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Vegito’s Weakness

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Just SSJG Vegito could bring him back

  2. The only weakness vegito have is time

  3. warning spoilers: They're fusion only lasted for about 10 minutes because his SSGSS form makes them use more power so it's fusion time is severely decreased and is most likely to be vegito's weakness including future trunks jumped in and everyone gave energy to him and he managed to defeat merged zamasu by cutting him in half.

  4. The weakness is the 1hr length

  5. We need an expert to do this

    somebody call matpat

  6. non kais cannot maintain fusion permanently, but only for an hour,only kais can remain fused permanently, not mortals

  7. Well the weakness turned out is a time limit

  8. Looks like vegitos weakness is his incredible power , leaving the Potara fusion only 7 minutes of a fight 🙁

  9. His weakness is he can't fight for a long time now only 1 hour.

  10. Dragon ball Super is a shit like Dragon ball GT. Dragon ball is dead after Dragon ball Z for real.

    Beerus one shoted Goku 3.
    Goku God can fight with Beerus (but lose).
    Goku Blue is way stronger than Goku God. Goku 3 one shoted Trunks.
    So can someone explain me how f*ckin tards can like these episodes ?! Trunks as simple SSJ2 and his transformation yellow/blue (LOL) should not be able to fight with them like if he had the same level than Vegito.

    Goku black clones (LOL), his sword/axe (WTF), Zamatsu bird (LOL),Trunks learning the ancestral mafuba with videos in 5 minutes (seriousely ?), the Potara fusion during 10 minutes (explains sux), Trunks can hold the fight a couple of time vs Zamatsu² (like Vegito everythings all'right), his GenkiShitSworDama for no reason (LOL).

    1.000.0000 more things to tell this : Dragon ball super should burn with all its fans :-/

  11. Vegito's weakness is a weedle.

  12. his weakness was that he was too strong

  13. His weakness is now a fixed Timer, he's basically SSj4 gogeta levels of time limit, maybe even shorter

  14. super would be so much better with the dbz background music it would just bring all those good memories

  15. When they say zamasu is a cheat character he was unrivaled in power like WTF then how is trunk able to beat his ass LOL
    dont bullshit me with hybrid god ki or some shit

  16. only gods can fuse permanent mortals goku vegeta only gets one hour being that it's the 2nd time they're fuse time got cut short

  17. I know the truth behind senzu beans

  18. The weakness of the potara earings is that it can only last for an hour unless your a Supreme Kai, that's why Blue Vegito unfused

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