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ULTRA SUPER SAIYAN CAULIFLA! Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 Leaked Image!

ULTRA SUPER SAIYAN CAULIFLA! Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 Leaked Image! Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. freeza kills krilin and then goku becomes super saiyan…vegeta goes to the ultimate training on an fucking asteroid to become super saiyan ….for cell games gohan trained his ass off with goku in hyperbolic time chamber to become super saiyan ….and here comes cauliflower the most idiotic character of dbs , does some fucking tingly thing and boom there she is in super saiyan …..and now again in tournament of power she does agian that ugly fucking tingly thing and boom there she is in ssj2 form….fuck cauliflower …hate you…useless senseless the most idiotic character of dbs

  2. you think it should benefit them using a upper grade of each transformation, since all their body is slender and thin, the muscle mass they gain shouldn't be significant that would completely slow them down

  3. What bugs me is all of the universes will be wiped out in the end. Wonder where akira is going with this one.

  4. She needs to train with the gods to acheive ssb

  5. That's bullshit if that's the point why have Goku go through all that bull shit they should have just made her ass a destroyer god or better yet over zeno

  6. you can't just transform into SSB just by powering up, go watch the beginning of Goku and Vegeta's training with Whis. SSB is about pure concentration and the ability to not let your Ki leak out, it is not powering up then SSB.

  7. To Clear The Air: Universe 7 Saiyans Were Brutes Who's Full Potential Were Held Back Due To The Lack Of Emotion & Frieza Killing Anyone Close To Dedorias Strength…
    Universe 6 Saiyans Are Transforming More Easily Because They're EVOLVED Saiyans And Are Actually Intelligent When It Comes To Fighting (Teen Cabba Being Equal To Vegeta Base Form) But Due To The Relative Peace In Their Universe, Transforming Was Never Really Adequate (Especially Since They Didn't Know Ab Transforming Bc They Would've Been Sought The Transformations….Also, The Description On How To Transform Can Also Play A Big Part Bc Universe 7 Usually Rely On Anger For Transformations, Bringing Out Ssj When There's A Traumatic Experience Combined With The Anger/Pain Of Loss….However Universe 6 Found A More Effective Way To Reach The Transformations By Accurately Describing How To Channel Energy Throughout Their Body Which Would Bring About The Ssj Transformation Easier Due To The Lack Of Tension And Stress The Other Saiyans Experienced Bc Of The Situation They Were In

  8. This doesn't piss me off. She was created and made out to be a "genius" calm the hell down people. That being said, I believe the highest form she'll reach(if that…) will be ssj3 or maybe a new form mystic or ssj rage. But she will not reach SSG or SSGSS. As she's not had the divine Ki training that Goku and Vegeta have had from Whis and Beerus.

    I think those that are getting angry about this are being idiotic. They are Sayan women. Name the last Sayan girl we've seen since the Frieza Arc flashbacks… You all are acting like Toriyama created a whole world of Sayan's in universe 6 that are the genius' that Caulifla is. Quit getting yall damn panties all wadded up and just enjoy.

    Besides, it's not like she's going to beat Goku or Vegeta. It's SSU ffs, Who did Trunks ever beat in that useless form?

  9. Well if you think about it, goten and trunks were able to go SSJ easily, and were even able to go SSJ3 (after fusing). This, to me, is no surprise because they are still use, have loads of energy, and willingly to learn to go beyond their limits. Much like goku anyway, who wants to get stronger, and surpass his own limitations. They are no different.

  10. actually that is her super saiyan 2.

  11. if she achieve ssj3 or super saiyan blue i ll stop watching dbs 🙁 it dissapoint me thats why

  12. Caulifla SSB = Super Saiyan Bitch

  13. She will not go pass SSJ2. She will remain an SSJ2 form. She will not be able to get SSJ Blue. She is just expanding her ki instead of controlling it, plus you need to know how to obtain god ki, which she does not know how. That requires the knowledge, spiritual enlightenment, and physical training. She would have to spend days training with Goku to reach SSJ3 and then more days getting god ki and being able to transform SSJ Blue. That is not going to happen in the tournament.

    Which brings me down to my theory. I am thinking how Goku gets a new transformation. We all know that Goku reached SSJ God form with the help of other sayians. Then later Whis teaches him SSJ Blue. Then before all of that, he somehow found out that there is a SSJ3 and was able to attain it. I am thinking that since Goku was able to get SSJ3, attain SSJ God, and was train to get SSJ Blue, he is able to gain a new transformation that will be the True SSJ God Form or SSJ4. This will possibly let surpass Beerus and other characters in DBS. I am guessing knowing how to obtain some forms and getting SSJ God form and then training for SSJB pays off. This would beat any type of talent. Now can Vegeta get to this form?

  14. Can we really trust this they had us going off krillin getting DQed so um I don't think we can trust this at all this wasn't in the trailer and she's not going blue can't trust the so called leaks anymore like how we shouldn't

  15. I'm done watching super if she goes blue

  16. Lmao she's so fucking stupid if she thinks that will work

  17. lol i dont know why people are getting mad about caulifla, the show stopped making sense long time ago, pretty much from day 1. Power levels don't exist anymore peeps

  18. Why would Goku teach her this form? He was the first to recognize it's flaws.

  19. I don't mind her going in like that…diff universe…diff rules…get over it lol

  20. I think it will piss me off, because look how long it took vagita to level up to were he got and she is making them look weak.

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