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Vegeta vs JIREN! Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 SPOILERS

Vegeta vs JIREN! Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 SPOILERS Is Available on

Watch Vegeta vs JIREN! Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 SPOILERS Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Chill man freezer is much stronger than hit all depends on its his time skip freezer knows every thing

  2. What about Anime war? When you post it?


  4. I say Vegita and Goku fuse (Vegito) to battle Jiren. And Imma leave it at that.

  5. Hey everyone the week before ep 122 there is no episode which means that there gonna make the animations really good

  6. Vegito isnt coming back this arc

  7. Sooo if Goku blue can't beat jiren what's vegeta gonna do? Lol he gonna get rape xD

  8. Remember when V and G where at the table eating and G took V's food and V said I thought we were friends? lol best bros man do V right and give him some time to shine pls he has been grinding for years it's time his power stays equal to Goku's 🙁 Then cap both of them where they have to work on technique from then on and let their sons surpass them power wise! Gohan followed by Trunks followed by Goten followed by Pam followed by Bulla…

  9. Even if veggy bites it I don't see him going down easy. Vegeta can take shit tons of abuse. Even if he gets beat, I hope he slows down Jiren at least.

  10. Push it all you want he is not going to get the power right now Mastar. Xmas is next week and it makes no sense to do it right now.

  11. Would like to see a gogeta appearance

  12. Vegeta is gonna knocked off by jiren followed by frieza. Goku and gohan vs jiren and toppo final 4. NO VEGETA ULTRA INSTINCT 100 PERCENT

  13. Did you stop doing anime war? It’s been months i thought there were 1 episode every month?

  14. Ok we need 2 understand hit have techniques not Brew straight and power that wat make him weaker to frieza in my opinion

  15. I don't even play with toys but if they release UI figures of anyone I'm buying those bitches.

  16. Maybe ultra instinct will be like ssj3 for Vegeta

  17. you know what would give Vegeta a real nice power and ego boost,,,. if Goku tells Jiren that now ur in trouble Jiren

  18. 0 spoilers what you all said i already knew all of it 100% rofl

  19. Goku blue was stronger than hit and freeza is equal of ssb how can he not be near hit?

  20. Vegeta vs jiren spoiler? I thought to myself i need Mastar media i click on a video look who it is.

  21. Vegeta might use his mastered super saiyan blue he used in the manga against beerus,they used goku in the anime like how they used vegeta with his super saiyan god switching too blue in the manga so why not have vegeta use mssjb

  22. I think vegeta will get ultra instinct but get knock off at the same time, so he will have it but have to watch goku use it.

  23. Just a few month ago Goku needed 20x Kaioken to face Toppo. Today all U7 need is Gohan after some training

  24. We still got 17 and 18? This should be an easy match

  25. Iono about the whole "Frieza being nowhere close to Hit" thing. I will say that Hit MIGHT have a tactical advantage over Frieza given his wide array of complex, unconventional techniques like Time Skip and what have you but in terms of RAW POWER Frieza is WAY over Hit. The only reason Hit was even able to go toe to toe with Jiren or even Goku is due to his tricky techniques. Anytime a fighter figures out exactly what Hit is doing he always gets owned. Even Dyspo, who's not as strong as Hit, was able to give him problems because of this very fact. And we've seen how Frieza has perhaps the HIGHEST battle IQ in all of Dragon Ball. The moment he figures out Hit's technique he'll curbstomp him because Hit ain't touching Frieza in terms of raw power.

  26. Jiren will ring out Vegeta just by Jiren Eyes.. for sure..

  27. 100% sure Vegeta will get UL not because of merchandise sales but because he will be the one to defeat jiren. He will become the strongest again.

  28. Remember Frieza is a master
    of instant transmission.

  29. Also vegeta getting UI wouldn't be fan service since they teased characteristics of it in previous episodes, if anything I woulda thought he'd get it first. And Technically anything with Goku is pretty much fan service anyway

  30. Tournament ends with Goku and Vegeta and Jiren remaining. Goku begs zen-oh to let him and Vegeta fuse to make it 1v1, epic tie breaker.

  31. MaSTAR Media I'm 100% SURE that Vegeta will Not COPY GOKU (AGAIN) and Get Ultra Instinct!

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