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The Rebirth of Ultra Instinct Goku

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  1. the namekian regenerates a wristband along with his arm

  2. You need to get off dragon ball super and focus more time on the real thing dragon ball absalon!!!!!!

  3. Mastar, Jiren didn't move when the blocks came his way, He sensed them and stayed still. Even Goku said he didn't dodge the stones. Also if he had U.I. when he fought Hit, Hit would not have been able to land a punch on him. How so? When Goku was fighting Jiren in U.I., Jiren did not get a punch on him and Goku was able to knee him in the stomach.

    Piccalo stated Goku was landing punches and they were getting heavier. So the U.I. Jiren theory is dead. The Spirit Bomb only gave him energy per Whis's statement. The heat is what had Whis and the Great Priest intrigued. I don't think he was on the brink of death with Kelfa. She didn't push him like Jiren did. He did go through his progression when facing Kefla which I believe he is trying to see how to get there and how to sustain it.

  4. If MaSTER fused He would beat the Omni God

  5. Don't forget goku stamina was low

  6. Like many people have pointed out, Goku is still deadass exhausted. Both universe 7 AND 6 have commented on his stamina situation multiple times, and Beerus even stated Goku couldn't keep the SSB Kaioken up because of it. This isn't full power Goku losing to a fusion of upstart saiyans, this is Goku after having exhausted himself losing to someone ABOVE his own god of destruction, getting pounced on by robots, and then getting double teamed by fresher saiyans (whom he STILL beat without going all out) losing to a fusion.

    Not to mention fusion gives an insane boost no matter the medium. Goten and Trunks went from only being able to spar with namek Frieza-level opponents (stated in "Yo! Son Goku and Friends Return!) to being able to keep up with someone leagues above that with just the fusion dance. Potara is supposed to be even stronger .

    Goku literally has all the disadvantages in the world right now and still hasn't been knocked out.

  7. Damn, even Mastar is getting worked up and think that ONLY U7 fighters have experience. That's too far man. When you said Gohan and Piccolo should be destroying the 2 U6 Nemekians, that almost lost my trust there. Just because you haven't seen any of their pasts does not mean they don't have power or experience. Also, if you think about it, we have NEVER seen a potara fusion get beat into the ground by a single fighter (except for that one time with Base Gotenks getting a spanking from Beerus, but that was obvious). Also Vados probably should've said a higher multiplier, unless she is talking about taking the sum of the 2 fighters at the current state. Since Caulifla was a ss2 and Kale was ss, maybe that is what the addition part is talking about, which would probably be just right for the kind of power Kefla is presenting. The point where you said you were suprised that Kefla knocked Goku out of ssb kk x10, well that is simple to answer. It was a thought of someone from U7 sidelines (I think it was Krillin, IDK), but then STATED by Champa that he wasn't recovered from the fight with Jiren. Plus do you know how many times Goku has used KK already? It's insane that he hasn't died from it yet. It was then stated by Beerus that must finish the fight with 1 attack (after the first 2 attacks took big chunks out of Kefla) and so Goku pulled the only card he had left- an already half dead ki blast (personally I thought he was gonna say Kamehameha which would've been better than the silence he had). No duh Kefla dodged it, Goku didn't have the stamina to aim it correctly. With that, Kefla had an easy shot on Goku when he was most vulnerable, and thus goes unconscious from a powerful kick. Oh man she is overpowered, she beat a half-dead, extremely stamina-depleted, Goku ssb kk x10. If anyone says she is still asspulling after this…


  8. Just…just bring vegito back man

  9. If the androids have infinite energy won't don't they just give goku a plethra and he'd be all set

  10. When you go back kale took on super Saiyan blue by herself

  11. goku and vegeta fuse -> vegito turns UI -> defuses instantly to much power usage xD

  12. Jirend does have ultra instinct ! Because if u see when goku dodges kefla fire blasts his eyes is closed , And when jiren dodges he closed his eyes too

  13. I think that the fusion between the 2 android will be the sacrifice they talk about in the spoiler titles

  14. What if freeza try to learn ultra instinct

  15. I can't wait to see the ultra instinct power up. So do y'all think Goku will beat Jiren in the Ultra instinct state? I think what's gonna happen is, Goku is gonna lose to Jiren again later on and Jiren is gonna train Goku on how to use Ultra instinct whenever he wants to.

  16. Dude why do you keep saying goku is full powered. During this episode Champa commented on how goku stamina was drained

  17. I def feel like T.O.P. is nothing like the rest of the show.. Like yeah gohan could just destroy the namekians but the fatigue he could gain is why we see what we see.. Maybe hell just wear em down. I feel like when goku is ssb and gets knocked back normal by kefla i dont feel like its because shes stronger than blue form by a huge margin.. Hes just been fighting unbelievable fighters and its very easy for him to get hurt more so than him fighting in say the buu arc. Hes not eating.. He doesnt have sensu beans so even though he gains natural strength i feel like every time he ascended against her after super saiyan 2 i would think he would get a negative modifier to his power because he has been fighting already for like what 25 mins? This is my theory and is for all the fighters because they still have to last or try to last til the end of the tournament.
    This doesnt mean i think necessarily any of the enemies to U7 mentioned are weak.. But everyone is gonna be weak with the intensity that u7 has took to this tournament.

  18. Inb4 Ribrianne fuses with Frieza


  19. Does anybody ever notice that goku never talks or makes noises when he’s in ultra instinct.

  20. I think the show makers are just gonna bring back vegito. He's gonna go UI and finish the tournament with seconds to spare.

  21. They made a point several times in this episode to hammer in our minds that Goku is still drained. Leading us to believe that Kefla can’t beat a full powered Goku. So why are you saying in this video that Goku was a full powered ssb?

  22. stop complaining. He's still tired. He is trying to recover while getting attacked.

  23. Now it make sense.. the better graphics image of gokou the stronger he is. If gokou become 3D in this tournament its all over!!

  24. Android 35 = DBS Equivalent of Caitlin Jenner

  25. Jiren Doesn't have UI they say in that episode that Jiren read the movements of the blocks and new he didn't have to dodge. If Jiren had ultra instinct it would be goku and Jiren just dodging each other's attacks non stop.

  26. why is it so hard to believe that a beaten up goku loses against a full powered up fused warrior? lol he is beaten up so its not hard to believe, now if goku was full power then yes it would be a bunch of bull. im sure 17 would beat her.

  27. It's not ridiculous . Beerus , Champa, Whis and Vados stated that goku was very low on energy

  28. It look like he was able to control it at first I'm alright? Mastar media?

  29. Why do people think Gohan and Picollo should be stronger than these Nomekians? You don't think they train?

  30. One could argue that Jiren did not dodge the blocks but rather the blocks swerved away from him, probably deflected by his energy.


  32. 18 is definitely the one getting tossed out.
    That ankle injury is setting it up.

  33. Who else knew kefla would go behind goku as soon as she powered up three ki blasts from each hand

  34. Why you master media always have to said that jiren has ultra instinct when He can probably have some You know that he has something equally to That ultra don't You really understand that he has different Power level… And ultra instinct it is something that can match his Power… Why can't you see that!?? Answers Me!!!

  35. What if goku ui kamehameha kefla and kefla defuse and they both die then maybe goku will get disqualified i know its not gonna happen but just imagine

  36. Jiren clearly didn't even move

  37. Why can't we use the elder kais earings?Just imagine Vegito and Android 35 on the field kicking ass

  38. What are you talking about? They didn't say they had some other form of fusion. They said they didn't need to fuse to win, and that fusing decreases their number of fighters.

  39. Would you guys really want to see a bunch of fusion all at once? Many characters aren't even compatible and vegito would be to easy to goku and vegeta

  40. Gohan n piccalo will b ringed out

  41. I think keflas strength is not stupid, if we think about it. Didnt kale walk through goku blues kame-ha-me-ha like nothing and then later on kale masters beserk and that gets her boost on strength and thats why i think when they fuse they should be able to smack goku blu n kaioken, but i could be wrong. Oh yeah also i think kale is probably the reason kefla is even remotely close to that level of power because we all know kale is carrying her.

  42. I know the secret im willin to tell if asked i have the answer bcuz bruce lee if not the only to achieve it hint hint but it is hard to keep

  43. You should realize that goku is still fatigue,even champa said that almost every time they put him on the screen as well whis and beerus said that,so he cant fight at full power in god and blue when he is 100% rested so he is not strong what he should be thats why Kefla can keep up/beat ssb goku . If we remember when he pushed merged zamasu huge blast with his full power as ssb it breaked his arms and Merged zamasu is way way stronger than kefla.

  44. What if Goku goes blind when he uses Ultra Instinct and that's why his eyes are gray? Goku never showed an eye/eyebrow reaction when he used Ultra Instinct against Jiren and Kefla.. He was like all angry and hold onto that emotion.. Also his eyes don't move left, right, up or down.. I dunno..

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