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The Universe 3 Warriors – Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 Review

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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    Thumbs up if you love Stan Bush.

  2. What's that BG music towards the end of the video? I like the sound of it.

  3. People mad about how easily caulifla and kale went ssj. But forgot about trunks and goten who both had not major battle experience and turned it on like light switches.

  4. I'm glad my Dad shared that part of his childhood with me, I loved that movie back the early 2000's.

    The 80's and 90's Toei had better animation than Super and One Piece, that's sad.

  5. sounds like Hinata from Naruto lol

  6. could be the go-bots planet lol

  7. You are forgetting that Goten and Trunks transformed into super saiyans without even trying.

  8. MaSTAR Media hey, I can't even imagine the amount of comments that you're tagged in but hopefully you see this or perhaps someone already brought it up. well, you're first reaction to the hella simple super saiyan transformation of universe 6 was very intriguing and completely different from mine. my first thought was that Cabba realized I shortcut by complete accident. Vegeta forced Cabba to become enraged and from that, Cabba felt something different. again, shortcut is the main word here. whenever our(i like saying our because in a sense, universe 7 is "our" universe lol) Saiyans transform after learning, they just simply transform without the need of anger. now we see Califla taking advantage of that "shortcut" mainly due to Cabba being being a softy himself. "teach me that tingly feeling" she says. she skipped everything and went straight for the source. I hope you see this comment because I'd love your input or views on this.

  9. Universe 6 saiyans are different than 7. There more evolved and there waaaaaaaaaaaaay stronger than any saiyan u7 had besides Goku and vegeta of course and of course the half breeds. Turning super saiyan should be easy since their battle power is way above namek saga Goku which turned into a super saiyan. Don't why everyone's trippin. Cabbas base gave base vegeta a good fight who is stronger than gotenks which is saying a lot considering gotenks was on par with super buu.

  10. When I think of Brolly, I think of psycho, crazy, and outta control. I think this chick that goes all out brolly on everyone wont be able to control herself and becomes the real threat to everyone in the ring..atleast i hope that happens because that would be kinda cool and might unite some universes (not all but some).

  11. if you understand the kundalini rising up the spine and the spiritual awakening, the whole focusing energy in the back wouldnt be so difficult to wrap your head around

  12. this is a boss mode series now. I love transformers. I love Dragonball z. i got to see this.

  13. Yes, Total BS that these Saiyans can transform to Super Saiyan 1 and 2 in the very 1st try, in just one episode!? Come on man! Total BS, and lazy writing. It belittles the work, the time, the effort and accomplishments of Goku, Vegeta and the rest.

  14. gotten and trunks did that too

  15. Transformers vs U3 😂😂😂

  16. And instant like for mentioning the old transformer movie and playing you got the touch by stan bush

  17. Lmao I used to watch that movie everyday when I was 7

  18. If there pair wouldn't that mean broly exist

  19. Goten and trunks turn super saiyan 1 super easily what's your point

  20. if the universe 6 has 6 sayans then they can create super sayan god. I hope they really do that

  21. you sir got a new sub watched two videos so far good content 🤘👌

  22. Kale's voice just gives me that "tingling" feeling..weird.

  23. Caulifla just entered Super saiyan 2

    she used hacks

  24. My question is, if the Universe 3 robots are being "modified" will that make them instantly disqualified for not using only their natural ability as the rules say, or is being modifiable one of their "natural abilities". It's like people saying they want Vegetto in the tournament, but the earrings aren't a natural ability and therefore are banned, but I hope we get to see a short Gogeta attack!

  25. This episode kind of explains how Goten and Trunks got super saiyan.

  26. Lmao the X files music was glorious mate .. And I agree with you regarding universe 6 people turning SSJ so easily .. Kind of annoying seeing Universe 7 saiyans work soooo hard to unlock SSJ and they just focus on their back to unlock the form? Like common lol .. Lazy ass writing to keep people outside of the Z fighters stay relevant in strength

  27. Waiting for Gato from Chrono Trigger to appear in this universe.

  28. Now watch Vegeta go Super Sayian Blue and say to those machines :
    "Tell me, do machines like you experience fear?"
    Piano in the background

  29. As a kid I always tried doing the kamehameha wave… now it's time to try getting the tingly feeling on my back!

  30. Why are people getting mad about the ladies achieving super saiyan so easily? Its like fire, before humans didnt know how to create it at all, it was hard. as soon as they found out, they passed it on to other people and the results were easily achievable. Remember that Goten and Trunks almost instantly achieved the super saiyan form aswell and they had almost no training whatsoever.

  31. Finally Master Roshi gets back to his old JackieChun avatar

  32. Wouldn't this is called cheating? modifying the physical with things and weapons?

  33. The rest of the episodes will have a part where they show the universes warriors. Ten the tournament

  34. then turning super sayain was just eh to me. I really don't like how skinny they are. they're like anorexic. which isn't bad

  35. hi I woups like to get a comic

  36. Goku had to lose his best friend to transform into a Super Saiyan and Universe 6 had a tingle on their back…

  37. Vegeta be like: What would u like to become a toaster or a grill! lol

  38. Maybe that's why I've never transformed, always screamed my power in my gut. Need to yell till my back falls off. Should work.

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