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The Original Super Saiyan God REVEALED! Yamoshi, the Righteous Warrior

The Original Super Saiyan God REVEALED! Yamoshi, the Righteous Warrior Is Available on

Watch The Original Super Saiyan God REVEALED! Yamoshi, the Righteous Warrior Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Maybe that low growl when Goku yelled in UI form is Yamoshi? 🤔

  2. "Yamoshi" is a funny way of spelling "Bardock".

  3. Saiyans are actually really primitive. The original series shows the Saiyans vs the Tuffles, and they were depicted as savage barbarians using fists, primitive weapons and relying on the Oozaru form to cause damage. The Tuffles on the contrary were super advanced and had the scouters, battle armours and guns. When saiyans defeated the tuffles, they assimilated substantial amounts of tuffle technology hence the armours and scouters etc.

  4. Maybe yamoshi is still inside goku and makes him turn ultra instinct?🤔

  5. How the duck does caulifla have lots of S cells she didn’t seem like a kind gentle hearted character at all when first introduced she looked more criminal-like actually. I hope this shit isn’t included in the show . It’s ruining dragon ball

  6. If they go fill out sayian arc next season .. they need to bring back the tails … u see where I’m goin with this 😏..nbs they could really take it anyway they want from there .. what if they gave us a new an different ssj4 ( after ultra instinct base) they made broly into a girl I don’t see why not lol

  7. Original ssjg was really ssj4. Just a thought if they do something with it in the future. Or maybe pay homage to the ssj4 transformation.

  8. I’ve seen a few videos about this guy and keep hearing first super saiyan and that’s cool and all but a what point is becoming ss god at no point does it explain that he just got backed into a corner and turned ss sooooo wtf

  9. Wait minute dose that mean that kale is related to the Original Super Saiyan God?!

  10. S cells??? Lol this is ruining dbz for me

  11. I hate reading comments and your ad send me all the way back to the top…twice! Fuck

  12. So now we've hit Star Wars metachlorians count levels of ridiculousness. Good thing Disney retconned nearly the entire history and lore of the Star Wars franchise or Disney would be coming after Toriyama's ass.

  13. The ancient saiyans did use spears they were like cave men remember

  14. I think Vegeta's tale comes from the survivors point of view. In their point view, he would be a monster because of the way he fought and died when his energy ran out.

  15. This is kind of corny. That wandering spirit bullshit, Goky ss god should be his own entitity

  16. Yomoshi is the kyuubi of DBZ lol

  17. Yeahh akira at this point is just winging it, and adding shit that doesn’t even add up with the shit he’s already come out with in the last, and he does it with no explanation, but, Ima keep watching tho lol

  18. I have a good heart, calm spirit, i lift weights so my BP is high, also god S-CELL (SPERM CELL).
    Is there a possibility for me to become a super saiyan?

  19. he looks like vegeta ssj4 🙂

  20. guyz, show some love to Expert gamez. he brings up the most update to date and fastest news on dragon ball.

  21. Hey want say that the soul of the sayian God is in Gohan countless time Goku and Vegeta say Gohan has way more potential than both of them and everyone else and Gohan heart is more pure than Goku and still think Gohan can still be strong than Goku and Vegeta if he just apply himself

  22. vegeta wasnt ssj when he had sex with bulma

  23. I thought the title said the original super saiyan god was Yoshi.

  24. it has to be a fusion tho both bloodlines of Goku and Vegeta to become a actual god xD

  25. What if Goku met Yamoshi temporarily during his near death experience from the spirit bomb. It would explain the strange ROAR he had now.

  26. That should be the new movie.

  27. Nah his soul wonder for 6 saiyans do his soul scattered into 6 diffident sayians Goku, Gohan, Goten, Vegeta, Trunks, Pan

  28. what if being from the side of War crazed Sayians they drew the legendary Super Saiyan as the villain and that's why Vegeta knew it that way.

  29. Vageta is the descent of Yamoshi there’s no doubt about it threw out the series look at Vagetas growth

  30. So vegeta break the nature rule and became super saiyan by the force of will… Well there is a reason he is the saiyan prince

  31. I got a problem with quarter saiyan shitlings being stronger than pure bloods and hybrids

  32. That red guy looks like vegeta

  33. Vegeta has a gentle heart 🤔

  34. Something interesting is coming after Tournament 🙂

  35. lol…the creator is just throwing shit so that his series could last longer and bring him fame…even fan made dragon ball stories have better story than this one geez…

  36. The example of the God looks like Vegeta….plus the only reason Goku is a righteous saiyan is because he bumped he’s head…Goku was originally evil

  37. Something like a SAGE OF SIX PATHS

  38. What if it was vegetas lost long twin

  39. Mr Toriyama isn't hiding the fact that he's getting his ideas from Star Wars, is he?
    (Black and S-cells)

  40. Bro when is the new Animae war coming out your series kick ass!!

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