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VEGETA VS JIREN! Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 Preview

VEGETA VS JIREN! Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 Preview Is Available on

Watch VEGETA VS JIREN! Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 Preview Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Vegeta: FINAL FLASH!
    Jiren: oh how cute, he named it OH SHI-

  2. Jiren push back from both becz Vegeta had offensive power which will be known as ultrainstict offensive so he punch him so easily and 2 one Goku has defensive power ultrainstict defensive so he block every puches from jiren so and lol he laughing… in this episode jiren feel their ultraaa power ……..damn this gonna be interesting

  3. How to start the New Year with a bang 101

  4. Damn fool, moderate your breathing. Was annoying hearing you dramatically inhale every 5 Seconds

  5. I figured that Vegita might get the attacking half and Goku will master his defensive half of Ultra Instinct and they would have to fuse.. I have to stick with that prediction I made back when Goku first got it and Whis was saying he didn't have the attacking half of it but was getting the hang of the defensive half.

  6. That's how i feel that in 123 will be bout jiren

  7. Goku =defensive
    Vegeta = offensive

    Gogeta = "perfect" form

  8. Ultra instinct vegeta please ffs!!!

  9. Amazin'
    I think that vegeta will fight beyond his limits against jiren.. after using final flash, if jiren survive that he will still fight vegeta then vegeta will get another type of transformation maybe not ultra instinct but one that will shock even the gods…
    That's what i think☺☺☺

  10. Whats the full name of the artist who draws this?

  11. Lol I know you were about to say “Jirin back handed Vegeta like a little bitch”

  12. I think some point will come where only 3 people will remain. Goku Frieza & Jiren. Where goku and frieza will do potara fusion.

  13. Why am I the only one who feels Gohan will last until the very end and play a big part in the tournament?

  14. Hey master media I have a question why jiren was able to block the spirit bom and why he looks like he is not able to block the final flash I hope u answer my question

    HE WILL!!!!!!

  16. Yup he will smack vegeta and 123 will be about jiren unleashing power coz we can see he is angry pissed off fighting against vegeta so he just goes full power and cleans the house and than goku gets ui perfected or vegeta gets ui and we see vegito

  17. Vegeta is going to get his ass handed to him lol… there’s no way vegeta stands a chance. Hit got a nice punch on jiren and it did absolutely NOTHING. I think vegeta mastered blue with the hyperbolic time chamber. He might have mastered it or went super saiyan blue 2 who knows

  18. why do people keep comparing ui goku and ssb vegeta? its been said that goku in ui doesnt have physical power so just because he landed hits in that form we shouldnt think that they would be more powerful then vegeta hits in ssb

  19. I don't understand? Have you and all forget that vegeta trained int the time chamber for a day aka a year. On the last day? Hell 1 year could have gave vegeta a big boost to his power. No hate just most seem to forget that.

  20. vegeta finally getting spotlight after years of waiting😊😊😊

  21. when is the real dragon ball z is coming out? [Episode122]

  22. Vegeta can't get knocked off he didn't even get a spotlight in the tournament

  23. I think vegeta is stronger than goku in blue form. Goku just somehow pulled another transformation out his asshole.

  24. “Vergita” like if u heard it

  25. Are you guys ready for Ultra Instinct Gogeta?

  26. Vegeta went into Super Saiyan Blue 2. I think this theory is much more credible compared to ultra instinct vegeta.

  27. This one I can agree with and Happy Holidays.

  28. Jiren never shows his aura so u know his wholeding back

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