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Vegeta Turns Ultra Instinct, But… (Dragon Ball Super Parody)

Vegeta Turns Ultra Instinct, But… (Dragon Ball Super Parody) Is Available on

Watch Vegeta Turns Ultra Instinct, But… (Dragon Ball Super Parody) Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. this is funniest parody i seen so far lmfaoo

  2. Ultra instinct Vegeta is coming

  3. Hey, um you do know that there's no confirmed spoilers released that specifically states that Vegeta attains Ultra instinct right.

  4. this is so stupid … so apparently a ki blast can trigger this amazing form just like that? trash

  5. OMFG hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha I Fucking Die Nice Video Bro

  6. Fuck give Yamaha ultra instinct -_-

  7. Lol love it and simply Awesome work! Keep it up! Would love to see more Parodies or Anime of DBS Especially Vegeta!

  8. I would live seeing gohan in ultra instinct

  9. Vegeta's ultra instinct was cool but other then that the whole video was lame, pointless and not funny at all.

  10. His animation has clearly gotten exponentially better. Ultra instinct was drawn and animated so good. Great work as always dude! 🙂


  12. That's was dumb as fuck… not funny at all

  13. Lmao that was hilarious dude

  14. I can actually see the "phrase you are nothing compared to Son Goku" giving him the ability

  15. Mastar I got mad luv for ur work,but something u said the other day in ur comments reply saying if ppl continue to ask for anime war,that it's making u not wanna finish it?like really? U promise ur fan base that before the year ended u would give us episode 6,but we on Dec 8th and nothing, u almost got a million subscriber's, awesome animation but don't forget what got u to where u at,it was Saitama vs.goku that open ur door's so please don't forget about us bro

  16. Wow this was so perfect the animation . Good voice Choosing too 🙂

  17. It's an Ultra Instinct bargain sale!

  18. Goku has ultra instinct defense vegeta will get ultra instinct offense

  19. That was so fucking lol.
    I just wish that you didn't give everyone UI. They needed to go beyond UI.
    Trunk with beyond UI.
    Gohan further than Trunks.
    Kefla as All-Chan.

  20. I believe to beat Jiren, Goku(defensive) and Vegeta(offensive) will fuse into vegito to complete the ultra instinct transformation. Vegito will be complete and whole versus Jiren.

  21. If vegeta and goku were to fight both in ultra instinct the vegeta attacking part wouldn’t matter because goku has defending and vice versa so how would that work… goku dodges instinctively but if someone masters attack is the defending just ineffective and vice versa?


  23. Wow. This video is just amazing.. GREAT JOB MASTAR

  24. never push the "goku button" 😀

  25. But the if vegeta get attack version of ultra instinct and goku has defensive then if they fuse then we will have full ultra instinct with defence and attack vegito

  26. jiren did not defeat ultra instinct goku wtf are you going on about it just ran out jiren couldn't even hit ui goku.

  27. Honestly the red aura might of just been kaioken but you never know but honestly I really don’t see vegeta getting it in this arc because I think vegeta should fight Beerus and then he gets this burst of energy and becomes ultra instinct I just don’t see them getting it because if Beerus doesn’t even have it it makes no sense I just really want goku to have it for now and everyone might know this too so ye


  29. Soon there will probably be a UI Vegito.

  30. Goku is half Ultra Instinct he has defense so when he master he will have offensive and defense at Ultra Instinct

  31. Jiren looks like masters media😂

  32. IF vegeta will have red and goku has blue(deffensive) jiren will be a little outmatched then here comes frieza as predicted earlier to betray Universe 7 and will help jiren(Fuse)= Frijen ,but with certain condition(a part super dragonball wish…etc) then goku and vegita will be outmatched so at the last moment they will be forced to fuse into complete SSGodSSJBlue Ultra Instinct Vegito that will be so Cool. so Frijen Awesome!

    i hope they make it. i will be the best way to end the tournament of power Arc

  33. Man this was awesome cant wait for Anime War ep 6 to see Vegeta kick some ass

  34. "You get Ultra Insitict! You get Ultra Insitict! Everyone gets Ultra Instinct!"

  35. why jiren head remind me of you just kidding nice parody

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