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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I heard Mr. Satan shows up and goes Super Ultra Instinct… he has been hiding his true power the entire time…

  2. It could be Vegeta Vs Goku. Vegeta only references Goku as the best. I can't see how my opinion will build up to that point, and how much it would suck if that happens. Its just assumption from the title spoiler.

  3. I'm guessing that Jiren can use full ultra instinct, but he can only use one part at a time. Vegeta learns offense Instinct and they have to fuse to defeat him with perfect ultra instinct.

  4. Hopefully Vegeta gets Mastered Super Saiyan Blue like he did in the manga, would be a nice touch instead of UI

  5. I dont want ultra insticnt vegeta

  6. Is it wrong that I'm more hyped for Vegeta v. Jiren then I was for Goku v. Jiren?

  7. Ui vegeta Ui goku fight Jiren … Frieza sneak attack gets them all out of the ring frieza wins and ask the dragon to rule over all. New Saga begins

  8. Vegeta to unlock Attacking side of UI then they fuse and unlock complete UI Vegito

  9. Did he just say if goku gets the other half he can't compete with jiren when jiren literally landed 0 hits on 50% ultra instinct…ok whatever I'm done arguing

  10. the ultra instict was brought about by absorbing the spirit bomb not being beaten half to death

  11. Why can’t one have the attack side of ultra Instinct and the other have the defensive side of ultra instinct and have to fuse together to complete the balance ? Would make sense

  12. Gohan achieves it after vegeta and goku get stomped and saves U7.

  13. we dont know what the fuck going to happen next i think its best to just wait and see.

  14. Vegito needs to change his clothing

  15. Ui vegito confirmed. i called blue vegito when it happened. and because ui isnt a transformation, but a power up, itll last the full hour

  16. It'd be cool if vegeta got ultra instinct but if you really understand the show, you'd know that goku will master UI because he's the protagonist, prodigy, and he promised the fans he would master it. Don't get your hopes up with vegeta.

  17. I want Goku, Vegeta and Jiren to some joe team up beat the dog shit out of Zeno… or agree after the win of the competition to get rid of Zeno… hate that little fucker haha.

  18. Vegeta is cool and all, but he'll always be second to Goku, the show is about him. He's going to get ultra instinct anyway but I think Goku settles the score with Jiren as the last battle. I don't think Vegeta should be part of it at all, maybe he gets it then he gets annihilated by Jiren and Goku comes back to get the job done.

  19. Vegito blue or UI near the end last 5 mins

  20. Why haven’t anime war 6 come out? He literally just copy’s dbz animation with slight spin off, I also don’t understand to why he needs funding when he just copies animaton. Tbqh

  21. I wanna see an Ultra Instinct Gogeta

  22. I think goku is going fight jiren then toppo buts in then vegetafights toppo and go ultra instinct but goku is hurt from topposo he loses and vegeta wins but there is like 5 minutes left so goku says let's fuse or we lose

  23. They need to start selling the God of destruction toys

  24. Goku, Vegeta and gohan vs Jiren would be pretty cool

  25. I don't think Vegeta can go from not having ultra instinct to already surpassing Goku by having the attack and defense portions

  26. Not a spoiler alert: If you’ve been following the Manga; This isn’t UI Vegeta or Goku but Perfected Blue Vegeta.

    “After experiencing the strongests power first hand, Vegeta must reveal his trump card of “Perfected Super Saipan Blue” that transcends even Goku’s Kioken x20”

  27. Where did this attack and défense theory come from? It’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard.

  28. lol hair animation looks stupid lol

  29. lmao , it just mean vegeta will use full power ssj blue against jiren and get rekt  lmao

  30. Vegeta gonna kick Jirens ass so bad he gonna make Goku look dumb

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