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The Mortal Stronger Than Gods – Universe Revealed?

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I think the mortal is alpha Saipan

  2. it is Confirmed saitama is in the yellow rat's univers

  3. luffy is the mortal from universe 7 duh

  4. Jiren is nuts with how strong and fast he is. So if goku surpasses him that speaks volumes to his limits. So if someone is stronger than that, that is a mortal, then he/she is a monster of a fighter

  5. Goku limit breaker vs that mortal shit

  6. LOL zamasu is stronger that beerus?!??NOPE Beerus just DESTROY zamasu

  7. Jiren has always been a distraction for this ark…keep in mind it's still like 28 minutes left in the tournament

  8. The mortal stronger then gods is yamcha

  9. Here is a theory, yamcha is the mortal stronger than gods of destruction but everybody underestimates his power level.

  10. The first time i heard the idea of "Mortal stronger than god, long time ago, i thought it's Jiren

  11. Yamcha was revealed back in Dragon Ball m8.

  12. The anime is more cannon than the manga. Due to the show past the manga as of now

  13. we all know, the strongest mortal that can defeat god is monaka.

  14. what if gohan does unlock potentional somehow on goku and boom mystic goku

  15. The mortal stronger than gods will probably be another universe mr. Satan. Lol

  16. Im figuring the mortal is either jiren or whoever made super shenron

  17. I hope its a human from another universe

  18. A god. Capital "A" god. One single god, it what the subtitles said in the anime at least. If that's an accurate translation, that only means that potentially only ONE GoD (God of Destruction) is weaker than that mortal. That means it could be just the weakest GoD that he beat. It doesn't necessarily mean that this mortal is stronger than multiple GoDs or all of them. Just a reminder for some people. I have no idea how accurate that specific translation is so don't take this as definite either. I'm just saying, how I'm reading it now, is that it doesn't says "gods" plural anywhere, just A god.

  19. Jiren vs goku Blue and 20×kaioken.
    Winner JIREN !!!!

  20. since gods are going to fight in the manga tournament take out tien and roshi add beerus and future trunks and then they have a strong team

  21. If Vegito never defused since the Buu arc he would have 2 wives(Chi chi,Bulma) 3 kids(Gohan,Goten,Trunks) 2 grandchildren(Pan,Bulla)…

    Edit: and a really really long tube 😉

  22. Not jiren mprtal stronger than hakaishin

  23. It's goku, they don't want him to know. That's what pushes him further, maybe they want him to be the next god of destruction? I don't know, but it is goku.

  24. "everything in the manga is not associated in the anime" yet he shows the example with the anime talking about chapter "whatever" in the manga. but thats none of my business……

  25. That would be him points to masked bardock

  26. Isnt there a character missing in universe 4?

  27. vegito legendary blue kaioken

  28. isn't it obvious who its going to be guys? thought you would get a hint by now :/ its Monaka's COUSIN!

  29. It's obviously farmer with a shotgun's u4 counterpart

  30. N-no way! Whis tell me this universe right now! Before I lose my patience!

  31. What if it's goku's dad bardock

  32. where to download this super manga book?

  33. 2:32 I had a dream about that guy knocking out Jiren

  34. Congratulations on making 700k!

  35. My boy kratos is the mortal stronger than gods

  36. The Mortal Stronger Than Gods… My mon she has a fucking belt!!!!

  37. Jiren is most likely that character

  38. What if the whole thing is a ruse – beerus is the strongest and Whis is referring to Goku as the strongest mortal – or gohan? lmao. subverted

  39. @MastarMedia Again, I am sorry if you didn't see my theory. I did say that one of the bugs may have the ability to control ones body with perfect ki control of whoever he possesses. A ki that has never been felt or sensed or whatever is said. Possibly when he is unconscious, the bug from Universe 4 (Mortal stronger thank a GoD.) So, possibly when Goku is unconscious, "Something terrible happens" saying could be people thinking Goku has been done for. Hit said he owed him one in a way back when he helped Hit. Hit interveres. In that fight, the bug not shown yet, will enter his body and the ki never seen before could be from the bug. Then this happens. Please reply on the theory this time. Another reasoning why they have you "focus on the silver eyes" in that scan.

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