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Vegeta Learns the Attacking Half of Ultra Instinct

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  1. Even if vegeta get half ultra instinct and Goku half ultra instinct I would not prefer it because vegeta is the type of character to have defense and Goku to have offensive but it wont happen

  2. Called it :p vegeta fans will get their salvation

  3. UI goku can do a lot of damage but it won't be without effort. What do you guys think?

  4. If Vegeta gets the attack version of UI goku should protect Vegeta and Vegeta attacks

  5. but toppo aura is also red when he releases ki from his body soooo ya

  6. Really…wait..wait..Really ??!

  7. I think that goku will atteint the offensive ultra instinct, once his body adopted to the half defensive ultra instinct 😕😕

  8. Hey MaSTAR,  thank for doing a video of my theory I left in your comments section on the last video!!  Keep up the good work and have a good Turkey Day!

  9. Great video once again, this théorie had me convinced and I really like it. It would be awesome. Vegito would be stronger than Whis I think but still not ahead of the grand priest.

  10. If true. More of a reason to fuse

  11. If that was the case then whis would suggest that they both use potera and then vegito has both attacking and dodging ultra instinct. So yes that's a possibility.

  12. I want Goku to master UI, and Vegeta to get the perfected SSB like in the manga.

  13. Vegeta ultra instinct with red aura and i think instead of silver eyes, gold eyes

  14. Makes sense that we see Goku’s UI fade when he is attacking and not when he is defending. Could he stay in UI longer if he didn’t attack?

  15. The last three will be jiren Goku n vegeta. Vegeta and goku will double team him cuz awhile back whis said that if they teamed up they could prob beat beerus but there too proud to do that but since it’s the tournament of power they’ll put it past them. Since goku has defensive and vegeta has offense it be perfect combo but vegeta will lose n that pushes goku over the edge to gain full ui

  16. No portras only the fusion dance

  17. Dont let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running 3 civics with spoon engines. And on top of that he just went into Harry's and he ordered three T66 Turbos with NOS. And a Motec exhaust system.

  18. Why do you think that Jiren has the attacking half of Ultra Instinct maybe his skills has to do with his race? Sure he can have it but it has never been said…..Would love Vegeta to get it as well! Would be awesome maybe they just gang jiren would also be nice😂

  19. When Goku went Ultra Instinct last episode, he had that small amount if light that emitted from his eye when he was attacking Caulifla. I think that Goku may be starting to gain the same eye powers as Jiren. Thoughts?

  20. And goku is slowly learning the attacking part of ultra instinct
    He was using new moves and he used that force punch move that jeiren did

  21. okay, here what's gonna happen. my theory on UI. Goku has the defensive half, Vegeta will some how figure how to unlock the offensive half of UI. They gonna fuse via potara and Vegito will have full UI. Fusion ends and both sayians are two individuals again. Knowing Goku, his body will remember the offensive side of UI and boom, Goku now has full UI. Vegeta will still struggle to unlock the defensive side. Eventually, his anger like always, will allow him to break that barrier and he too will unlock the full UI ability. Give me a thumbs up if you agree!!!

  22. i think vegeta gets attack ultra instinct due to the fact that when beerus hit bulma, vegeta lost it and attacked without thinking and was pushed out of desperation. when he did this he landed a few hits on him also!

  23. Jiren doesn't have ultra instinct, saying jiren has ui because the red ora is the same thing as saying toppo has ui because he also has a red ora, jiren is simply strong asf.

  24. These comments make no sense, am a huge Vegeta fan but there’s is know way he’s getting Ultra Instinct in this Tournament just like that lol

  25. the idea of vegeta learning the offensive half of the UI and both goku and vegeta fusing afterwards to become a perfect UI vegito to defeat jiren is dope…..but much as i like it, i dont think its gonna happen…..if you see the earlier arcs of DB none of the villains were defeated by fusion….not buu, not shenron, nor zamasu….except janemba but that was in a movie… i dont see the creators changing that factor and eventually it will come down to a final fight btw goku and jiren in which vegeta too may play some crucial roles…..this is what i feel….but your theory abt both attack and defensive UI vegito is awesome….thumbs up to that!!!

  26. Wouldn't ultra instinct vegito last like 3 mins cuz they would be to strong for potara

  27. Hear me out ultra instinct is not something you use for rage or super saiyn so if goku knows the defence and vegeta knows offence then they can do fusion and not potara they will do the hand fusion cause the vegito only has 1 hour max while gogeta will have more because it's not super saiyn and it's never explained how it's worked without super saiyn so it will last longer and they will know the offence / defence

  28. Did you purposely ignore the fact that it said he ultimately fails to attain the form in the spoiler?

  29. I been trying to say Vegeta should get something like this for the longest. Vegeta is all about constant attack, rage, bombarding the opponent with blasts–he has to get SOMETHING unique to him with all that training and untapped power.

  30. If vegeta learn the attack ultra they can probably fuse with Goku into gogeta or vegito and onces they fuse together they will able to use both fight and defesne

  31. Vegeta is getting ultra instinct I know he will

    1) goku gets super sayian than vegeta gets super sayian

    2) goku gets super sayian 2 than vegeta gets super sayian 2

    3)goku gets super saiyan 3 than vegeta surpasses super sayian 3 through rage

    4) goku gets super sayian god and super sayian blue than vegeta gets super sayian blue

    Vegeta will get the other half of ultra instinct cause why else would the writers try and tease us by showing us that vegeta tries to go into ultra instinct but fails

    And I'll go ahead and add this even tho it isn't canon

    Goku gets super sayian 4 than vegeta gets super sayian 4

    The writers always make goku and vegeta equal no matter what they always have the exact same power, they are like Naruto and sasuke always catching up to each other's and surpassing each other's

  32. Blu & red make purple…..Grand Priest

  33. Vegeta may came close to ultra instinct.goku get ultra instinct in this arc complete chances is there not confirm

  34. Vegito 100% UI would be stronger than all the GoDs and Angels, maybe even comparable to the Grand Priest.

  35. So many little children who are fans of Goku just because he's the main character are hating on Vegeta claiming Goku doesn't get enough shine… God, the fanbase makes me wanna drop the show more that the asspulls Caulifla and Kale did.

  36. Everything I've been reading here from others make sense and Master Media's opinion too, but if most people say, that Jiren may have "Ultra Instinct" and above all, All the Gods of destruction recognize ultra instinct, how come the Gods figure that from Goku and not from Jiren?. Lol Whichever, the case may be, I'm excited about the whole show.

    Furthermore, just an idea, what if just IF Jiren has only been able to master the defensive half and not the offensive half that Goku only has at the moment. That may just explain the reasoning behind different auroras….What do you guys think?

    Lastly, if this is the case, then when Vegeta gets his Ultra Instinct, most likely he might get the other half of offensive and do fusion, but I just think it would be better for each Goku achieve full ultra independently….Just an opinion.

  37. if vegeta learns to offensive ultra instant i want to see an ultra instant gogeta or vegeto

  38. I just got a theory. Hear me out. All of the gods of destruction have purple god ki and they all have UI to some degree. Goku’s defensive UI mode is blue and the offensive is red. What if when he masters UI his ki will be purple like the gods of destruction?

  39. Vegito is way OP already as it is. Ultra Instinct Vegito would probably be damn near the power of the Angels. Vegito Blue is already stronger than the God's no doubt an Ultra Instinct Vegito would OP

  40. Well goku might as well go SSJ with it to destroy Jiren

  41. When whise was telling them their weaknesses he told goku that he is too cocky and let's his guard down. Could reflect on his half of ultra. His focus could be more I defence because of that. Vegeta had always been focused on power and causing more damage than defence. Could be his attacking half of ultra

  42. Dam I think your right about the attacking and defense forms

  43. +MaSTAR Media Something I would like to bring up is that Whis mentioned that Goku had to learn to "switch" between attack mode and defense mode of Ultra Instinct. During the Goku vs Jiren fight, Jiren's aura did not turn red "until" he said "This heat is your limit" to Goku. Also, Whis uses Ultra Instinct without having any aura visible, probably due to his ability to control God Ki. Perhaps Jiren is only able to properly restrain his Ki while using the defensive portion of Ultra Instinct, but not with the attack mode, which would explain why he had that aura burst forth when he hit Goku at the end of their fight. My point is this: Jiren has the ability to use both the attack and defensive modes of Ultra Instinct, otherwise I do not think he would have been able to keep up with Goku. The other thing is the secret behind Ultra Instinct and how one progresses with it. I think that perhaps what happens, as was shown by Goku vs Jiren, is that one adapts through combat to hit the ceiling of where they need to be to defeat their opponent, so need is important. The stronger an opponent is, the higher one's capabilities climbs to at least match, if not overcome their opponent, which seems similar to how Hit's ability to instantly progress and become stronger works. The need being met, could indeed be what Whis meant when he said Goku "broke through another one of his self-limiting shells." It makes sense too for Saiyans, as their ability to fight their opponents is based on how strong their opponents are, and helps determine how strong they become afterwards, in order to fight the next strong opponent, so it seems like Ultra instinct is a cool way to take advantage of that biological process and put it into hyper mode. Just my thoughts, let me know what you all think.

  44. I don't know why people keep theorising about that pic of goku with the red lookin aura, it's just a mistake.

  45. Oh sheet I said that and I didn't even know that you said that.

  46. Goku has Defense Ui and Vegeta get's Offense Ui. They fuse and make Perfect Ui Vegito

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