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Vegeta VS Jiren

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I don't think there is anything as such as ultra instinct offense, just the concept sounds absurd.
    I mean ultra instinct means to react without actually thinking, basically super fast reflexes, whereas to attack without thinking sounds absurd

  2. How r we gonna get to see planet sandal I think vegeta is.gonna go all the way getting UI and making the wish of reviving universe 6

  3. Speaking about Grand Priest fighting and iam already wet. Just skip this bullsht Jiren Goku Vegeta thing, and let us see some real power between Grand Priest and someone strong af, maybe a new villain.

  4. I hear ya talking about Vegeto wiping Jiren out but what if Jiren has another form?

  5. It's Limit breaker "Goku" not Vegeta

  6. I've never seen someone's eyes so close together, looks like the dude could use a monocle for glasses lmao

  7. Vegeta probably won’t get ultra instinct. If you think about it whenever Goku gets a new form Vegeta always gets it later. Same with super saiyan (doesn’t get til androids) and super saiyan blue.

    But with the paste they’re going maybe he will get UI.

  8. I miss the blood in Dragon ball

  9. Everyone keeps forgetting Vegeta shined for 3 episodes in the Universe 6 and 7 God of destruction competition too.

  10. I bet you and I'm calling it on 14 Dec 2017 that @ the end of tge tournament, both Universe 7 and 11 will still be there. Ie neither will be erased.

  11. This is why I stopped watching unreal YouTube channel, he has whack ideas and makes no sense

  12. It’s probably gonna take a fusion to get jiren to use full power, or more than a fraction at least, I’m trynna see jiren struggle😂 pause

  13. Vegeta staying in the ring would be more 'plot' then him being rung out.

  14. Vegeta did do better vs Beerus the first time.

  15. Frieza may win but he doesn't know the language of the gods in order to wish and his 24 hr will probably run out.after he attempts to wish.

  16. They should do an animation movie of Goby & Jiren final fight!

  17. Still frieza can't wish directly… he has to go through angels as he don't know god language…. so he cannot wish to gain control over gods…. that just impossible…

  18. I also believe they will team up and give it to Jiren but to ultimately beat him Vegito will be summoned upon with the potara fusion. Done deal!

  19. When is the next anime war it's been so long

  20. Due to Vegetas determination to master ultra instinct I believe he will gain ultra instinct fighting the strongest (Jiren). After Vegeta get UI he will beat the shit out of Jiren I look forward to it…

  21. Is that Audio Technica ATH-M30X? I'd like to know your opinions on that headphone

  22. VERSE VERSE VERSE VERSE……vs stands for VERSUS.

  23. you are forgetting goku you didn't master ultra instin tif he master ultra instinct you think you can beat jiren the size is not point having a ultra instinct???

  24. Don't sleep on jiren, dont think he won't be able to keep up with vegito

  25. I think vegeta will get UI
    Gets called a vegetard
    Lmao but i do think vegeta will get ui or will get some hits in on jiren. They are not bringing in the top animators just for us to see a one sided fight. I think Vegeta will get some hits in on jiren and possibly obtain UI.

  26. watch "V & J Reviews" power scale videos.

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