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VEGETA vs TOPPO HYPE!!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Review

VEGETA vs TOPPO HYPE!!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Review Is Available on

Watch VEGETA vs TOPPO HYPE!!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Review Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  2. Its was called vegetas resolve and it hase only 15 seconds of vegeta….omg

  3. I don't understand why the other two Namekians shouldn't be this strong.. We don't know anything about their planet in their universe, the story, etc. It is very plausible and believable that they're this strong.

  4. Probably I'm the only one, but I kinda like the theory of a Megazord-type of Warrior. It fits the Universe 3 theme, and, if done correctly, it could be really refreshing. I was really disappointed by Nigrisshi, and I wanted a strong foe in every Universe.

  5. you are always complaining xD im dead lmao

  6. Wanna bet the fuck heads will kick Vegeta off the table? Man….if that's gonna happen I'm really gonna go Super Sayin Fucking Ultimate Zeno form.

  7. Mental note: Dont fuck with Cabbas saiyan friends/Family

  8. Fantastic 😍😍
    استمر مبدع

  9. That's not just an energy blast, can't you recognize? It's Galickgun!!

  10. Who else screamed "Ohhhhhhh get rekt" when Toppo said to Vegeta "Aren't you a second fiddle?"

  11. What are the chances of Vegeta getting a boost up like Perfected Super Saiyan Blue maybe in the tournament of power?

  12. Thanks for letting us know the effort being put by the animators

  13. Vegeta:I'm not interested in the second best Toppo:Aren't you the second best too? Vegeta:TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. hey dude dont speak in the video we dont want to listen you we just want to enjoy the episode

  15. Anyone else find Caulifla sooo annoying?

  16. Um… Goku fired a kamehameha out of his feet in dragon ball.

  17. As for the overpowered Namekians, your fusion comment got me thinking – in a time of universal crisis, the entire population of Universe 6 Namek could perhaps have fused into two single bodies.

  18. I don't think that the robots will be the new hero

  19. Rip cabba character development. Even after standing up for girls and being saved by his master he couldn't save himself and run. It makes sense tho Golden > SS2 and time is running out.

  20. Can we just take a moment to acknowledge Vegeta's growth this arc. Dude has had a few touching moments of character development. With his Bulma, with his daughter being born, with Cabba being his passive student, with respecting another king of another universe, saving his student multiple times, helping train cabba while in two tournaments, saving Cabba again and feeling somewhat bad that he got knocked out only to say he will win and a Saiyans will survive….Fuck dude u r the man!  Goku is the second fiddle. Loving Frieza too! Hate to love this guy. Cabba with that purple blast tho……thought Vegeta taught him the Galick Gun (spl) Vegeta keeps saying he will win and Goku doesn't seem to debate with him. Will we see a fusion of SSGB Goku and Vegeta? Frieza may wish to become a G.O.D. all the while he may wish to destroy the current God system. Also loved Goku's sympathy over Vegeta's student getting knocked out while back to back with Vegeta.Ok at first I was laughing thinking Cabba was going to respond to Fat girl talking about Vegeta the way Vegeta responded to Beerus slapping Bulma. I thought he was about to scream out while going SS2 "NOT MY MASTERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  21. Yo… where the fuck is android 17 and 18

  22. Vegeta vs. Jiren. … Thank you for stepping in, Toppo, as Vegeta was about to do something really stupid, and so far in this saga, he hasn't shown any plot-induced stupidity yet. :3

  23. Mastar i think Freeza cannot BEAT Cabba withouth Golden Form,cu HE was BEAT by SSJ GOKU and Trunks!

  24. The void is just like phone's battery n I think that in 15 mins or 10 mins it will turn red caulifla is really irritating

  25. Ok at first i thaught uub was a shit student but now i think caulifla is even more shiter because if caulifla gets too much screen time then bye bye muscluler ss transformation.

  26. Goku used a camehameha with his feet twice before I believe.

  27. Gohan wasn't using his ultimate form..

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