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The Tournament of Power Finals in Dragon Ball Super – Discussion

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Goku and Gohan??? You mean Goku and Vegeta

  2. Goku and Gohan??? I think you mean Goku and Vegeta

  3. I think only 18 will get eliminated, there will be the Goku,Vegeta and Gohan vs Jiren, Frieza vs Toppo and c17 vs Dyspo

  4. That would be good arc but idk how they would be able to beat Frieza if he wins the tournament and knocks off goku and his wish is to rain over the omni King

  5. I have a question. How come gohan doesn't go super sayian like he does in the z kia series? I'm over here thinking that when the hell is he going super sayian

  6. Jiren full power release for episode123

  7. Why its always universe 7 getting attack the most?

  8. Gohun will fall off before 17. 100%

  9. 18 will go she ant in the pic but 17 will stay deff.

  10. About the androids 17 and 18. Cuz 17 is in the pic but 18 is not so y would they show 1 without the other if they both fall?

  11. What u r saying doesn't make since

  12. Gohan will win I knew it ultra instinct gohan was coming

  13. Here is my theory, vegeta achieves the attacking side and then Gohan gets both

  14. If ultra instinct is this elite why would they give it to Vegeta so easily?

  15. What if goku does another sprit bomb and absorb it and get all his energy back so he can fight jiren and all the teammates can give goku energy so he can make the sprit bomb🤔😐

  16. When it comes to DBS reviews/preview breakdown, no does it better then you. 🙌
    Btw this is your best 1 yet✌

  17. You moron what's going to happen if freza gets his wish they are all fucked that's not going to happen don't be stupid

  18. Dsypo pushs Gohen to next transformation

  19. The outcome you just talked about is not going to happen

  20. im pretty excited to watch frieza fight together with everyone

  21. Wow mastar i love that theory about frieza blasting goku off the stage at the end and taking advantage with the super dragon balls keep up the good work bro ❤

  22. I hope we get ultra instinct Vegeta or vegito

  23. Wow 10 fighters left this is getting even more harder for universe 7

  24. What about Vegito fusion or gogeta

  25. I love how universe 11 doesn't fight anyone. It's always universe 7 that has to keep knocking people out

  26. But I think they said most valuable fighter not last one standing

  27. goku gets ultra instinct somehow and beats toppo and dyspo and then fuses with vegeta

  28. So is HITT still in it …..I think so

  29. He looks like a fan made character

  30. Did they discuss a tiebreaker? What if it is just Jiren and goku and time runs out?

  31. Jiren wish is to bring Santaima to fight with him.

  32. I don't think there's anyway 17 and 18 get eliminated in same ep, I'd love to see 17 in there with the big boys against u11

  33. The only reason dyspo could stop hit's time skip was because he could hear when hit was going to time skip because his body would tense up and then dyspo hit hit before hit entered time skip

  34. Notice how they seem to make you think that if universe 7 is gonna fuse, it's the androids or vegito but what if it was Gohan and no. 17 like imagine how strong that would be infinite stamina and. Immense strength, just a thought 😛

  35. It’s kinda stupid when you look at it,the fact that if jiren went fall power he he could of just knocked everyone of himself

  36. Because we know how eager he is to win like he said I will not lose

  37. ANYONE remember the intro of dbs? When goku has this red aura opening? What if thats how his offence ultra instinct would look like? Also since he was smiling in the intro maybe he's happy that he may have the full form or has obtained also the other half of ultra instinct. What do you think?

  38. Could gohan possibly get a new from to fight disbo

  39. If Gohan beats dyspo… That's going to raise questions about Gohan vs. Hit (and IMO I do not think Gohan can beat Hit). Gohan will have to take his ultimate form to the next level or figure out some strategy to beat dyspo. I'd like it so that Gohan loses so that Frieza can fight Dyspo after he beats Toppo(because I think Frieza is going to beat Toppo).

  40. Am I onlyone who thinks frieza is being under rated? I think he has surpassed topo and vegeta in this tournament, maybe even goku in his current state, why else is he so cocky and confident? Also even if vegita and goku fuce I don't think they can beat jiren, he is just something else. Ui gives you ability to hit and dodge but what is a point if you can even harm him?

  41. Yep Goku defeats Jiren. Frieza will push goku off stage! I said this from the beginning! Why Frieza!? Well I realy think, at somepoint, Frieza will get Ultra Instinct!!! You can see Frieza has red and blue aura on his hands in one of the episodes vs the assasins of Sidra!!!

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