latest episodes?

  35. The Villains final form reminds me of the deep sea King from opm

  36. Idk, he might surprise us in the up coming arc. He did survive Goku's super sayian blue beam ball he threw at Champa. Don't think Tien would've.

  37. Mr. Satan, not Mr. Satin. Say it right.

  38. I would have compared Watagash to Baby.

  39. Jaqu can destroy planets? And who cannot by this point? Even Freeza destroyed Namek. And After that? Cell Self-Destruction, Majin Buu could wipe it, Beerus? He IS God of Destruction.

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