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Ultra Instinct Blue Goku and Beyond

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Watch Ultra Instinct Blue Goku and Beyond Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Roses are red

    Whis is blue

    Pin this comment

    Or I hakai you

  2. ultra instict plus instant transmision = ultra instant

  3. Add ultra instint In anime war

  4. Limit Breaker > Ultra lnstinct Blue kaio-ken x

    Limit Breaker Wins !!!

  5. and here i thought it was the new anime wars's trailer 🙁

  6. Did anyone remember about Limit Breaker Goku?… it looks similar to ultra instinct, but mastered

  7. @Mastar, do you think Whiz could be Jiren?

  8. How fucking OP wouldn't Ultra Instinct be in a Xenoverse game. It's basically hacks.

  9. It would be awesome to see ultra instinct blue🙏🏾

  10. You look like a finger with a face

  11. Who is stronger Gogeta or Vegito??

  12. Ultra instinct with ssj blue with king kais fist times 10 will only last 5 minuets because of so much power and Goku body will freak out and he might die… Remember the champa saga when Goku was fighting hit, well after the fight with goku and hit goku had went king kais fist times 10 almost killed him and it also messed him up for awhile so goku might die if he does all of that

  13. It can happen, because I doubt that vegito is going to happen! Maybe he will accomplish it since we got a picture from the chocholate toys, remember we saw a super siyan red in goku!

  14. Dope theory, like the buff ideas.

  15. I first have to question this "heat" emitting from Goku. What is it? What level of energy or stamina is being consumed? These questions are making me a little distant from any universe 7 fusion. I feel like we will get one or the other a fusion from Goku and Vegeta or we see a moderately high level of ultra instinct because it will most likely be Wess to bring out more or the most of Goku's potential. Third question is the dream super Saiyan god one that was of ultra instinct? That's enough to crank your brain for one night.

  16. Who else hates that dumb ad google duo, like no one cares

  17. I think jiren does have ultra instinct he just controls it very well to where nobody can tell

  18. Ultra Instinct Blue Kaioken x20 Goku

  19. MaSTAR Media:
    Great video! Couldn't agree more on it! I had similar thoughts since weeks about this.
    Hopefully they're building up DBS that way.

  20. Ultra Instinct Blue Kaio ken Goku Will Whoop Jiren Ass

  21. give me Ultra Instinct Roshi bruhhh. Be shooting jizz instead of ki blasts on all dem hoes. DICK MOVES ON ITS OWN.

  22. How about a brand new fighter!another fusion between two characters.

    Whis+Caulifla=Wizz Kalifla

  23. What if Ultra Instinct isnt what we were getting hyped about. They were saying a knew form but now we find out Ultra Instinct is a technique. So what if…Ultra Instinct and Limit Breaker weren't the same thing? What if…Ultra Instinct is just a premature version of the actual new form we were all expecting?

  24. Am i the only one paying attention Kakaroto said if he could go ultra instinct one more time witch i think he will he said i will be able to beat jirin and we all know Goku was not going all out this was new for him so he was just testing the waters i mean jirin punch then blocked Goku punches and dose a fancy 180 lol then punches.

  25. Kioken wouldnt do much with ultra instinct. Ultra instinct is already like kioken but faster stronger and now move without thinking. But with blue for the perfect ki control would make sense for the power up plus those added bonuses. Kioken wouldnt or shouldnt be used because it strains his body and ultra just wears him out. But with that ssjb form that might not be a problem. So he could fight harder and longer without strain to his body. My theory.

  26. If ultra instinct is a transformation so if goku fused with somebody like gohan or vegeta would it make them defuse like ssj blue vegito or would it not make the time go faster

  27. Finally someone whos think same that me, also imagine SSJ1 ULTRA INSTINCT , SSJ2 ULTRA INSTICT, SSJ3 ULTRA INSTICT, and with the others forms, i think he s in base mode

  28. Ultra instinct with super Saiyan with god ki and kaioken x20? Hell no.

  29. Hold up wasent ma homie goku on ss2 blue already

  30. Imperfect base ultra instinct is equal or greater than jiren… perfect base ultra instinct is higher than jiren.. ultta instinct plus kaioken man goku is definitely higher than gods of destruction and almost equal to angels

  31. Any possibility tht ultra instinct allowed goku to dodge jiren but he only had his base form strength/power which is why he couldn't actually do any damage to jiren?

  32. why cant people just say Spirit bomb

  33. Dude , you're eyes are extra close together.

  34. Rather see them doing something decent with Vegeta or Gohan

  35. This is possible because it has how to use technique and combine with transformation, and for those who do not know, The higher instinct is a technique.


  37. Are multipliers bs? Cause base goku was beating up Caulifla and he went x100 (SSJ2) and we’re on par seemingly like she survived some how

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