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VEGETA’S CHALLENGE!!! BREAKING NEWS! Dragon Ball Super Episode 119-122 SPOILERS Is Available on

Watch VEGETA’S CHALLENGE!!! BREAKING NEWS! Dragon Ball Super Episode 119-122 SPOILERS Online. One Piece
eng sub anime hd quality Video. Today The following anime VEGETA’S CHALLENGE!!! BREAKING NEWS! Dragon Ball Super Episode 119-122 SPOILERS watchop & gogoanime has been released NOW You Can Enjoy Anime Here ON 9Gogoanime.

is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I made a huge mistake talking about how Universe 7 has 9 people left. It was 4am and obviously I wasn't thinking clearly. Please forgive me. They only have 7, and with Piccolo gone 6. That's still more than 5 left on Universe 3 though, so the argument still stands. Someone else might have to go like Frieza?

  2. I think universe 3 gonna rip and universe and 7 and 11 stays last which is Vegeta, Goku and frieza so and Toppo + dyspo + jiren. Vegeta will get offensive side and goku get defensive when like SUPREME fight between 2 v 1 When jiren hits Goku gonna defend Vegeta and vegeta gonna punch so hard rip jiren if they make like that that'll be Op

  3. Badly Waiting for Episode 122 …hope Vegeta really make jiren motivates to fight with him 🙂

  4. Vegeta will definately achieve Ultra Instinct if he fights Jiren


  6. Vegeta found out that the only way to get Ultra Instinct is to break through his barrier and to get that he is following goku steps * what means he is fighting jiren to archive the ultra instinct*

  7. Im ready im ready im ready for epi 122

  8. My boy vegeta is going to shine

  9. I love the way that Vegeta’s ultra instinct looks. Good job on it!

  10. I feel like vegeta's Ultra instinct is gonna be different than goku's 🙂

  11. An Accident?

    Piccolo: “It’s because I’m black, isn’t it? And again, no one mentioned Slug during the Broly fight. I feel that’s kinda racist.” lol

  12. I would cry if we get vegito perfected ultra instinct and buy the Blu-ray+ a really expensive vegito ultra instinct figure

  13. No ok this is a serious question. You guys REALLY believe that Vegeta will win against Jiren and he will get UI? seriously? People know that this is….dragon ball, right? people really believe that we'll see Jiren vs Goku v2?

  14. The farmer with a shotgun should f**k Jiren.

  15. btw it will be only 3 members to go not 5. andrlid 17 18 and piccolo and the rest 4 remains.

  16. Imagine n.18 and 17 training. They'll be unstoppable.

  17. Hell yeah I know that ,
    119 no one knock off ,

  18. Having the final four of Frieza, Gohan, Goku, Vegeta would make for some crazy plot development hopefully it turns out that way

  19. The Prince Of All Saiyanz…

  20. My man katopesla has Ulyra Instinct in his belt!

  21. Where do you get 5 from? Your math is awful lol. U7 currently has 7 fighters. So to be lower the U3's 5 fighters, they'd have to lose 3. I'm guessing Piccolo, 18, & 17.

  22. If you ask me i think it's very predictable the order in which the warriors of universe 7 are eliminated…From the weakest to the strongest and that's pretty much lame in other words…boring.They should make someone like Freeza or Vegeta be eliminated so they can show the audience that they're not afraid to be a little more creative and innovative.Also by deciding to weaken universe 7 they could add a little more suspense for the end but no they wouldn't dare….

  23. Vegeta is my favorite Dragon ball super character I can't wait to see him go ultra instinct

  24. I think piccolo following off is their sacrifice cuz gohan is gonna go ape shit when he sees his dad get eliminated 😂

  25. Gohan Vegeta and Goku suppose to be the three left

  26. Fractal saber? But how u get the little dots blinking? I have so much to learn

  27. Vegeta will only able to land a single punch on jiren if jiren slaps Bulma and that not happen if that happened Vegeta would be like that my bulmaaaa

  28. Almost 1 million subscribers

  29. study more math m8….uni 7 will lose 3 not 5 LOLz…they have 7 in the tournament so far …3 are already out

  30. I would pay alot of money to see Vegeta hit that Ultra Instinct and get some hits on Jiren.

  31. The auro of vegeta is awesome !! Good job !!!

  32. Y'all bitches jealous of vegeta

  33. Dude nearly a million subscribers and no anime War or no demon Rush what was he trying to accomplish long-ass break for a YouTuber that holds a lot of promises so what if they was bashing you you have over almost a million subscribers that was still into it still looking forward to it I feeling cheated I'm glad I didn't put no money into it cuz I have been truly upset that's why I hate this world that push it like this enjoy the rest of your day

  34. Vegeta better not lose and get elminated knwing the writers they probably screw him over n over!😤

  35. your math is so bad bro 😀

  36. And that is how Vegeta will be knocked out jiren has knocked out all of the most powerful warriors

  37. Jesus guys…even if Vegeta will have UI (yeah no) he can't do anything with only SSJB power, is to weak. Goku does not have only UI, his power increased as well (and is still weaker than Jiren). Guys, good fight or no, Vegeta will lose like Hit.

  38. I think they will use my boy Vegeta just to get to go Vegitto. Bruh. I dont think they are going to let Vegeta the shine that he deserves.

  39. Goku should just start instant transmission every one out of the ring and get this shit over with……

  40. There’s no way gohan would get eliminated. Maybe piccolo yes and 18

  41. stop this picolo thing, he is weak compared to sayians anyway, he should be nerfed, wtf is going on?

  42. Do you have to use so many ads?? I think you would get more subs if you used less.

  43. Piccolo's roles and powers has bean trash since frieza and cell. They really need to make him more intresting.

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