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Ultra Instinct Goku’s MEGA Kamehameha! Dragon Ball Super Episode 116

Ultra Instinct Goku’s MEGA Kamehameha! Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Ultra Instinct Goku’s MEGA Kamehameha! Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. What if that twinkle in his eye is goku awakening a similar ocular power like jirens

  2. Frieza told goku after he healed

  3. and in the beginning of the episode someone said : Goku is trying to as ascend to god level this confirm my theory that is red and blue are not true god form.

  4. Beerus to hasnt mastered attack part of Ultra Instict. Whis basicly sad it

  5. its not weird that goku knows the name of ultra instinct.. its weird that vegeta dont know seeing as everyone in the audience, champa in particular, is yelling the name from the top of his lungs every other minute

  6. Freiza told him about the name of Ultra Instinct at the start of Ep 111

  7. Bro Vegeta heard the gods talking about UI and then he telled Goku

  8. Super Saiyan 2 Kefla surpassed Blue kaio Ken, putting her at least at God of destruction tier. Not "surpassed" them, but she's at least relative to them based on scaling from Goku to Beerus/the other gods. Kefla being at that level may very well be a universe buster. I'm not saying it'll be easy, but it may very well be possible due to how the show portrayed her.

  9. Mastar my friend. I'm getting confused about why you are confused. I know I'm not the first to say it. Frieza told him what UI is called, idk what you were trying to say by UI isn't a massive amount of ki or whatever it was, of course it would fatigue him, just like Kaioken used to.

  10. I think rebreane will kill herself with her diabetes

  11. Goku respect whamen because he's not punching Kefla in the face

  12. Frieza told goku it was ultra instinct

  13. He hit her so hard it replayed 3 different times

  14. its my opinion that ultra instinct is a form that goes beyond one's mental threshold, whis said its the ability for the body to wield it self without the mind hence the name ultra instinct. although goku appears to be unconscious he is more-so in a translucent meditative state similar to Jurin. As Goku is knocked out, his subconscious mind takes over. That's why he's still able to speak, and that's why his eyes are grey/silver with the dark pupil. This is to let us know that although he is unconscious, but conscious through his subconscious BASICALLY he is so lost in his meditative state that his body develops a consciousness of its own. after examining jurins power i think it's safe to say ultra instinct and jurins power are probably one in the same…


  16. what the dbz wiki says about keflas power is RIDICULOUS

  17. Goku knows cause Frieza told him

  18. Goku is such a skilled and genius fighter.

  19. Frieza told Goku what Ultra Instinct was because he over heard it a few episode back (back when Frieza gave Goku some of his energy).

  20. I think the twinkle in his eye was him mastering the ultra instinct blast or attack

  21. Frieza told Goku that it was ULTRA INSTINCT when he gave him power

  22. Kefla took that Mega Kamehameha straight to the FACE

  23. Gohan with the dodging half of Ultra Instinct would be unstoppable

  24. So no one will talk about the hit type move goku used on kefla when he makes the punch cross dimensions

  25. Frieza told him about Ultra Instinct. Smh

  26. If he was unconscious his eyes wouldn't have a glint

  27. Goku knows the name is Ultra Instinct because Frieza told him that when he gave him some energy right after the Jiren fight.

  28. Also, Goku knows the name because Frieza told him.

  29. frieza told goku when he gave him energy remember

  30. When Goku was punching Kefla a shit ton of times. That was reused animation from the Jiren fight, they just took away detail

  31. Goku knew what t was because Frieza told him what the gods were talking about after he gave him a power boost post the fight with Jiren.

  32. Come man do you even really like Anime

  33. no dear frieza tells goku about ultra instinct after the he fought jiren

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