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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Imagine Goku and Jiren being the last warriors standing in the tournament of power… Both with everything to lose. Goku is in SSB but is being overpowered and outmaneuvered by Jiren. The fight is progressing to the point where it's either ante up or fold…… Jiren is in his base form and hasn't shown any signs of powering up… Goku now realizing that SSB Kaio-Ken x20 isn't even enough to match Jiren the Gray blow for blow…. Jiren is beating the shit out of Goku…. They are both moving at such great speeds that only the gods can comprehend what's going on… The warriors of universe 7 and 11 are all in complete awe and disbelief at the shockwaves emmited by this battle.

    Goku is bloody, badly damaged and fatigued… Jiren is closing in for the final attack to knock Goku off the platform and win the tourney… Universe 11 is cheering Jiren on… Universe 7 is in shock and disbelief that Goku, their best warrior is not only losing the fight but that they too realize Jiren is in another class altogether.

    Goku's life flashes before his eyes… ChiChi, Gohan, Goten, Master Roshi, Krillen, Piccolo, and universe 7….. All those memories flashed before him. Then a ominous being appears before him… A split image of himself… Goku reaches out to touch the being but hits nothing but air… The being reveals himself as Bardock! Tells Goku that their once mighty saiyan race was reduced to rubble by the gods, not Frieza as initially thought… He tells him that he's proud to call him his son and to keep the race alive… Even the gods must answer for their wrongdoings, avenge not just the lives of our race son but avenge the trillions of lives taken, avenge the innocent souls, life, stars and galaxies… My son, only you can save the universe from itself. You have saiyan blood!!!!! Never give up!……. Bardock dissapears and Goku is in a daze, his eyes shut and tears slowly rolling down his cheeks.. In a hushed tone he says " I will avenge you Father " …. Fists tightly clenched, he opens his eyes and sees Jiren about to finish him off….

    Chi-Chi was hanging up laundry and thinking of Goku… Suddenly she feels a knot in her stomach and knows Goku is in trouble… She senses his near demise and passes out….

    Goku snaps, completely loses it, Let's out a void altering scream that makes even the gods flinch…… The shockwave knocks Jiren back….. Goku permanently absorbs the kaio-ken into his ssb god ki thus giving off a hue of purple…. His hair returns to it's base state but he has a intense reddish purple aura around him… Jiren for the first time looks on in utter awe and fear as Goku ascends to his God breaking form… Universes 7 and 11 are both speechless, no words can describe this ascension… Goku screams out " Even the gods will atone for their deeds. I will no longer allow innocent lives to be taken by your hands… Zeno this is wrong…. "

    The epic battle… God breaker Goku vs Jiren the Gray begins….


  2. A one hr fight in dragon ball super are you kidding me ?

  3. when will episode 108 released

  4. I feel like the spirit bomb theory is the most plausible. Goku is going to absorb the spirit bomb and get the energy from all his teammates, and possibly a little bit from Xeno. Knowing Dragonball, Jiren is probably going to want to fight Goku at his strongest, so he's going to let Goku do this power up but didn't expect Xeno to give him any power

  5. Vegeta should be in this line up… Its his turn to shine….

  6. Any thoughts on whether or not there will be another arc after this one, or will it be the end of DBS?

  7. Hi Master I had a question when the fighting end between universe 7 and 6 and when zeno came whis said that things will be fine in this shape (about zeno) what did he mean about this

  8. Pls help I can't find episode 107 😞so many scams

  9. Frost vs. Berry Berry Blast Koolaid Man Ooohh yeahhh

  10. Im so tired of all the damn wait I mean bad enough we only get one episode a damn week now they skipping weeks and shit im highly disappointed with super

  11. coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooll

  12. legends say the hype of jiren will be prmisd to the fullest

  13. Lots of people are saying there will be 1 hour episode hmmm is that right? :/

  14. if topo trainning to be god of destruction … is jerin trainng to be the angel ???? he way to strong to be past kkx20. hit better hide somewhere lol

  15. looks like he blended blue and super saiyan god and his kao ken

  16. I am just wondering how they are going to screw Vegeta again

  17. What if Goku new transformation name Mystic Blue kaio-ken x 10 is just my opinion

  18. I'm not sure if you will see this comment. But the new transformation is actually Blue perfected form. Blue is stated to be uncompleted. Blue is super to be Perfect Ki Control. But as I said the blue we see in Super is not finish. Goku was able to use blue true form in his battle against Fused Zamasu in the manga. So here he will use it against Jiren. Anyway I hope this helps

  19. #Freeza will join gokus team??? Suspenseeeeeeee

  20. I'm excited for what's to come in dragon ball super but I also hope vegeta has some big role in the tournament of power. Heck, even his own new form would be awesome. I don't just my two cents but still excited for what's to come.

  21. I will raise my hand in excitement when he charges spirit bomb

  22. Where i can watch Dragon Ball Super for free?

  23. Waaa few day left … cant wait 😯😯😯

  24. I think goku is gonna absorb the spirit bomb which will give him the power to unleash his new form tbh

  25. What if Zeno gave energy to Goku while he is charging the Spirit Bomb.😂😂😂

  26. Fuck sack everyone is waiting for the fucking fight out of jiren and goku than fucking jiren unloads a bush of fucking ki and fucking goku unlocks his fucking new from everyone is so fuckinh hyped about it I am mostly excited about goku vs jiren

  27. Episode 109 Spoilers. Goku goes Kaio Ken x 20 and it has no effect on Jiren.

  28. I can't wait to see TOPPO's reaction to Goku's limit breaking form.

  29. i understand they made a 6th form because guko will be triggered cuz jiren is too strong thats why they made 6th form freaking telling secret

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