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Ultra Instinct Goku Explained – Dragon Ball Super

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. The roar sounded like a ape roar.

  2. anybody tell me…is outside help is allowed.. if not then why riborn get power from god…anybody answered.. it

  3. pretty sure caulifila is getting tingles but in her vagina

  4. I believe the heat is energy that goku hasn't learned to keep inside him yet. It's basically energy that's leaking out of him in the form of heat because Goku hasn't mastered that form yet.

  5. I think the flame is from his super saiyan blue form, it might still be there because goku hasn't perfected the ultra instinct form, that's why jiren tells him that the flame is his limit

  6. The heat was because the Spirit Bomb was a poor power source. Goku will not have this issue when he uses his own ki to power this state of mind. His shell is already broken, so he has 3 issues: 1) recovery 2) figuring out a way to recatalyze the technique (leading to the red aura on the poster) 3) (optional) figuring out whether or not ss is useable with Ultra Instinct. I suspect that if it is, we will get red hair super saiyan.

  7. I think Frieza is going to get Ultra Instinct by the End of this tournament.

  8. Watch Goku go Ultra Instinct and then using Kaioken with it lmao

  9. That weird roar was goku's ape-form roar! Has no one noticed this??

  10. I wonder what would have happened if the old kai had unlocked his potential

  11. An I think the three strongest universes will not be wiped out cus..remember jiren is not evil neither is hit..something strange is about to happen an those guys will have to team up to win

  12. That heat is him not keeping his ki under control. I think full silver would be the best looking transformation ever, even better than white if it happened. Also we had that back picture with red aura, so this could be the first stage, maybe the red aura is the second stage, and silver is the full transformation. That actually would be the greatest transformation across entire db lore canon or non canon (ssj4 being a close second). I still think that roar was the oozaru within him.

  13. I think it is because he isn't at full power and isn't use to this form that we seen the flawed version of this form and that is why we seen the heat. It maybe him emanation of his energy and in the state of feeling it out like every other transformation. I even read that now goku will have the ability to regenerate unlike he did before due to this new form his body is as efficient as possible. Also remember jiren was conserving his strength this entire time and goku was constantly fighting. I think it was like vegeta fighting hit in the first tournament and only had like 10% of his full power left. At full strength and better use he should be even with jiren though he can't beat him unless he masters this form. Goku being a prodigy it shouldn't take that much time (dragon ball wise that is)

  14. I keep thinking Goku's tail may make a comeback since seeing the new ending theme.

  15. What if at ultimate full transformation goku loses his hair like Jiren and his skin becomes gray instead of his hair?

  16. isn't legendary super saiyan supposed to be the ultimate form for saiyans?

  17. Please like this so he could see this message!!!!
    The "Heat" discribed there is the quickly burning Spirit Bomb energy, thats why Goku was not able to hold this form for very long time. Like Whis said that his Spirit Bomb acted like a Battery.

  18. I think the heat is the absolute density of his energy… unlike a flowing wave like in super saiyan

  19. Maybe the full power Goku is new form with silver hair same way like his silver eyes as previous the writers said Super Saiyan white

  20. What about gogeta comes to action .. jiren is too strong for goku lets fuse and give it a go

  21. I think the heat is other transformation.

  22. His voice sounds like he's fused. To me seems like his body was being controlled alla Yusuke vs Sensui.

  23. If you observed the name Jiren….it’s basically derived from the word Renji, which could mean stove. If you see a stove, it creates heat from fuel or electricity. I believe Jiren was able to conserve the Heat energy for so long that he could change his potential energy to kinetic energy. I believe Goku is reaching to that same point.

  24. In the Anime War the God dude has the same Aurora

  25. I feel like the "heat" is the spirit bomb energy pretty much propping his body up and that's why it was his limit because he didn't have any of his own energy to continue to fight so when the energy from the bomb depleted that was it for him.

  26. jiren had the same kind of flame at the end of the episode on him when he said this is your limit to goku only jiren's flame was red. i guess goku was at the max of this form only without the full power because he was already beaten up by jiren.
    jiren didnt use the flame thing till the end. my guess is that jiren master this ultra instinct in his base form with full power so he don't have to push it to his reserves (heat) and goku did because he absord some kind of reserve energy from the spirit bomb. 😊

  27. I bet All the people that thought it was gonna be a mix of ssb+kaioken feel stupid now😂😂

  28. Ultra Instinct Vegito Would be even stronger than Grand Priest! The most powerfull Warrior in the history of the Universe.

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