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Wait WHAT!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Spoilers

Wait WHAT!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Spoilers Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Wait WHAT!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Spoilers Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. a month later and they made buu sliming down mean nothinh

  2. Buu could whip the crap outta Gohan. Gohan is WAY behind on training.

  3. I really hope they portray gohan as one of the main and strongest characters

  4. he's not stronger than buu but he'll come back and slay

  5. I think Goku in Super cant ride kinto-un.

  6. I think gohan and buu are about the same strenght but gohan definitily will be stronger by the time of the tournament

  7. I was thinking theyed take uub in the time chamber and train him, so when the tournament rolls around he'll be strong AF and older.

  8. I'm thinking what if buu absorb mr.satan so he can fight with him!

  9. Let's Hope Our Majin Buu (Not Super, Evil, or Kid) Uses the Angry Explosion On Goku, Like Vegeta Did.

  10. no probably Gohan an buu.mite evenly match

  11. if buu has a face and aggression like the opening picture in this video then even great priest will piss his pant… when buu eyes shrink the opponents ball will shrink..

  12. I love this Buu. He seems so smart in the trailer. He's actually taking this serious and trained on his own! He's not clueless and taking this as a joke. But now I'm waiting for Gohan gets his mystic form because that would be so over powered

  13. are you stupid. buu isnt fat bcus of fatness. that's just how he chooses to be from his last absortion. He can slim down or shrink or enlarge at will. this skinny one is prob. just a troll to show he's been training and then he'll get tired of pretending and go back to his old form but still stronger

  14. Imagine is Kid Buu absorbed Whis…

  15. buu is certainly stronger than gohan as of right now.

  16. I haven't even seen the video yet, but from the thumbnail and title I can predict there's some shit about Buu being skinny. No, he isn't any of the other types of Buu that we've seen before, but he is still the same fat Buu. Yes, I said he's the same. The reason he is skinny is because he has full on committed to training.

  17. Goku is gonna need the the tactical strategies of Piccolo he's gonna orchestrated the win. He's the Shikamaru of DBS.

  18. what if Mr.Satan made buu absorb him so so he can have the slim figure and also be smarter.

  19. Ok, looking at the thumbnail, I can tell that:
    Buu will revolt against the fighters there, he will absorb them all except Goku and Vegeta, he will open an portal to Hell and absorb everyone there, beat Goku and Vegeta, go to the tournament, the Gods fight him, Buu absorb them all, Goku, Vegeta and Beerus do an fusion and kill Buu. Am I right? Not? Ok.

  20. Im curious still bout how Vegeta will react that if they loose, hes family will die, he showed clearly that he loves Bulla, so how Vegeta will react? Kinda under the radar, dont you guys think?

  21. i think majin buu is stronger than goha but buu was the strongest in dragon ball z

  22. So this what happen they bring back dragon ball z friza and golden friza And in the buu ark vgito and Super saying god blue vgito and now we are in the cell ark cell made a tournament and now it is the tournament of power this what happen

  23. Why would you put that thumbnail and this is suppose to be a spoiler warning

  24. You mean Super Buu, not Adult Buu.

  25. Andrew Kaufman h did give up dude had nto do with beerus chamap tha tjsut ame him wost time what hapepnw ehn gokur euten to rnaom flr  bdoy any bdoy ge tmsied up with what happena ny of did nto jump out so he did  give uphe told beers  sorry I give it my all  he dotn I quti you chamap right fighting he this when beerus nailed I'm for giving pu

  26. they could make buu rival blue goku easy….just think about it, if freeza trained and got almost as strong as goku imagine what buu who was wayyyyyy stronger than freeza could accomplish whit some serious training….e could develop a new form from all that training, maybe that is what this new slim buu is, a new transformation

  27. When it says "slimmed down" it could be a transformation

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