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Vegeta Does WHAT!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 SPOILERS

Vegeta Does WHAT!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 SPOILERS Is Available on

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Mastar make a video with vegeta new form with toppo or jiren please I love wen you make videos off my boy vegeta like you did with jiren with goku

  2. Honestly though, there would be no stage left to fight on if there was a Ultra Instinct Vegito vs Jiren 😬😬

  3. I can't wait for the ultra instinct vegito to see it and I would love to seeee it

  4. Open eyes 1st person perspective
    Vegeta: What the? YES I GOT THE ULTRA INSTINCT!
    Whis: Congratulations Vegeta, to bad you were eliminated a few minutes ago.

  5. The anime is based aroung goku! Goku only! Why the fuck do you expect vegeta to = goku.

  6. Really hope he doesn't get ultrainstinct. That'll cheapen the form.

  7. Not ultrainstinct but should get new form like ssj4

  8. Ultra instinct doesn't fit vegeta as well, he needs a rage form

  9. Jiren has woken up out of his meditation

  10. I’m at lunch at school and it sucks as usuaal

  11. no way vegito ultrainstinct ssg  (or whatever) can be grand preiest level or even whis

  12. Vegeta is a copycat , monkey see monkey do

  13. Keep clam and be ready for ul vegito

  14. Vegeta acts dumb on Episode 117. He's like.. "I WANT TO BE ULTRA INSTINCT!!!" (Also if Vegeta gets it… he will Accidentally kill people)

  15. I dont think the writers will write in he gets UI.


  17. what happens to Vegeta vs Jiren then?

  18. i think that vegeta will be at the edge of the stage and hes falling off but the music kicks in and unconsiously dodges toppos final punch

  19. are you kidding?
    vegeta trained in time chamber only for ssg blue?

  20. I hope it's a 5 episode showdown with frieza vs toppo, goku and vegeta vs jiren full power

  21. The hype is dead now….toriyama sure knows what the fans want right?

  22. I don’t want vegito. I don’t want jiren too op to the point where they have to fuse

  23. Fucking bullshit man, why can't toriyama equalise vegeta and goku or goku and gohan like the naruto franchise.
    Vegeta and gohan are such great characters who are always overshadowed by goku…

  24. Who said it's the ultimate power for saiyans, whis said that goku is just barely scratching the surface of his shell of potential.unlike Gohan who has unlocked his potential goku and vegeta hasn't.

  25. Maybe after this episode we get a quick scene when Vegeta and a drained Goku try to figure out how Goku has been able to tap into it.

  26. so u say that vegeta will get UI cuz wut ever goku gets a form a step ahead of vegeta he gets it but wut about ssj3, vegeta dont got that XD

  27. What about friza dip shit didnt he say he was gonna wait for goku to finsh before he takes out the sayians or did you not watch the last episode

  28. Vegeta getting Ultra Instinct would be amazing especially since he's always behind Goku

  29. Dont think vegeta should ever surpass goku…. Ill stop watching dragon ball if it happens lol

  30. Ultra Instinct Vegeta's power level will break both the internet and you tube….ultra instinct Vegito's power level will vaporize the internet and break godnet and god tube!!
    Upcoming fights are going to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. Hed have to use kaioken like goku just like goku did

  32. My theory jiren beats Vegeta and Goku in ultra instinct so they will fuse to form vegito and fuck jiren ass or their will run out of time while fighting jiren and the time
    Of the tournament will be over but they will win as they have more warrior than jiren universe

  33. Even SSB Vegito would mess Jiren up, UI Vegito is saved for Grand Priest fight I'm certain of it.

  34. Vegeta has been training harder then Goku. They have also trained alot together. He deserves the power up

  35. accept vegeta never attained ssj3 which is bullshit.

  36. I wish vegeta dont turn ultra instinct, i would nicer if he turns blue ss3 and it be close goke ultra intinct so when then vegeto would be ultra intict ss3. That be hot.

  37. Vegeta needs it, they give those 2 U6 bitches new forms (2, 3 if you include SSJ grade 2) and Cabba got a SSJ 2, Goku already has Kaio-ken, and Ultra instinct. Vegeta needs something if they're throwing out forms, he deserves it more than any of the others.

  38. i want to see ultra instinct gohan or ssjwhite

  39. Just stopped watching a video just to watch Mastar Media

    He’s to awesome, to awesome to resist

  40. I might’ve found out why Goku got that huge power up with ultra instinct. When Goku got hit with the spirit bomb, he basically almost died. Remember, whenever a Saiyan is close to death, they get a huge power boost. What if THAT’S the reason Goku got that huge power boost?

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