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Universe 11 – The Clown Kingdom

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Watch Universe 11 – The Clown Kingdom Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. joker en harley quin en two face EN BANE

  2. Universe 1 – The Popo kingdom

  3. . Belmod does not forgive evil, nor does he abide by it, as he is described as a peaceful god. He is very pleased with the valiant efforts of his Pride Troopers, with their work of justice sending his heart a flutter.

  4. The wiki says he's one of the most peaceful of the gods

  5. Its bardock under the hood

  6. universe 11 god of destruction and the girl on his left look like joker and harley

  7. Why does Vermoud remind me of Penny from Stephen King's IT? 😀

  8. Looks like he is based off of the joker since his angel has the Harley Quinn hair style

  9. Why does universe 11 look like dragon quest 8 characters. The whis of the universe 11 looks like she's evil Jessica. The clown looks like the first main villain TBH.

  10. Ironic how new information by Toei reveals he's a good guy, who created the Pride Troopers and feels his heart flutter whenever they fight evil. Instead his attendant, the angel Marcarita is a hard-ass who pushes Vermoud to do what must be done.

  11. Am I the only on that thinks Universe 11's Angel is cute?

  12. What's the website he uses to look at info about the gods

  13. I first read it 11 cosmetic universe kai….

  14. I think the clowns are just a tribute to Joker and Harley Quinn

  15. does anyone else notice that the gods have shapes on there neck pieces? i paused the video at 4:58 just to look at this. maybe that has something to do with it? idk just a thought

  16. hahahha fail the black guy is toppo, thumbs down 🙂

  17. I'm telling you, it's the joker! lol

  18. idk but why is anyone getting crazy about him

  19. Why…. Why clown take LOLI ANGEL… Give me she loli angel 😀

  20. Doesn't u11 just give a batman vibe?

  21. Americans tend to demonize clowns and Japanese culture have a different conception about them.

  22. fuckin Harley and Jocker man. -_-

  23. 0:52 damn her mouth id smash that

  24. I wonder if its a reference to Joker and Harley Quinn (I know its probably not) But she has the same hair style as Harley Quinn and it would be a cool reference cx

  25. Why Vermouth is thr only G.O.D that there are 2 color on his clothes ???

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