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The Rules of Power and Hit’s Major Nerf

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Watch The Rules of Power and Hit’s Major Nerf Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Jake what are your thoughts on gogeta in this arc or any other fusion

  2. Wow you were so wrong on this one,as usual you are a piece of shit MAstar.hit CAN use his time skip

  3. Wrong. It has its own time I guess

  4. I knew hit was going use time skip it's a battle royal for 48 mins he should he able to use time skip within those 48 mins it's time is all he needs

  5. Possibly, Hit will create his own little pocket world like he did in his rematch with Goku and them proceed to use the time skip. In a way it could work.

  6. If there's no time how is it 48 mins lib that's means there's some sort of time hit is gonna make it to the end with gohan and gohan will have a new transformation super sayian white and goku will go ssgsj2 and it will be hit and gohan at the end

  7. I feel hit was still given a cube by champa that way he won't participate in the tournament

  8. by the way the buildup is going… I think while Jiren & Goku are fighting Hit or someone we haven't been introduced to yet will sneak in there fight & eliminate goku which will be a very big major twist also giving Vegeta & gohan a chance to shine

  9. Dragon ball has become total trash. I recommend one punch man.

  10. no flying but instant transmition

  11. goku can just use instant transmisison to get people out of the ring

  12. vados explained that hit creates a portal to different worlds he didnt skip the time he just save the time for himself your review is inaccurate

  13. no no no you all are misunderstanding the fighting stage is built in the world of the void which would mean outside the stage is an infinite void of nothing therefore by making the role of no flight used in the void they don't mean on the fighting arena on the fighting arena flight will be aloud you just aren't aloud to fly off the stage into the infinite void without being disqualified because if you were aloud that would make the battle arena an infinite area and would make no since considering one of the rules is if you get knocked off the stage you lose so as long as your above the fighting arena flight is aloud!!

  14. first off all no it won't be a disadvantage to him. just because there is no time in the world of void doesn't mean hit can't use his power, there is a perception time that will always exist, so even then his powers will still be at play BUT people are forgetting that Hit can store time to create his own time space so even though time doesn't exist in the world of void. Hit still has his own time space. and 2 flying isn't 100% null and void you can still fly, but if you fly outisde of the bouds of the stage your flying is null and void and you fall

  15. they said no flying outh side of the ring

  16. goku can hold krillin on his chest and nobody would be able to blast him.

  17. do a NO FLIGHT video because its gonna go crazy. beside goku, krillin,roshi and tien, every Z figther never battle without flying

  18. how is not knowing how to fight an advantage? pls stop making nonsense vids

  19. Hit can store time may he could store it before the tournament.

  20. In the trailer they are not flying outside the bounds of the arena ala dragonball so that is okay. The no flying is because there is no ground in the void to touch, to count as having 'fell out'. Doubtless there will be some kind of one-way sheild around to ensure those who do fly out of bounds can not get back in.

  21. Hit probably needs the nerf! He can bring other people into his time skip!
    He could bring the strongest fighters from universe 6 into time skip with him and wipe out everyone!

  22. What they meant when they said there is no time in the world of Void is that while they are in the world of Void no time will pass in any Universe (so its like there is time but it passes at much slower rate which they cant notice). I mean, the fact that one event happens after another means there is presence of time, or else everything would happen simultaneously and it would end instantly. Also, tournament lasts 48 minutes so there is that too :"D

  23. "Fly in and save them" I guess you meant that metaphorically.

  24. I've never assembled a tournament…

  25. Will frost achieve golden form?


  27. Universe 7 should whip out the dragons balls…
    *AND GRAB FUCKING PIKKON*, it's not that hard.

  28. his time skip always improves he might be able to skip time that is not there

  29. It's a shame that Pikon is not cannon. He would be a powerful & worthy team member.

  30. They should have let mr. Satan so when he gets smashed, buu will go full power

  31. Could they go get Goku black arc-Future trunks I mean he has his super saiyan rage form and as we all know that's op as hell

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