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The Possibility of Super Human God Tien

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. The people who write ONE PIECE should write DBSuper…

  2. Tien might be able to master his multi arm form

  3. I think they should give some of the other characters a chance. I love the super saiyan thing but I want it to be more about martial arts again.

  4. Add on 4 arms to Tien permanently for his super human god form… Would be ideal.. 3:45

  5. Didn't Tien lose his ability of "true sight" or some shit, supposedly giving godlike powers to the 3rd eyed people…?

  6. He is not enough of a major character to do that.

  7. Tien is fucking weak! Krillin trained under Master Roshi so, it makes sense that Krillin got so strong. Like Dende maybe Tien Isn't the super strong alien type.

  8. so everybody is gonna be a god. Dragonball Super God

  9. i believe toriyama is going to try to make people hate dragon ball so he can stop being bugged to make more

  10. Why do people think that Krillin can fight ssgss Goku?

  11. I wanna see Tien reach that level, including Piccolo

  12. If there is a Super Human God, Imagine Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Pan, and Bulla turning Super Human God, Super Saiyan Blue

  13. anybody else remember when "animal people " were a thing. … i miss that.

  14. Tien isn't really a human i mean he does have a third eye

  15. Tien and Krillin are fodder. Master Roshi is going to kick ass.
    Tien unlocking God form will create a giant plothole. Why didn't he use it to fight God of destruction.
    I also think God form sucks, it's only useful in fighting Gods, who are intangible to normal Ki Blasts. Thats all there is to the God form. In Dragonball Humans don't get powerboosts but they become more and more powerful overtime fighting with stronger opponents.

  16. Tien with kaioken would be a dream come true.

  17. No mention of the neo tri-beam?

  18. tien could just blast people off with his tribeam

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