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Vegeta Gets ELIMINATED!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 Preview

Vegeta Gets ELIMINATED!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 Preview Is Available on

Watch Vegeta Gets ELIMINATED!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 Preview Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. if vegeta gets eliminate then i am going to beat who eliminated him. I am a vegeta lover bro😉😉

  2. I doubt this will be the manner in which they eliminate a major character. Especially showing it during a preview. Sorry guys, I think it’s just to tease the audience.

  3. Someone from u7 will kill a bug and get eliminated. I hope it aint me haha

  4. if vegeta dont have his moment in this tournament am going rampage gozila style!!!

  5. Picolo can stretch his arms and save anyone from his team from falling off

  6. Vegeta is already confirmed a solo episode. So why would they ring him out? And I doubt 17 will get rung out, maybe 18 or piccolo. And vegeta is pissed because U6 got erased so he will not be holding back against anyone

  7. Gohan is actually a fucking Savage now. He has been the reason for almost every universe getting erased.

  8. 17 saves vegeta from falling and sacrifice himself that's my prediction.

  9. Hot damn. First we had Sailor moon. Now they are fighting Pokemon? Fuck em up Goku!

  10. If Vegeta falls off the ring this way would be the gayest way to get him off the stage and would so make all his fans rage.

  11. Just 97k subscriber and you get a 1M subscriber

  12. Universe 7 vs Universe 11 is going to be ground breaking!!!!!!!!!!

  13. My theory is that that blue guy is tricking there minds to make like the other fighters are invisible

  14. Mastar Anime War will continue?

  15. WTF is freiza doing and vegeta better not get knocked off

  16. yaaaaaaa….vegeta better not get punked like that. what a fuckin stupid portrayal of such a character. honestly they make vegeta the prince of all saiyans and all about pride, yet they give him the most humiliating shit throughout all series. if this happens, vegeta, who is my favourite character, is nothing but a god damn joke at this point.

    better not happen. what a fucking shame its even within debate. vegeta is better than that. if vegeta gets knocked off like this then goku should fucking die of a heart attack, again.

  17. Please, if anyone has to go, let it be 18, or Piccolo. If Piccolo goes, Gohan will go all out. If 18 goes, 17 will up his game. Besides they need 17 for the fight to come.

  18. Since the creator and the animators seemingly dislike and hate Vegeta, i can honestly see them booting him out of the tourny, causing goku to having a stronger sense of survival which would potentially let him break through his shell again for both attack and defense UI

  19. if vegeta get knocked off before fighting toppo … well this would makes me so mad .. i mean im struglling not to hate it already cause of kefla and ribrianne …

  20. Vegeta is not getting eliminated, they announced that Vegeta Ultra Instinct will be in dragon ball Fighterz, but he can’t go Ultra Instinct on the benches.

  21. Vegeta looks soo goofy getting eliminated like that.

  22. If he goes by merely being tripped!?! I may lose my mind

  23. Vegeta gets a new transformation you guys. No it's not Ultra Instinct. It's a new god form. Later on Jiren comes for Vegeta cuz he so powerful.

  24. Vegeta is being thrown into pit not out of the stage look carefully

  25. Katella has mentioned how he wants to eliminate beerus and that is what the sinister smile is

  26. This fight might trigger U.I. in Vegeta.

  27. Willing to bet that because they can’t see their opponents Vegita will reach the first stage of mastering Ultra Instinct attack.

  28. Frieza better do something this episode cuz ain't doing nothing but plot

  29. Man you need to keep ya thumbnail real dog you know fuckin well vegeta is not about to get ringed out…

  30. ฟังไม่ออก แต่ชอบคับ

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