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Vegito VS Zamasu – Animation Breakdown

Vegito VS Zamasu – Animation Breakdown Is Available on

Watch Vegito VS Zamasu – Animation Breakdown Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. mastar is the last person on earth that should be talking about fucking animation. mastars animations are hard pressed to be called "animations".

  2. The thing you're doing is just narrating the animation. What you're saying is common knowledge. Any one can slow down a video and narrate each frame. This expresses very little knowledge or teaching.

  3. 1/24 of a frame" you know they aren't using this FPS right? Fraud.

  4. finally good animation… even the universal arc animation is amazing

  5. please DO a naruto breakdown (gaara vs lee?)

  6. Wow when Zamasu was being pulled to the ground by Vegito I thought Vegito put his hands in Zamasu nose and brought him to the ground. Well now I know lol

  7. Started out bad animation sorta. And now has some great f the best animation in anime to date

  8. Please do Gon vs Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter 2011 in the Heaven's arena!!

  9. Naotoshi Shida animation is beyond training.

  10. Amazing frame by frame animation break down, you really show how the animators and directors did it.

  11. Thanks for sharing your craft with us! It's probably just as good for you as us that you broke it all down

  12. Comparing animation from 1986 to 1995 with 2016. This new techniques suck so much. In 90s they draws, every frame. Now, they using tricks to hide lack of skills. I cant watch this shit.

  13. I guess Vegito likes to kick people.

  14. Turn off your damn facebook when you make videos. You get me every time 😀

  15. I love these animation breakdowns

  16. This is one of the BEST sequence and the type of choreography crazy beautiful madness I want you to do in Goku vs Superman!! So awesome. I LOVE THAT SCENE! SO BADASS!!

  17. I like it more fast pace, especially for Vegito's seriousness & return.

  18. I pretty much noticed everything. I've been a Naotoshi Shida fan for years and I've gotten used to his
    fast paced style.


  20. well done brother that was such a badass fight great breakdown keep it up

  21. Thanks for breaking this animation down, Mastar! The fight scene did occur quick and fast paced(I can't complain-its better that way as well for me) but its good to use how it happens in a pacing where the human eye can keep up. Also how the effects are formed and the camera movement too. I'm rambling but thanks again!

  22. If only they slowed down the pace so we can see all the details in frames instead of pausing the video.

  23. I love animation breakdown ! I learn a lot from them, thanks Mastar !

  24. Thks for that informative beautiful break down Mastar. And to all the Animation Team that brought this Masterpiece together with such detail per frame….Thank You Soooo much😤💞👼👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍!!! With humility and respect for the passion it must take, again thank you guys.

  25. Was that even DBS this shit looks like a movie

  26. Hey Mastar are you a reliable source? There are a lot of fake stuff about Dbz super if you understand

  27. What is the purpose of this video ? You can already assume I have eyes at this point.

  28. I love the Animation Breakdowns even if they're not as followed as the other videos. They bring some culture into your content, and show your knowledge on the matter. Clean vid and well done as always, MaSTAR!

  29. PLZ DO MORE Animation Breakdown bec then we all can see the cool partswhich we cant see with our own eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Considering people can discern the difference between 60 and 120 fps in games, i am surprised you believe many people don't notice what's drawn in this shown at 24 fps max. Anyway, neat video

  31. It's really amazing seeing how much work and effort they are putting into this show. They are definitely going all out.

  32. MaSTAR are you gonna rely on your animations to get you subs? Change it up, stop doing dbsuper vids (well you obviously still can do dbsuper vids). Review anything your into (other animes, manga, anything), reach for other fandoms rather then just dragon ball fans and if you keep it up the way your channel is going now, one day your gonna run out of them DB fans to sub to you.

  33. great review on the animation

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