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Trunks Spirit Bomb Sword Explained

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  1. spirit soward idea came from yuyu hagashow

  2. Great vid man. Thanks for paying attention to all the little details. From a die hard DB fan. Not to mention love that Man of Steel extro. Most epic superhero theme ever imo. You've earned my sub. Keep at it!

  3. you can't justify it. It's a bullshit story and you know it.

  4. I like how he compared the size of the spirit bomb to the one used on Freeza. It was no where near the same size, maybe 1/16 of the size used on Freeza. Although he did make a valid point on the amount of damage taken by even as small amount of energy. But Freeza was very evil committing genocide countless times so he was pretty evil in comparison, and freeza survived that being no where near a god level characters strength at the time. ;]

  5. I thought trunks learned the galkic gun and the Final Flash technique while in the time chamber with Vegeta in the cell Ark, it only makes since..

  6. trunks learned those other moves when he trained with his dad for a year. the genki dama sword was just bull

  7. You little whiners need ro shut up! Whether you like Trunks or not this was the best scene in all of DBZ……and I've been watching this series for over 20 years (longer than the majority of you have been alive).

  8. goosepimples all over the body again, this is so fucking "Z" I really really really really love DBS now, this is so much better than GT was … this is the true new storie of dragonball … they did a awesome job there!!

  9. there was some mistakes in the explanation, kaioshin throwing the cube was like about gohan training at the kaioshin world with the Z sword.
    I think what elder Kai was trying to say with the Z sword and the worthy owner repairing the sword was this instance I guess so but idk might have some truth in what you said, but trunks never summoned the genkidama tbh so I'm kind of questioning the whole theory

  10. The cube the Supreme Kai creates looks like a reference to when Gohan broke the Z-sword lol

  11. It only makes sense that trunks is incredible tho … his dad the saiyan prince and his mothers family is scientists so hes gonna be proficient in both fighting and just overall using his brain

  12. Trunks is a prodigy compared to all other saiyans

  13. Zamasu and Trunks both look at the giant energy ball pretty surprised so i think it was a fluke….

  14. Zamasu and Trunks both look at giant energy ball surprised so i think it was a fluke….

  15. So we're just going to ignore the Genkidama that Goku used against Buu? It took him like 30 episodes (probably only like 20 minutes in real time but still) to create and the entire earth's population and BARELY destroyed Buu, but Merged God Zamasu who is exponentially more powerful is destroyed by a Genkidama that was made in under a minute using an incredibly depleted earth's population? OOOOOOOKAY

  16. Why do you people always want a explaining something so freaking simple? It's a fucking spirit bomb basically, but in sword form.

  17. He won cuz he went for the balls.

  18. For those wondering why the Genki Dama Sword is so strong….think krillin destructo disk and theres your answer. a bomb is a bomb a sword fashions that power into a sharp edge amplifying the power

  19. now the more important question is… how did zeno kill something immortal…

  20. I think Trunks can do that because of an accident.

  21. a smaller problem with this theory is that king kai didn't "Know" how to do the genki dama simply, he CREATED the genki dama, so it's unlikely that supreme kai would be able to teach trunks the technique.

  22. supreme kai is not the god of creation… xeno is

  23. zamasu should've been defeated by trunks not zeno.just my opinion.also why did vegito unfuse?

  24. since trunks and Mai went to another timeline, we may possibly see him in the next universal tournament. hopefully as a super saiyan blue

  25. Trunks is a genius The guy thought buffing up his muscles was going to beat Cell and never noticed his loss in speed……Its just shit writing. Very shit writing. And Trunks trained with Vegeta and recognized his attacks like come on. The problem I HAVE is that where was his ORIGINAL techniques?

  26. The explanation is even more simple, all the ppl in the world and Trunks will it self was altogether to banissh the evil from the world.
    This is simbolic, and yes, Trunks is a genius!

  27. until we get confirmation from HAJIRO AKARIYAMA, everything is simple speclations.

  28. someone pls tell me this

    when is Trunk's Z-sword broken? as far as i concern when zamasu swing his sword and that little kid keep that sword, the sword never broken.

  29. Trunks's powerup would have been cooler if they had given us a flash back of Vegeta and him in the time room training and learning true ki control or God ki.

  30. I didn't like your logic in this video

  31. In short – the whole ark was bullshit.
    Goku and Vegeta are far stronger than Trunks – but somehow Trunks manages to keep up with them in SSJBlue….
    That alone would be enough bullshit, but it gets worse.
    Vegito is far stronger than than the combined power of Goku and vegeta – yet he somehow isn't strong at all -jsut a bit stronger than goku/Vegita were.
    but still wonder oh wonder – Trunks suddenly is stronger than Vegito.

    And then we have the Genkidama…… WHY!?!?
    That is a technique that goku took some time to learn.
    His first use took a bit of time to gather it – from the whole planet earth.
    against Freeza he took what, 15 minutes to form it? And it was not enough to finish him.
    And against Boo – he took energy form the universe….. still was not enough.

    And now suddenly Trunks can use it – without ever learning it, and he did it near instantly.
    That on a waste-planet with barely any live left -and somehow it is strong enough to finish zamasu – No, just no.

    When we look how the whole thing was set up – trunks at best is like 5% of Goku or Vegeta and he has never learned the Genki.
    if Goku made it and gave it to trunks – ok.
    But this thing is just pathetic and an insult to the series.

  32. The spirit bomb seems to be a divine attack, and Trunks's friends at then end there were effectively praying to Trunks… who was incidentally using godki at the time.. it may have been a natural form of the spirit bomb

  33. Trunks is smart but I think Vegeta taught him how to do them when h took him to train

  34. Explain me why the fuck when the sword was broken, fucking supreme kai wasn't released from the sword just like when gohan broke the sword ????

  35. Kaoshins didnt gave him energy for sword….why?

  36. Gekindama from a sword?Hahahhaha….energy of earth,sun..and 100 people
    is stronger then Goku gekindama against Kid Buu which had power of all
    universe….NOT POSIBLE.And Kid Buu almost reflected Gekindama….

  37. Also referring to it's power, I don't think it was even as strong as the spirit bomb on namek, but much like, lets say, a finger beam, it was utilized in a fashion that made the most of the energy, IE a focused blade, much like how krillin can do more damage with a kienzan than goku managed to do with the spirit bomb on frieza.

  38. I think that him using the genkidama is more symbolic of him as a character. I suspect the blue aura he has exhibited throughout the new series is that of his will to protect others, and not of some god ki. Trunks has time and time again had to rely 100% on others, and he totally owns this fact in the last bit of the arc. It wouldn't surprise me if he instinctively utilized the people of earth's power one last time for this attack, because he looked a little surprised when he saw the massive bomb above him. I don't think he even meant to use it.

  39. In my opinion, let me know if you agree, trunks didn't "learn" the spirit bomb. When faced against an overwhelmingly powerful foe, his unyielding spirit to protect earth and it's inhabitants called out and activated the spirit bomb. He himself looks surprised of what is happening.

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