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Ultra Instinct Vegito

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. when the hell did vegeta learn super sayian 3?

  2. The whole tournament of power will be stuffed if they do potara fusion?? You can't use any items that aren't apart of your skills?? As stated in another episode how they can't use the senzu beans????

  3. And the time limit is 5 minutes for ultra instinct vegito

  4. Also, I would rather see gohan and goku fuse. Create someone new.

  5. pretty sure ultra instinct vegito can face off with the grand priest maybe, but of course we dont know the extent to the grand priests power yet he is a top 5 fighter in all the universes. new Ultra instinct goku definetly surpassed the gods in power or maybe not all of them, but after mastering ultra instinct which will probably be his limit breaker form, power levels he could be on par or even greater than whis, so if vegeta masters it as well which he should seeing goku has it and they have opened up fusion. Vegito blue was probably stronger than the gods, so if Vegito Blue = Ultra Instinct Goku in power then holy fuckk Ultra instinct Vegito would be busted, pretty sure Jiren would get wooped

  6. didnt the grand priest say that they couldnt use any specialty items such as the potara ear rings

  7. Those earrings may be a result of the fusion. Their outfits combine.

  8. Bruh, imagine is Akita pulled a quick one on us and made both Kafla and Gogeta happen……

    THEN fused them both with the potara?

    Gokafta, the strongest warrior. Look out, Jiren.

  9. I feel your on the right track. But im pushing more of a fusion to gogeta cause officially hes not canon to super. A ultra i stinct gogeta would be better cause goku doesnt havr the earrings. I dought they would allow the kai's to throw them into the ring.

  10. I swear sometimes Goku looks evil

  11. Jiren is already strong enough if he fuses with anyone no way for him to lose
    Imagine Jiren and hit fusion (ik that won't happen)

  12. He needs super sayan 3 and super sayan god

  13. MaSTAR Media why don't you make a fan animation video of Goku and Vegeta fighting Jiren in ultra instinct and losing and then fusing into Vegito ultra instinct. If anyone wants to see that please support me by giving this comment a thumbs up👍👍👍

  14. I know that the grand priest wants to demolish both zenos if you think about how the grand priest told whis that he Envy's universe 7's idea for getting future zeno, but also another episode where the grand priest used his angered voice because he wanted the zenos to push Goku's tournament button and the zenos did what the grand priest said so leading me to think that the Angels will overthrow zeno to demolish universe 7 as all evil against this universe continues to increase

  15. Okay guys let’s think about this, back in the black arc the potara couldn’t hold them cause of the power ssjb held, the fusion would break in less then a minute because of Ultra Insticts power so yea I don’t think it will happen.Even if it does it won’t hold long.

  16. Jiren will not loose to a fused them but he will get tired asfuck

  17. If Jiren has ultra instinct how come he got hit by Goku twice and know one was able to hit Goku once

  18. Why hasn't nobody talked about the fact when jiren is meditating he has the same heat has goku in UI

  19. Hey mastar vegeta's always one step away cuz of bulma's tits

  20. I want gogeta in dragon ball super not vegito

  21. The ultimate form of masculism?

  22. Jiren is a permanent fusion…

  23. What if the form is something only sayans can do. Like how super sayan God was brought in. It's a new form that the gods only know but can't say anything to anyone because it would be so strong that even they are afraid of it.

  24. Where is anime war episode 6

  25. vegito UI is too much for jiren…

  26. If they can use potara fusion then they can use senzu beans or what goku would do give senzu beans to Jiren like he did cell

  27. Is Superman join anime wars

  28. I'd rather see Goku and Gohan fuse. Vegeta wasn't even willing to give his energy for the spirit bomb, I really think that he's completely set in stone about accomplishing victory own his own this time around, I doubt he's going to fuse with goku again. I think a goku and gohan fusion would be a good nod to the buu saga where they were supposed to be the ones who fused if it weren't for Gohan dropping the earring.

  29. I feel that potara is only for saiyans but the dance is open for anyone. Wouldn't make sense for random niggas to just grab some earrings and fuse

  30. these next 22 episodes is literally another arc in of itself, and hey maybe goku will get rung out and vegeta and gohan can fuse idk this fusion talk is bringing out the fanboy in me

  31. they might fuse but if they manage to go ultra instinct it isnt going to last. Super Saiyan blue didnt last long at all and ultra instinct as we know it now expends far more energy (the heat). They would have to explain a lot if they could remain fused longer than super saiyan blue vegito

  32. I'm concerned that when the tournament of power ends the series ends as well

  33. For sure Ultra Instinct Vegito is on the same level of grand Priest. Can you make a video about that..

  34. let me first tell you that its not going to happen bec as you can see from the series goku is the first one to achieve a new form then after some episode (at least one) vageta gets the power .so i think vageta will fight with jiren but he will not win then goku will come and ……. you know!!

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