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Vegeta’s Resolve

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I think ur underestimating vegeta the mane part of his personality is his pride he will always push to be better and we know that goku is naïve and he has not shown that he is trying to take whis advice where as vegeta is more likely to listen to whis to gain strength and be better so we can only expect to see that vegeta has listen to whis gaining control of his body and being able to reach his limit breaker form

  2. Going to explode himself and take most of everyone with him like back in Buu arc that would be great

  3. omfg vegeta just go oozaru blue form and protect goku i dont care if you dont win this tournament i wanna see you go full power you are the prince so act like it use saiyan full power!!!

  4. i think vegeta is going to fight with his heart and thats gonna be bring out the samr power that came out when beerus slapped bulma and vegeta didnt think Goku was around. Vegeta exploded. i believe he will fight with the love he has in his heart and that plus his training will be hard to beat. what if vegeta fights everyone else while goku fights jiren.

  5. does a machine like you ever experience fear ?

  6. i think that vegeta sees goku's new form or sense something frecks out when he sees he far behind him once more the tries to take on jiren or someone to prove himself

  7. think vageta already achived a new form at the end of episode 108 when he trained on his own and exploded his way out of the chamber, he seemed different and more confident at a different lvl then before so hes gona kick some ass

  8. I think Ur wrong I think Goku and vageta will reach this new form and insane sayan battle will be both of them in limit breaker form defeating jiren

  9. I think it would be best if Vegeta got a form different from Goku that would excel in different ways. Being able to take a asswhooping is Vegetas best thing about him, among several other movies like gallic gun but think he deserves more

  10. So disrespectful to Vegeta…. He gonna show yall what that few years of training in that time chamber did

  11. Ill take Vegetas sheer will over Goku’s plot power haha.

  12. Donnnot underestimate power of the prince pf all ssaiyans

  13. vegeta has loads of moves. flame attack, big bang attack, galick gun, final shine, final flash, lucora gun, dark impact, binding energy rings " the attack he used to bind ssj2 goku in the majin buu arc". galick burst, galaxy breaker, telekinesis and hellzone grenade.

  14. It would be good if Vegeta stops recognizing himself as the prince of all Saiyans and start recognizing himself as the king of all Saiyans, since his dad died a long time ago. I think the franchise should give Vegeta some type of inward vision of his father officially passing the torch to him, then Vegeta gets a "royal bloodline" transformation that is exclusive to his family only. (Trunks would have this capability as well, but obviously not yet ready to walk into it.) I think Goku's bloodline is special because Bardock was the first Saiyan to reach beyond his current limit in order to challenge Freeza for all the marbles. Goku's bloodline would ultimately be considered, for lack of a better term, the "bloodline buster", since he comes from a weaker bloodline but became the greatest and most powerful Saiyan warrior of all time. This addition would ante up the drama and suspense of the series.

  15. I really hope they dont give goku this new form just for him to get kicked out the ring. Atleast let goku and jiren knock eachother out and leave vegeta to win

  16. maybe jiren has been severely damaged as goku but is able to take on vegeta because he still able to move as to were goke has no tike to practice his new form and needs to get used to it

  17. You're wrong tho. In episodes 109-110 the one hour special goku is already seen with the new form standing and ready to fight. That means that vegetas resolve will happen AFTER Goku transforms. So in episode 109-110 goku in his new form vs Jiren and then 111 is jiren vs hit and 112 is vegetas resolve. It doesn't seem like vegeta would need to protect goku because goku seems to already be out of the picture

  18. I rather Vegeta go super saiyan blue 2. They revealed art work for a dragon ball super calendar and goku is in super saiyan blue 2. What if goku gets this new form and vegeta goes ssb2

  19. I wish they would let Vegeta be the last man standing. Every body knows its always got to be Goku. Vegeta is a good guy and he has the better back story. Goku has Vulture Vegetas main kill and that was Freiza in the Resurrection movie. The main Japanese writer for Dragonball Z and Super is a serious Vegeta hater for no reason. Please dude I really need a way to contact this guy and ask him to let Vegeta finally shine please!!!!!!

  20. Fighting Maniac Saiyan Battle can also involve Universe 6 saiyans. Don't overlook that. Lol

  21. I'm thinking as hit will be saved by vegeta because he wants hit for himself and he wants a turn against jiren. Vegeta will get a harsh beating and will be almost knocked out when hit saves him and he gets eliminated. This is where everyone is in shock and caulifla and kale step in to fight against a regained power goku and battered vegeta. idk

  22. This video is just here to hide the fact that if you switch to GEICO you'll save 15% in car insurance

  23. Vegeta's resolve….

    Realizing how many times Yamcha Wolf-Fang fisted Bulma.

  24. I’m still tryna see a fusion 🙁

  25. Jiren=Saitama. Goku beat Jiren, then Goku beat Saitama.

  26. Seriously man? Don't do Vegeta like that. He's been training way more then Goku in the TOP arc.

  27. It's going to be a reprise of Vegeta vs Kid Buu. Vegeta gets curbstomped by Jiren but gets up a couple of times to buy Goku some recovery time or some shit.

  28. Vegeta can use SSJ Blue Full Power like in manga.

  29. Vegeta has his tail back and will go ssj4

  30. I doubt this will happen but what if after Goku gets his power up Jiren still eliminates his ass and then goes on to eliminate Hit, Vegeta and everyone else and wins the tournament but because he's not evil just wishes every one back. And all the Goku and Vegeta fan boys are left sitting there all salty because neither Goku or Vegeta were the ones to beat Jiren and save the day.

  31. I hope Vegeta becomes stronger than the Limit Breaker form and saves Bulma, Trunks and Bra alongside Universe 7.

  32. vegeta is maniac who will defeat jiren, goku is weak in this arc he is good but he can not defeat jiren he is always there but he is not a winner , he not defeat raditz or vegeta or ginyu or cell or frieza in DBS or black goku and zamasu or beerus he only won in fight when is end of everything like picolo or majin buu of omega senron but i dont think this is end of DBS

  33. Goku and Jiren will both fall down the stage, vegeta will be the last one stand to fight with the Sayans from universe 6 and win the tournament.

  34. hey can you tell me the site where i can get dragon ball super news

  35. Vegeta will use Kaio kan!!! Think about it… he has witness this technique many times

  36. I wanna see vegeta and freeza team up against jiren

  37. After jiren knocks goku down, hit joins the battle vs jiren, frieza takes this chance to knock goku out and once again Vegeta comes n saves goku

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