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The True Purpose of Beerus – Dragon Ball Super

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. This is what I think about the average mortal level and stuff. I think it's how many mortals in a universe and how many gods in a universe. For me that's the reason why universe 1,12,5 and 8 was not going to be erased because they have more gods or non-mortals in their universe.

  2. I want a Beerus ark all about his history

  3. but beerus ordered freeza to destroy planet vegeta////

  4. is their any news of mine going off green booom

  5. Beerus is an asshole who blows up planets based on their food to his opinion

  6. Didn't Beerus make Freezer destroy the planet Vegeta?

  7. Whis talked about how beerus gave frieza permission to blow up planet vegeta.

  8. Well beerus ordered frieza to blow up planet vageta

  9. The True Purpose of Beerus is being a new power limiter that goku needs to break

  10. Beerus ordered Frieza to destroy planet Vegeta so it's beerus fault why we are so low in the power

  11. r u serious? beerus told frieza to destry planet vegeta

  12. Veery us ordered Freeza to destroy planet Vegeta you guys are dumb

  13. birus will die and goku will be angry?
    and gokus form is ssj ultraviolet or infared.

  14. beerus wasn't doing his job in turn has to fight for his existence. should had did your job buddy…

  15. It would be cool if beerus and champa were from the universes that got destroyed

  16. How did you come up with that theory it's unreal. Bazzinga!!!

    What a waste of a video.

  17. I think Goku is such a high power level that the rest of the universe didn't need another strong or powerful being. They had Goku. I really do think Goku is on the power level of the GoD and I do think he is infinitely times stronger than Jiren when he goes Kai Fist x10 and actually fights seriously. Even after seeing Universe 9 erased Goku was still acting goofy.

  18. why do you keep saying Beerus wasn't doing his job by stopping freeza? Beerus was the one who ordered Freeza to destroy the Saiyan planet. Whis said it himself.

  19. omg my dragon ball super epoeserd80 im bigast fan

  20. Ikr, I've always wondered if Beerus was born a god r was mortal like Goku and was granted godhood..

  21. But if everyone remembers whis says to beerus, let vegeta doesn't find out you ordered Frieza to destroy planet vegeta. So in reality isn't it beerus' fault universe 7 has a low mortal level. Don't get me wrong I love beerus' character, but if you go off the show it is his fault all the other sayians are gone

  22. beerus commanded freiza to destroy planet vegeta. what i dont get is freiza commanded the saiyans to destroy other planets.

  23. so basicly they way i see it, the lower the mortal rate the more there are people like freeza destroying everything. also the more the destroyer sits back and does nothing. so the way I see it, the low mortal rate universes are like the ghetto while the high mortal level universes are low threat. which means lower level universe can produce stronger fighters.

  24. I think the low mortal level may be more of Beerus' fault … Isn't he the one who sealed the elder Supreme Kai in the Z sword?? Therefore, leaving no room for creation as he destroys planets as well as with the likes of Frieza?? And more food for thought .. The God of Destruction and the Supreme Kai's lives are linked correct …? Now is he the only God of Destruction that is linked to TWO Kais or what?

  25. But Beerus ordered Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta

  26. remember when they wished for everyone killed by freeza and his men to be brought back? wouldnt the saiyens have been brought back?

  27. all have forgot that beerus ordered freeza to kill all the saiyans

  28. Oh snap, goku and vegeta might be god of destruction them for universe 6 and 7 lol

  29. mostly cuz Frieza kept fucking shit up lol

  30. didn't beerus tell freiza to destroy planet vageta

  31. Too bad this is untrue, since beerus requested for the destruction of the saiyan planet.

  32. This is the best explanation of the mortal ranking levels ! Great video !

  33. its funny though, gods of destruction are trying to save the universe and gods of creation (zeno and grand priest) are trying to destroy it.

  34. so why is they really having a tournament of power is it cause they need the strongest from all the universes to fight something even bigger than something Zeno can't even beat wats da real purposes

  35. if beerus had stopped freiza then,- then goku might have never reached the super saiyan god status – or something like that… My point of view, not pin-pointing.

  36. no if beerus stopped frieza goku will not be sssj or any of the transformations

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