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The Mortal Stronger Than Gods

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. IT'S ..TRUNKS..Or.vegetables or goku

  2. beerus lost arm wrestling with the god of destruction from universe 4

  3. Beerus lost the arm wrestle to the mouse god of destruction

  4. Bardock is still alive. I think it's Goku's father. As much as you say no, I still think it is Bardock.

  5. What about if it’s a mortal in the 4 universes that are not competing and it’ll lead into a new arc

  6. The mortal is …


  7. its kagura otsusuki is the strongest 😂😂😂

  8. See every1 knows dat main character of dbz will be goku so in end he will be the god but before dat who else is stronger like hell may be he can be a apperantice of omni king

  9. i dont think its anyone we have seen so far because in the begining of the movie battle of the gods Beerus had just woke up from his millions of years of sleep, so this mortal gotta be really old

  10. Please stop saying it's jiren please like we all know it's not jiren because beerus still has faith his team can win and beerus was completely oblivious to jiren so I know it's not him plus if there is someone stronger then the gods then they wouldn't be allowed to fight because the universe would have to high of a power level and if that was the case then out only Possibility would be someone we haven't meet and knowing how super is we won't find out until after the battle when most people aren't really thinking about it. Thats my theory thanks for reading enjoy your day l lol.

  11. mabey new character his nmae call iahfiohfioehgeskghwjehgjklhejh he will be the strongest figther

  12. Plot twist it's Yamcha, He's just been hiding his true power

  13. I Think it's Tom And Jerry Transported to their World, because They Don't Fuckin Die

  14. Yamtcha 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  15. After holy gets his new form limit breaker he is the mortal stronger than god of destruction

  16. Hey guys i need to see the fight between vegeta after he transform to omi god and picolo

  17. the mortal is from universe 4

  18. now that it has been revealed that beerus lost the arm wrestling match to the god from universe 4… still jiren seem to be the strongest opponent goku can face today..

  19. i think it was goku when he fight with beerus..beerus get exhausted a little..maybe goku will surpasses beerus and be the mortal that stronger than god

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