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The New Super Warrior!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 111-114 Spoilers

The New Super Warrior!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 111-114 Spoilers Is Available on

Watch The New Super Warrior!? Dragon Ball Super Episode 111-114 Spoilers Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. These so called “ spoilers “ are a fucking joke

  2. 100% i hope new warrior is gogeta😭

  3. Gohan will be the ultimate hero of the arc. Calling it out right now. Have you guys noticed how little time has passed, and we're already getting a Goku vs Jiren fight? And even their rematch is not that far away. I think there's still alot to go, I think Vegeta will probably transform too, and so will Gohan, and ultimately, Gohan will be the strongest out of the 3 U7 saiyans

  4. i think kabba is vegeta of univers 6 thats why he likes him so much

  5. thank you for the spoilers bro.. i hate you ^^ hahahha peace

  6. So Goku probably won't transform in next few episodes… Ffs

  7. Goku has lost to Jiren, but Goku has not yet reached the new form. He is so exhausted and half conscious, that his body is operating on muscle memory. His body is reacting without him thinking. This is what Whis meant. His strength hasn't increased, but his reaction time and movements have become sharper. He is only in his base. Goku has not yet reached the state of the limit breaker we've seen leaked pics yet. There's more to come.

  8. Judging by the summaries of each spoiled episode, It doesnt look like Goku fights Jiren in his new form at all, the spirit bomb is used before he transforms and hit is already interfering.

    My guess is, goku is highly exhausted from x20 kaioken SSB, that his new form simply just doesn't withstand long enough, possibly uses it for a short period and returns into base form.. (this would be highly disappointing).

  9. please put guku vs jiren 110 fan animation part 3 please tommorow

  10. Can someone please explain to me is goku getting a new form? Or is the new form just a look he gets from the technique of movement? Or is the moving thing and transformation completely separate?

  11. Sounds kinda boring to me…

  12. Not gonna lie its kind of pissing me off how much they are milking this tournament. I mean goku gets this new form and just goes down right after? Really? We have been so hyped for that for so long to just have goku get toasted? Then we are just going to have to watch a bunch of pointless lore crap for 4 or 5 episodes till someone figures out how to beat jiren. Like this special was supposed to be the big climax but we probably aren't even getting what we are thinking we are, as its just gonna end up being a prequel to the actual goku vs jiren fight later.

  13. Fuck the spoilers I don't give a shit about it bitch

  14. Take a nap dude, you deserve it.

  15. They sometimes lie about those things

  16. He will transform then run out of stamina because it says he can't go super saiyan yet

  17. So I guess Goku is getting whooped by SSJ Berserk and he masters the self movement and transforms

  18. Mastar! Maybe you should make Goku’s omni Form only 10% of his true power and make limit break his max form l just an opinion and get some rest you earned it

  19. I hope Vegeta masters self movement and they do the fusion dance 😀 I can dream can't I?

  20. Gohan the only one left to take jiren down we know how vegeta treated soooooooo.

  21. Jiren used to be a God of Destruction.

  22. What is the name of the background music?

  23. Mr. Satan will beat Jiren

  24. I think goku is going to get this self movement trans technique after fight with jiren then later on fyck jiren and vegeta will get the mastered ssb like in the manga when he fought beerus and fight with hit

  25. You ruined a couple episodes for me already

  26. You gotta stop ruining the show I like your channel and all but the spoilers are not needed and ridiculous

  27. jiren knows there's a bigger threat so he lets goku live

  28. Thanks for making goku vs jiren videos there really good

  29. Fuck you Ma star. Spoiling bastard… You must not be a true anime fan

  30. as it seems this is the end for u7

  31. I just don't understand where it says that Jiren takes on Goku's new form it says Goku unleashes or hints at the new form after he's beaten by Jiren so I'm sorry I just don't get that whole thought process and I read the spoiler on seven different sites

  32. I think freiza will ko topo

  33. superman vs jiren . Yeah again the results the same . I.e Jiren win

  34. If caulifa gets a another new form I'm DONE -_-

  35. haha Dragon ball warriors!!!!


    read more

  37. Screw all of this
    Vegeta needs to win and wish back PLANET VEGETA
    Whole planet of Saiyan God's

  38. Kaulifla and goku need to date i fucks with it

  39. Lol. this arc is so epic😎😁

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