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The Work of God Ends Here – Goku’s New Form Revealed?

The Work of God Ends Here – Goku’s New Form Revealed? Is Available on

Watch The Work of God Ends Here – Goku’s New Form Revealed? Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. If you remember correctly gokus false super Saiyan looks EXACTLY like this form which is really really strange.

  2. This is the 7th time I've heard this YOU CANNOT MASTER KAIO KEN it's a technique not a transformation. You can master transformations but kaio ken stays the same it's only a temporary boost in power and speed and is not sustainable for a long period of time

  3. Easy. This is Gohan and Goku using the Fusion dance.

  4. I literally see nothing new but his shirt coming off… Wow disappointing.

  5. If you look really close you can see Gohan sideburns but goku hair and the white and red auria is goku and Gohan auria maybe goku does get a new form or this is their fused form but you can clearly see Gohan side burns this I think goku will get a new power but still not enough Gohan and goku are left vs jiren plus this would make since cause how in the ending it shows goku and Gohan together fighting and how close they are and fusion is one way to show how strong they could be if they work together it just makes since

  6. goku will become super saiyan god by joining hands with six saiyns

  7. I think the new form is basically a harmony of Goku's Base Form, SS, SS God, and KK. The poster that was released, if you notice closely, Goku's Ki has all the three colours mixing with each other

  8. whats crazy is that when u look at the side of his face…..You realize that its Gohan.

  9. i don't think its his new form I think its a fuse of gohan and goku cus there gon b the last in the tournament with jiren

  10. you mean the red aura from his kaio ken?
    fucking moron

  11. been so long since gokus shirt ripped off

  12. I think your right… if you remember with his battle agains tappo he did say he was goin to break him limits

  13. He had a tingly feeling on his back so he took of his shirt

  14. Goku and Freeza have combined

  15. ey mastar dont you think its a Super saiyan God? the aura looks like supersaiyan god

  16. remember the dbz battle of gods? beerus has a dream about the super saiyan god
    and that guy can defeat beerus in 30 year
    thats my theory ,i hope that you will make it

  17. hey im back!!!!! here it is!!!! the big revelation!!!!

  18. Im thinking of Goku and Gohan Transformation, but its not. Like in the video.

  19. If you play Roblox, in the game with Dragon Ball Z. That's form have a name GodF

  20. I'm more interested in that "The work of gods end here" quote more than a new form…

  21. it'd be annoying if the manga spoiled it

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