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Vegeta’s New Attack

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Gamma Flash Or Burst Flash I can't name it long

  2. Can we get a Gamma Burst Kamehameha

  3. The manga seems way better. I'm going to discard DBS anime because it fucking sucks.

  4. Confirmed Vegeta can kill Beerus and whis and other gods of destruction and angels

  5. I have a theory on this move. This will probably be Vegetas most powerful signature attack ever. Think about the name , and also what the technique does. Gamma burst flash . Well what are gamma bursts? gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are extremely energetic explosions that have been observed in distant galaxies. They are the brightest electromagnetic events known to occur in the universe. They are caused by super and hyper novas (exploding stars). Vegeta unleashes the whole essence and power of his ssb out forward like an exploding star, with lights so bright that they can blind. I hope they introduce this as a last resort move that can pretty much obliterate anything, yet causes you to lose all energy.

  6. if it aint in the anime who gives af. Toriyama has hated Vegeta from the beginning. So he will never surpass Goku or save Earth.

  7. Gamma burst from the name would sound like it moves as fast as piccolos special beam cannon (fast as the speed of light), but sadly like always vegetas attack fails

  8. where was this move at the beginning of the saga?

  9. is Vegeta still stronger then Goku in the manga?
    or did Goku get plot power up?

  10. Vegeta should be an astronomer

  11. Someone needs to put Vegetas super saiyan theme while he uses this attack

  12. they have to make it's color red .

  13. His Attack is just like my Grandmas. Remember, purple will always beat Vegeta's Weak Ass.

  14. I don't recall vegeta getting a new move anouther piece of junk cluttering YouTube

  15. wow please put this in dragon z fighter

  16. Pretty sure they don't have to LOOK as strong to be as strong if they can control their ki that well.

  17. is final galik gun a thing yet?

  18. sorry to be a smartass on this one. but on dragon ball super vegeta does take a significant time to charge his final flash, fighting mageta in the tournament against U6

  19. I hope Vegeta uses gamma burst flash in the tournament of power

  20. Take notice that Vegeta still wants to grab some boobs

  21. This sounds like a move the hulk would use in the new marvel vs capcom game

  22. That's my boy, Vegeta. Finally, some love for the Prince of all Saiyans!

  23. soo nobody is going to talk about cussing in dbz

  24. I just fucking love the manga, so god damn much.

  25. if just a potaro fusion mattered, kabitokai would have killed buu

  26. Actually.. that's not even the full extent of the technique's power since vegeta was only healed up to 50% … and it blew to pieces 2 fused zamasus .. just imagine.

  27. Vegeta is the G.O.A.T. every attack of his he made on his own. meanwhile Goku steals everyone else's techniques

  28. Finally, someone remembers how Final Flash is actually performed. So many misrepresentations present the attack with two balls of energy combined to one and that's incorrect. My guess is Gamma Burst Flash (should've been called Gamma Ray Burst to avoid comparison to Final Flash) is the result of mastered ki control of SSBlue. It seems to be a quick charge, maxed power attack of high velocity (notice both Zamasu's didn't have time to dodge) and high power (having blown apart both fused Zamasus).

  29. Vegito's new attack

    "Gamma Burst Hakai!"

  30. Ok new idea vegeto using hackai and the flash thing

  31. when i saw Vegeta say Mother fucker… i started thinking, maybe i read the manga

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