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The New Gods of Destruction – Dragon Ball Super

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Well i will be the new god of distructons

  2. I don't think that Chi Chi will like Goku's arm inconveniently placed in between that "goddess's" tits lol 😂

  3. Theories say the highpriest is the actual villain in this Arc 😮

  4. Who is the girl on the first picture?

  5. I wonder if someone will kill the omni king

  6. that white haired chick will get some of that saiyan pride..

  7. I think that in order to bring the world back to balance. Each universe needs to fight against their respective universe in order to bring back balance to all the universes. Not to mention that in order for this to happen. One universe gets destroyed if the other looses.

  8. I can't help but like anime characters with white hair and I have no idea why

  9. The final two gods are Vegeta and Goku.

  10. who is the chick on goku's shoulder in the thumbnail

  11. ima be honest. i was looking at the underboob in the thumbnail.

  12. Who is the girl with white hair on the video pic

  13. Any Chrono Trigger universes? Hmm?

  14. whos the girl next to goku?

  15. You are curious why they all dressed up like this… How does your family look like at christmas or some other special holiday??

  16. Who's the lady with white hair?

  17. Lowkey that female is a baddie

  18. power of goku is 1m with out form sitma less than 100k I can't lie but sitma full power mabe 1m

  19. please please please send me a link so i can watch the episodes back to back ..

  20. guys i am big fun but i have completely lost track after freeza was killed by son of vegita .. please can some one tell me how can i see all the episodes of this back to back ..

  21. How about they just reincarnate Broly like they did with kid buu/ Uub, when he is not being trained by whis you just slap that mofo inside the hyperbolic time chamber to pretty much raise him there and boom, you got your tournament in the pocket.

  22. 4:04 Near bottom right, is that Exiled Morgana? lol

  23. if only the thumbnail was true because we already have too many super controlling bitchy women in their lives, a young, gorgeous, flirty Goddess of destruction would be nice who would of-course still be bad ass just not as demanding and controlling as Chi Chi is to Goku.

  24. Man… things are about to get 'super' epic!

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