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TOEI Releases Universe 9 Info! God of Destruction SIDRA and Kai Revealed

TOEI Releases Universe 9 Info! God of Destruction SIDRA and Kai Revealed Is Available on

Watch TOEI Releases Universe 9 Info! God of Destruction SIDRA and Kai Revealed Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Universe 11 – The Clown God's Kingdom –

  2. Whatt ??? But the one that uses poison is Lavender..

  3. Why SIDRA name is given for Universe 9 God of destruction that's sounds like Indian girl name! Didn't Toriyama find any other name instead of SIDRA?

  4. Turn the voice down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I don't know if anyone think the same, nut Bergamo reminds me and has that Sly Cooper look to him.


  7. Are u serious with Buu keeping up with Basils Speed? Buu is fat yeah but basil, he still gets the Majin Vegeta treatment

  8. the supreme kai look like skinny evil buu

  9. GOku has the power of a God but is still not the strongest…..i dont understand super power levels…

  10. You should never use google translate lmfao

  11. So is Sidra another pun on alcohol?

  12. Goku is a psychopath, Vegeta may have destroyed a few planets but but Goku practically gave 90% of all Existence a death sentence over lust of battle

  13. I thought sidra would be the most serious out of all the gods of destruction.

  14. what about the person who will fight gohan???

  15. According to DB Buu laughs because he enjoys pain

  16. This is all I have to say to the new Gods:
    W E L C O M E T O T H E F A M I L Y S O N

  17. the last kai seems like he will hate that universes are being destroyed and he will side with Goku somehow

  18. I have a weird feeling that Lavenda is the strongest out of the Trio de Danger's.

  19. Sooo… we have Beerus/Beer, Champa/Champagne and Sidra/Cider.


  20. Was'nt Sidra the name of a water Pokémon also??

  21. i feel like gohan is gonna have a new form

  22. I'm sure I'll get down-voted for this, but I don't like half of their designs at all.. I feel like a lot of fan creations of stuff has been better than the actual character designs/transformations..

  23. the wolf poison dude will be fine and is different by the sounds of it.

    frost poison wasn't a personally made technique.

    this dude simply just might know techniques to manipulate shit and make it poison effective

  24. Anyone else think Buu is gonna throw the fight? C'mon he's gonna be fighting a dog! He loves dogs! Anyone else remember those times where he loved a dog with Mr.Satan?! (Forgot the name of the dog)

  25. i dont think the dwarf will be that evil i hope he seems till strong as hell but like nice beerus lol

  26. Bloody lazy Dwarf Gimly needs to teach him how to destroy stuff 😃.

  27. The guy in the opening fighting goku looks like the referee in the universe 6 /7 tournament WTH!!!

  28. the eleventh cosmic king is almost exactly like another zamasu but instead of hating life especially human life this 11th king loves life and they both have a strong sense of justice and sidra is probably indisive, lazy and doesn't do much destruction by choice because of how much power he has and probably goes out of control as for the wolf fighter with poison it is a possibility but I don't think they would make goku lose again because of poison

  29. For the who didn't notice, Sidra is pun of cider. Aaah, I love these Toryama's alcohol puns.

  30. i bet gohan might get a new transformation in this arc

  31. So we got:
    and now Cider.

  32. first fight buu: wins
    second fight: goku loses because of the poison
    third fight: gohan wins

  33. Seedra is Yosemite Sam!!!The rootinest tootenist shootenist God of Destruction west,south,west and east of the Pecos!!!!Am I the only one that sees the resemblance?…yeah?…Ok then..

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