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The Universe 6 Saiyan Females

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Watch The Universe 6 Saiyan Females Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Goku>broly
    Vegeta>califla or however you spell it
    Jiren>universe 6

  2. Cabbas a player if ya catch may drift

  3. that moment you hear youtubers bitching about freeza reviving multiple times and asking when hes gonna stay dead, but dont ask the said thing for Goku

  4. Roshi really? really? You didn't think about buu?

  5. a lot of people were even surprised that 2 females existed, but many people forget they're in a different universe where the saiyan race is thriving.

  6. funny how easy it is to go super sayian now.. Back In My Day!

  7. i definitely do not think goku would use the dragon balls to bring back frieza, what i do think is that he would ask baba to bring him back for 24hrs and make him fight with at the tournament of power

  8. yooo I can't wait in till 90 come out tonight it's go be so fucking raw

  9. wondering what episode holy walls off the ring and starts watching..

  10. I think kale wont transform too legendary until the tournament and sees cabba gettin beat around and explodes into legendary form and begins wiping out the other fighters weither thuer teamates or not

  11. I think they will make broly canon at the tournament goku will get a flashback of broly

  12. the universe 6 warriors are gonna get their asses handed to them cause you guys gotta realize that they can only turn super saiyan or legendary not even ssj2 or three

  13. caulifla's hair is rdy for super saiyan xD

  14. Caulifla's hair is Dope also

    Caulifla…….. CAULIFLOWER

  15. Am I the only one who thinks that frieza is the best villain of dragon ball!

  16. why don't they use the dragon balls to wake buu up instead? and what about cell?!

  17. it makes alot of sense. think about it. gohan was scared when he was a kid, but exploded in rage when Goku was getting beat by radditz.

    also…. kale was in the main trailer for this seasons, so it would have been very stupid for them Not go make her the legendary female super saiyan.

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