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Universe 6 Super Saiyans Explained

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  1. what it is a chakura that you only achieve by anger so she can't just transform that achievement so fast

  2. If they are stronger than for God's sake make Cabba look like he has a damn body instead of looking like a stick figure he's a saiyan dammit

  3. Hahaha sayians have transformations early in the series they just had no informations now it boils down to a spot in ur upper back u focus on…i mean come on gotenks reached ss3 with no help just him and his wacky imagination…

  4. Just bring in the Hyuuga clan. Super Saiyin denied.

  5. Nice explanation. I enjoyed your psychological theory. Definitely one of the better dragonball analysts out there.

  6. I am not that far into "Super" but I have a possible theory of where the evolution of Saiyans branched to make universe 6 and 7 saiyans different. I think it might have to do with the Truffle war. Maybe in 6…instead of war both side managed to come to peace and relied on each other. So maybe not using a full moon (I believed they used the tactic for the war) over time…the need for tails disappeared or…Saiyans and Truffles fell in love and as seen with Goten and Trunks they didn't inherit the tail gene. So their descendants didn't as well. No war with truffles means truffles weren't wiped out…so no need to look for a new way to gain technology…so no becoming space pirates of sorts. With all this piece Saiyans loose much of their temper. So fast forward to the events of Super. Saiyans through crossbreeding don't carry the tail gene…no war or being space pirates….made them less angry. So evolution also changed how super saiyans are made

  7. I take a break from dbz for 1 year just to get into honors class and fucking 100 series went by😂 I needs to catch up

  8. i think the U6 saiyans are outdated to the U7 saiyans because during the frieza saga vegeta was talking about the legend of super saiyan but U6 had no idea of super saiyan and i think it is because kale caulifla and cabba are the ones who will create the legend in their universe and cabba even tells vegeta they dont live on planet vegeta but on the planet they inhabited before that and they even wear old battle armor of the saiyans which is stated by vegeta so its possible they were born with the talent but it took someone else to show it to them

  9. So many comments saying it's just because of bad writing. Those people have a way of thinking that's too narrow-minded

  10. this would make sense but then that would mean that in universe 6 there would have been more super saiyans …the one girl didnt care about anyone but herself at first also it's odd that they learn about any of their powers from universe 7 why didn't they learn about this in their universe ?

  11. "all saiyans need to go through a tramatic experience or incredible burst of anger to achieve super saiyan" my boy Goten just did it by accident come on now

  12. Great explanation. "it's their anatomy". Well, ok, thanks. You just said, "they're stronger because of the way they are."

  13. I can't help but think that the people bitching about the U6 Saiyans would be happy if they were exactly the same as the U7 Saiyans.

    Personally, I think that would be boring as fuck. The idea that the U6 Saiyans are more evolved than the U7 Saiyans is intriguing… and it bypasses us having to watch/read dozens of anime/manga episodes to see them get to the U7 Saiyan levels.

    Seriously. It'd be like us finding an alternate universe where Cro-Magnon were the contemporary human life forms there. They'd look very much like us, but not having evolved our advanced tools. We'd be superior to them in almost every way… and if they happened to develop an innate talent that we never managed to unlock, how long do you think it would take us to figure it out and master it ourselves? Why is this so hard for people to wrap their heads around?

  14. Okay now that good yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

  15. Remember the tail is a Saiyans true power. Therefore, since the Universe 7 Saiyans do not have tails then their power is in their normal form instead of in their Ape form.

  16. Shot for giving it away dip shit could have put spoiler s in the title or something -_-

  17. They need to bring back Super Saiyan 4

  18. Imagine Berserker mode Super Saiyan God that will be epic or Legendary Super Saiyan God times infinity

  19. Universe 6 Saiyans were not dependent on turning into Oozaru. The genes they lost from tails give them more power in their base form.

  20. Let's get Trunks or Goten fuck Caulifla and see what power level the child will have.

  21. This is going to be one of the craziest fight ever and I can't wait wait to see it it's going down for real when she gets out of control

  22. BS excuse for lazy writing is what it is…and (sadly) every fan knows this.

  23. Universes 6 and 7 together. They are twin universes

  24. I kind of have the ideas that Universe 7 Saiyans are modeled after Japanese while the Universe 6 Saiyans are Chinese. We would explain the slightly different eyes and hair

  25. I like the character development of the universe 6 saiyans, but giving them SSJ2 was a bit too fast on the creator's part.

  26. not all have had to experience a trauma or anger, goten and kid trunks learned to go super saiyan out of natural ability or instinct

  27. Also I think that its Freeza's fault that universe 7 sayains turned out to be so weak. He made them abuse that sayian tail power. With that power there was no real need to train to get more powerful. Which was just what freeza wanted. He could take out great apes himself and they weren't getting any stronger

  28. I feel like Anatomy is the wronge word to describe it. I think mindset is a better word to describe the differences between the two types of against.

  29. Wouldn't Goku be on the same level as universe 6 saiyans because he grew up in the good light?

  30. Nah, Vegeta didn't use his Saiyan beyond god against Cabba.

  31. People seems too forget in DBZ original – 7 year old Son-Goten was a super sayin … those uni 6 sayins are cute tho

  32. not true remember trunks and gotten just suddenly have that power but then again they grew up around that power so they saw it a lot and figured out how to do it meanwhile vegita and goku have to figure out what to do to grow stronger and surpass themselves which is much harder


  34. should just had goku and vegeta use to multi form techniques and have 5 gokus and five vegetas. yea theyre weaker, but they should atill shit on 90% of the fighters.

  35. U6 and u7 are DIFFERENT problem solved. oh look at 2:00 you see exactly what I mean

  36. Bullshit writing. It removes all characterization from the U6 Saiyans just by making them not have to do anything to achieve greatness. It's just convenient writing to cater to the plot and make everyone on closer to equal grounds. Love Caulifla, but they are killing her character.

  37. Also, the purer the heart. The more power. The more forms. The more potential. The less need for less rage. Rage is needed. Warriors cannot become steonger without anger.

  38. There's also the possibility that the tuffles (truffles) had off spring with universe 6 saiyan's that's why that don't have tails and their genetic make-up is different from universe 7. And their destructive nature disappeared because of the truffles being docile. This is just a theory but it could explain why they have a slimmer more fragile appearance then universe seven saiyan's.

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