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Ultra Instinct Goku POWERS UP! Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 Preview

Ultra Instinct Goku POWERS UP! Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 Preview Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Ultra Instinct Goku POWERS UP! Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 Preview Online. One Piece
eng sub anime hd quality Video. Today The following anime Ultra Instinct Goku POWERS UP! Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 Preview watchop & gogoanime has been released NOW You Can Enjoy Anime Here ON 9Gogoanime.

is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Cannot wait for episode 116 ! 🙂

  2. Mastar goku ssjblue kk×20 is not a ssjblu power ×20 but goku saiyan beyond god the base form of ssjblu, and the result put to (ssjblu+base form of ssjblu)=ssjblukk×20, not ssjblu×20, if you have understood me

  3. Causes of DBS hype:

    »Goku turning UI
    »Jiren is up to whip someone's ass

  4. The part in the preview where Goku's powering up in Ultra Instinct is fucking beautiful

  5. Once Goku masters UI to the point of Will he will absorb the UI power and then can add his other powers onto it, e.g Super saiyan, God, etc

  6. Why do you review previews and not the episode??????

  7. Who thinks ultra instinct Goku should be called Ultra Saiyan?

  8. Don't forget he didn't have any stamina so it makes sense that he didn't win in blue

  9. Universe 6 is the next universe to get erased since kefla is the last fighter of universe 6.

  10. Ultra insinct reminds me of Yu Yu Hakusho when yusuke's body was being controled by his father.

  11. I’m not sick of the two…. im just mad a the fact that

    1. They cheated flat out at patora’s on them before the ban was lifted

    2. They’re not even suppose to hold a candle to ssjg NOT BLUE! god alone ! But these DBS writers just like forget the movie and shows prior …. I mean they have no training from the angels or gods of the destruction like Goku and vegeta and probably jiren but Goku and vegeta seem to be getting they ass handed to them SINCE RESERRECTION OF F! It’s borderline tiresome to see ! Like basically they’re two gods in there own right but can’t hold off … ribriame and two ssj2 kids who have tingly backs 🤔🧐🤬?!?

    Like it hasn’t even been noticed that two mortal saiyans have successfully trained with whis and Beerus like WHO THERE HAS they’re suppose to be the two most Feared but they’re not which it turn makes this arc kinda ass and where’s “ultimate gohan” and “golden frieza” like wat would’ve been great would’ve been those two fighting jiren smh…. watever yo just skip on to mushin Goku…. that’s right MUSHIN GOKU vs JIREN pt 2 yo

  12. Anyone else hate that song that comes out when goku goes ultra instinct??

  13. If goku wasn't tired kefla would get raped QuickTime, they even said it's cuz he's tired that's why she can take him on.

  14. If you wanna see the most logical power levels check out DBZMacky

  15. BTW when you are going to upload Anime war episode 6??

  16. Things ruining the Tournament of Power arc (presently):–
    Ridiculously powered-up Caulifla & Kefla
    Not much screen time to Vegeta
    Almost no fight for Frieza(although its his plan)
    Making SSB, mind it, only SS Blue, a freaking JOKE
    Making SSB Kaioken a JOKE
    If anything else is missing, comment (reply).

  17. Pls pls pls, I have a question pls answer .
    Can any one damage some one in ultra instinct form ???
    I think it is not possible I take damage when ultra instinct is on .. pls make it clear

  18. Am I the only one one who notice how shocked or irritated whis looked or sounded just from the fact that Goku got ultra instinct twice if you ask me that's like a sign from the angels that it might be a problem from any kind of future agenda of the angels or grand priest

  19. So UI goku is going to knock out kefla? That would be awesome

  20. Power scaling in DBS is getting laughably inconsistent. I know I'm just stating the obvious but it's getting rediculous.

  21. Why is everybody hating on Kefla finally DB has a strong woman besides 18 now everyone acting like ass holes about it DBS &DBZ has always been a sausage party they only had one strong woman through out all three series & nobody thinks that's wrong.

  22. I’m curious why some universes said they don’t need fusion. That’s the biggest thing I️ took from this episode or any recent episode. These universes have seen UI goku and jiren and still don’t need fusion? It’s exciting unless they are just idiots.

  23. When ribrianne gonna fall off??!!

  24. i think everyone will be very dissapointed if kafla lands even one punch on goku

  25. I feel something is going on with vegeta he is toying with topo who isnt a weak fighter at all he said he is the strongest saiyan of them all still confident after goku powering up …Is he hiding some kind of crazy power up

  26. Logically, I cant picture Goku winning against Jiren cuz he burned a good portion of energy in that fight with Kefla and He only activates Ultra Instinct on his last legs. If Jiren jumps back in there, I'm picturing a repeat of last time.

  27. Didn't Goku fight beerus as a super sayian and was able to hold his own? Granted it was after SSG but still….

  28. hi! anime war episode 6 when we can see? ))))

  29. Fuck kefla goku need to knock her off already .

  30. watch kefla have berserk mode 😂😂😂

  31. Mastar Media, is there any point of this video being 10 mins other than squeezing more ads? You keep repeating yourself again and again, like 3-4 times. Basically same sentences of 2 mins ago. If you don't have anything else to add just finish the video man…People are not stupid. Anyone can see a content creator getting greedy, choosing fat stacks over his/her fans. Don't be greedy. I'm pretty sure most ppl have adblock anyways so you are not gonna milk us like that.

  32. While I didn't like Kefla's crazy ass power and all that…..let's just thank Kefla for triggering Goku's Ultra Instinct again. Next episode she's out foresure, there's NO WAY she can beat Ultra Instinct Goku

  33. Something you have to always remember that Goku has been tired and lacking energy. Remember that. Potara is always really strong. Take ka-leaf-la and kale together and multiply their own ssj forms, ssj2 x 2 time upgraded berserk. Then multiple all of their power via potara, by ten times multiple times. It would be crazy strong. If goku was fully energized he probably wouldve handled kefla no sweat. Just some clarifications

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