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Vegito – The Bait for Something Bigger

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. … He lasted less than 5 minutes in episode 66… such a shame


  3. Roses are red, My hair is blue. I am not Goku nor Vegeta, I am the one who will destroy you.

  4. still hoping they give an official name to trunk's new god power form, i've heard "false super saiyan god" "divine super saiyan" "super saiyan rage" i like the sound of the divine one the most so far but i'm hoping it has a good title when they bring out the inevitable dlc for xenoverse 2

  5. its more likely that Beerus and Champa will fuse than Beerus and Whis

  6. nexy episode goku's life risking attack is kaioken cmon vegito is not coming …
    and sorry for bad gram..

  7. Would've been better if Vegito is a bit serious but not too much and then beats Zamasu like its nothing xD

  8. Are you retarded ? SSB Vegito is way cooler than a whis-beerus fusion !!!!!
    Even Vegeta-Trunks fusion is better than a hairy old cat !!!

  9. lol ssb vegito confirmed…theres nothing wrong with predictions being wrong but idk about anyone else but from that point on i feel like that person isnt a good source of info

  10. welp looks like you were wrong

  11. man you should really see the ep66 preview

  12. ping pong the animation is better

  13. Nope! ! Vegeto has been confirmed

  14. Vegito is gonna come its in the episode 66 preview from episode 65

  15. what happens if gowasu or supreme do take off their potara? would they be taken back to the past? don't they have to have their earrings to be able to go into the future?

  16. Goku's gonna push the button and sir zeno sama is gonna appear and kick ass

  17. And now Vegito is coming in dbs episode 66. and i know you know that 🙂

  18. …. when this whole video and theory was shat on on ep 66 preview

  19. I don't see a beerus and whis fusion (yes now we know it's vegito) because Whis would mop the floor with goku black. Why fuse if goku black doesn't come close to Whis?

  20. 1 thing i have an issue with this video is why would they would waste so much money for s short animation clip this is a really dumb theory and the ones about trunks and goku black that is really different they are fan Theorys and proven to be worng why would you make this this is not really a good video at all if you really dont think man this is disappointing thinking a video game fusion is a possibility is not at all what you should think on this because the games are not canon and and you your self dont know akiras written style i am not hateing on you but fuck this is so fucking stupid for all the worng reasons

  21. This is wrong because in the preview for episode 66 you can see vegito and in the real description it still doesn't say anything about vegito so ya

  22. Hahahahahhahaha In your face.

  23. You was wrong they was right un sub

  24. my brain was screaming that it was gonna happen, all this fusion shit.

  25. Like i said before, everything did gone according to plan. Hehe…

  26. you were wrong
    Vegito is confirmed.

  27. Welp, you were wrong. Vegito came.

  28. No it going to be Vegeta and Trunks fuse

  29. Mastar media is like an actual smart atheist and the people on this comment section are the common type of them.

    Yeah he was wrong but did you even listen to the video? he had several reasons to be unsecure about vegito being the one being created by fusion, specially since the episode descriptions did not have vegito on them, whatever it turns out toriyama went for the easy way.

  30. welp, apparently he's confirmed.

  31. LMAO when Vegito actually is in DB Super

  32. Well, looks like this turned out to be wrong… now we know, Vegito is definitely making a comeback.

  33. Still think vegito won't be in super?

  34. dude, u r totally wrong, vegito is in episode 66 for sure

  35. Have you seen ep 66 preview?

  36. I think zamasu going to force vegito to fuse together and that's when beris going to come into action. Im 100% sure, it's going go towards that way.

  37. vegeto is comming, hes in the preview

  38. That moment when Vegito has been confirmed and this video is pointless

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