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The Pride Troopers

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I wish they had there own anime

  2. they showed us they are unstoppable when it comes to team work, i dont see how goko/vegeta who always fight alone can beat them, they were even struggling vs zamasu/black tag team.

  3. they remind of THE INCREDIBLES

  4. is anyone else triggered every time they see the general… why is his uniform different lmao

  5. I wonder if each of Beerus' race represents one of the 7 sins so there are another 4 we haven't seen yet?
    Pride trooper guy obviously pride
    Beerus – sloth
    Champa – gluttony

  6. dyspo looks like beerus i thaught it was beerus before you said his name

  7. pride troopers vs z fighters!

  8. toppo is named after a japanese food dat resembles pocky

  9. Damn! Pride Troops are chatterbox 😐Always Justice justice blah blah and blah, 😐 their dialogues are too annoying 😑😐😐 always they talk about justice looks they were born in middle of war zone and they were begging for justice later on the became strong but those annoying dialogues 😐😐😐

  10. I think female broly is a pride trooper, never thought she was from universe 6 :))

  11. Dyspo is totally a Rabbit! He is not the same face as Beerus and Champa!

  12. dyspo is obviously the same race as beerus… saiyans of u6 don't have tails and destroy planets, but they're still saiyans. Its probably the same case with the purple cat species (yes thats what im calling it lmao)

  13. Pride troopers sound sort of like the Justice League one advantage they will have is that these guys are definitely the best at fighting as a team since they have all been doing it for a long time

  14. every Universe are full of themselves, their just jealous of Goku, it the same way with noblemen and commoners.

  15. son of bills human and LEONCIO LULULULULUL

  16. fucked up bunny stuff beerus :U

  17. Maybe Dyspo and Beerus are part of the same species but they are a different race or something. Kinda like black and white peoples. On their planet, cats and bunnies. Or they are alternate versions of the same species of different universes.

  18. The priddo troopers seems weak without Toppo and Jiren

  19. The ship is probably pride troopers from another planet in their universe. Possibly the saiyan pride trooper who can become a legendary super saiyan. Maybe, they fight and this is how she becomes a legendary super saiyan.

  20. I just have to ask you guys, isn't Mr. Satan called Hercule in the Eng dub? so why is everyone calling him Mr.Satan? Is it used sometimes in the Eng dub?

  21. please see this guys I think that dyspo is the universe eleven counterpart of the beerus raise and he was holding back

  22. Toppo is such a clever play on the American stereotype. Fat, bald guy with a mustache proclaiming 'justice' ('Merica) before everything he does.

  23. 17 got many episodes because he's going to be fucking OP

  24. I'm not sure if you all are noticing what's going on with Goku? He is emulating the old Greek tales of the anti-hero's journey of self-discovery and power growth. Meaning!… that he is going to each character and testing their power as well as leaning from them. Teamwork, mental toughness, fight intelligence, and overall power.

    As we see from the Pride Troopers they have all of the above. They work well together and they are skilled and powerful in their own right. Jiren's lack of character development might reflect a similarity to Goku's fighting spirit where he can fight as a team, but prefers to fight alone and probably the most powerful enemies. This is why he's not the leader. A leader requires more than just a thirst for battle. I think he rather be a "soldier" than a strategist.

    Goku is on a quest of self-discovery unbeknownst to him. He's learning things from his friends that he probably never thought of in a fight before. Remember, it's been almost 20 years since Goku's "officially" fought in a tournament with rules before. He's been fighting for his life and the lives of the rest of the people in the universe all this time. Not thinking about rules or boundaries.

    The episodes with No.17 might provide further enlightenment and have nothing to do with 17's own future development. Maybe explains what he's done since the Cell saga, since it's been that long since we've seen him. All of the others we have seen since in one way or another.

    Just my $.02

  25. This tournament won't be of power it will be more about techniques.

  26. Dispo and Kaseral are like Jeice and Burter with those combo attacks. As for Jiren, the strongest fighter isn't always the one who possesses the leadership traits. Jiren seems like the trump card that is just always training and they only call him in if they need him.

  27. The sonic warrior and frieza have questionable gender .

  28. Beerus has a tail. Dyspo does not have a tail. Also, Dyspo has larger ears, but smaller legs.

  29. For some reason i prefer the ginyu force than this

  30. It is safe to say The pride troopers would wreck the Ginyu Force.

  31. My first thought is that pride troopers has good team work. which gonna be big impact on the tour

  32. The only universes that aren't cocky is universe 7 and I think it's 9 with Gowasu, but still I don't like the other universes anyway.

  33. Goku and Vegeta will fck them up.

  34. Pride Troopers are pathetic IMO

  35. who thinks that dyspo and beerus are brother ?

  36. the pride troopers remind me of a green lantern Corp.

  37. Buu's gonna sleep and get fat af

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