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The Real Reason Behind the Low Mortal Level

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I think mortal level not equal with the number of the mortals. It's not a quantity question, it's kind of quality question. So, in ur universe there are to many weaklings…

  2. What was that about master roshi

  3. Don't blame me I only blew up Planet King of Monkeys and maybe Namek and a couple more but that's beside the point.

  4. So would you still kick rosi off the team?

  5. The image training had been one since frieza saga

  6. Hey mastar media…..whis loves sushi and tempura…he will not allow earth to be erased…did you even think about that?

  7. Lol guy thinks roshis power level is 2-300

  8. you do know that even Gods can mess with time if you haven't seen from the story arc of when trunk fights zumasu zamasu says the time is only a God's domain only meeting that Gods can f*** with time not Mortals

  9. I bet now u regret sayin master Roshi sucks lmao

  10. "I would take two Super Saiyans over the guy who has the power level of 300"
    episode 105 happens

  11. I think it's two fold.

    1. Beerus is lazy at doing his job, he sleeps a lot. He also liked Freeza and let him do what ever he wanted. Freeza here is the actual issue, as the god of destruction is supposed get rid of the useless life. Freeza does the opposite, he indiscriminately destroys all life, but especially powerful beings. He perceives strong lifeforms a possible threats to his reign. Because of Freeza, many prominent civilizations have probably been destroyed lowering the overall mortal level significantly.

    2. Kaioshin is inexperienced. The running theme ever since Buu saga has been that the Supreme Kai doesn't know anything and is very weak. I think this is due to Buu. Kaioshin gained his position by default as everyone above him was killed by Buu. He told that there were several Supreme Kai's before Buu killed them, but it's more likely he was a student, much like Zamasu. Thus after he became Supreme Kai there was no-one to teach him about his job and responsibilities. The lack of life in universe 7 might be directly linked to Buu and his effect on Universe 7.

  12. Interesting video but the truth is, 1. supreme Kai became what he is because Majin buu absorbed the former supreme Kai, he isn't entirely experienced in his job. 2. Supreme Kai may be at fault for the mortal level for 2 reasons, first off he didn't bother killing frieza when he was going around conquering and destroying planets when he easily could ( but I'm guessing it's because it's not his job to deal with someone that is 1000 times weaker than the kais that fought buu in the past)second off, he should've told beerus about this problem in the first place long before bothering to go to earth to stop babidi 3. Beerus only destroyed planets depending on whether the food there is good or not, or if he gets upset, his job is to destroy planets that isn't properly developing the way it should, but not following it out to the letter. 4. He is asleep more often than doing his job which caused alot of other civilizations to either be destroyed by Majin buu, or just ruled or blown up by Frieza for centuries and decades respectively. 5. Most of all beerus was aware of frieza doing this, in fact, he was the one that ordered frieza to destroy planet vegeta in the first place yet it was his job to do it himself, so he let frieza continue on his mass genocide across the galaxy.

    So in laments terms, supreme Kai and beerus fucked up equally and are both responsible for the low mortal level.

    EDIT: By the way, I'm a very open minded person, if anyone has any disagreements or if I'm wrong in any or all of this, by all means, explain how so, I am always open to considerations to take about this mortal level situation.

  13. Oh boy how wrong you were about Master Roshi. 😀

  14. Have you seen ep 105 :/
    master roshi is sweg m8

  15. Watching this after Roshi had his episode. You were so wrong about him!!

  16. To be fair given the perspective of time for immortal gods our kaioshin is still basically a newbie. He has not been the kaioshin nearly as long as the other universes.

  17. Gonna and Krillin did image battles together on the ship on the way to Namek in dragon ball z, this isn't the first time we've seen that

  18. FUCKK OFFF…………Master Roshi has Proven Himself

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