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Top 10 Most Epic Dragon Ball Z Scenes

Top 10 Most Epic Dragon Ball Z Scenes Is Available on

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. It was surprisingly hard to make this list. Yeah I left a lot of good scenes out like vegeta sacrifice, mystic gohan, gohan kamehameha vs cell, trunks ultra saiyan, final flash, etc. There simply is too much epic to fit all into 10.

  2. why I cant save your videos on offline mode? unfair 🙁

  3. "Tell me, has a machine like you ever experienced fear?"

  4. vegeta never lost against goku just wanted to say in their first fight goku was practically immobile after vegeta went ape shit on him if it was'nt for yajorobi, krillin and gohan SAVING goku he would have died

  5. oh mate, you nailed it. I love this list. thank you very much! ❤❤❤

  6. No Super Vegeta, Final Flash ?
    Is this real life ?

  7. Vegeta vs Recome And no Goku vs Frieza? Ok… -_-

  8. 3 hilarious facts in DBZ
    1. Vegeta saying "ITS OVER 9,000!!!" and crushing
    his super sayian power scanner.
    2. Seeing Freeza having the "O shit" Face.
    3. Realizing Trunk one hits Freeza

  9. now let's do dubs best scenes

  10. #1 will always be goke turning super saiyan for the first time and #2 gohan turning into super saiyan 2. those 2 moments are the best without question.

  11. Ah man I thought Vegeta final atonement was gonna be here

  12. no1 .goku turns super saiyan 1firt time

  13. gohan's breakthrough IS my favorite dbz moment…

  14. This dude sounds dumb goku going super saiyan is number 8 and trunks is number 7, goku transforming is number 1

  15. All of you people whining "Why isn't in English" Just enjoy it in it's Original Language

  16. Love this list but you really should have used The Original SSJ2 Gohan transformation footage

  17. I love that you used the Original Japanese. Those screams from Nozawa and Horikawa are just incredible

  18. Just Epic Top11 You picked the best momentum on DB, I would like to see Vegeta keeping the Super vegeta form with the Blue color

  19. hi I would like to get a comic

  20. Umm I think you accidentally put these in chronological order? Or was it merely coincidence?

  21. rly expected the mystican gohan vs buu

  22. im glad 7:37 never happen during this Internet era or we would b seeing nothing but "SPOILERS", "GOKU GOES SSJ3"!!!!!, "Episode 245 Spoilers!!! oh im so glad youtube wasn't around when dbz was around. would have sucked the fun & excitement out of the whole show.

  23. but what about ultimate Gohan's bad ass line:
    Buu- so you want to fight me?
    Gohan- Fight you? No I want to kill you

  24. My favourite scene was Future Trunks' Super Saiyan transformation, when Gohan dies.

  25. Amazing how the old art and animatons are far better even though the technology makes it easier for todays animations i mean wtf

  26. best part of bdz gohan vs cell jr

  27. what about gokus spirit bomb against majin buu or his famous "i am" speech against frieza

  28. i was wondering how rich bulma is

  29. hey mastar can we add attack on titan song

  30. That's totally my favourite epic scene too! Super Vegeta for life!!!!!

  31. Why is this in Japanese dub?

  32. please do awesome lists on other animes too!

  33. Anime war episode 5????????????????????

  34. 1.Gohan first turns super saiyan 2
    2.Gohan vs Cell
    3.Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan
    4.Gohan vs Cell Juniors
    5.Super Vegeta vs Cell
    6.Goku vs Nappa
    7.Goku vs Cell
    8.Future Trunks vs King Cold and Frieza
    9.Future Trunks vs Android 17, 18 and Cell
    10.Vegito vs Buu

  35. What happened to vegeta sacrifice

  36. This would be epic if you used the English dub. The Japanese dub isn't epic for an American audience

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